17 Terrible Photoshop Fails You’ve Ever Gone Through

In this digital era, every single thing is digital, including, of course, photos. Now the manual cameras have become obsolete. And with this has come the concept of Photoshop. This is a software which is used to enhance the photos and make people and things look better than what they already are. But, when people loose their creativity and make the photos too away from reality and impossible, it is definitely terrible. So, here we bring to you 17 of the most terrible Photoshop Failures, which actually make you doubt the capabilities of Photoshop software.

1. Kimmi’s make up is so perfectly done, she looks a doll. No, she’s not lying.

2. Angelica, the muscles and definitely Photoshop are your perfect matches, Josh!

3. You know if you have a friend good with Photoshop, it definitely makes it easier.

4. Yo man !!!

5. That’s more than a 12pack

6. Hanging out with my girlfriend

7. Leslie maybe had high hormonal levels during puberty, or maybe high Photoshop.

8. Photoshop makes everyone size zero.

9. George gets whatever he wishes for, given by Photoshop.

10. Should probably change your gym workout plan, less of leg exercise, or the person who did your Photoshop.

11. Good time pass, whenever free, become a giant and rule over the city, all thanks to Photoshop.

12. Photoshop can change bodies, but not brains.

13. Photoshop made her lost blinking capacity.

14. Hey, your shoes seem to be tight!

15. Lions? didn’t you find a dog near you kid?

16. Nicely Photoshopped.

17. You won’t find shirts of your new size, all thanks to Photoshop.


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The Most Embarrassing Stories From Gym

Getting to the gym as a newbie can be quite intimidating. You find yourself surrounded by these big muscular guys while you have no idea how to start. You are overweight, and completely feel alone. Even worse is the fact that you start sweating profusely and by the end of your workout, you are completely exhausted, with your entire body paining like hell.

However, there are even more embarrassing stories that happen in gym. Lets take a look at the top embarrassing gym confessions.















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Some Sudden Realizations

As rightly said by Tom Hanks in and as Forrest Gump, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get next.”

Life is very unexpected. You cannot always plan it the way you want to. Sometimes, you do get what you wish for in an expected way. However, sometimes you may get it in a completely unexpected way. But those surprises and sudden Realizations do give you ten times more happiness, as when you are expecting things the way you want them, you get disappointed when they don’t go your way. But sudden realizations can also give shock. In whichever case, the expressions of the person getting surprised are rather interesting. So, here we have some photos of such sudden Realizations:

#1 Those Rumors

It seems like the rumors were true after all. Her face says it all.

#2 Who Let The Dogs Out

That’s the thing with songs that don’t have an obvious meaning – you’ve been listening to them for years but that epiphany suddenly hits you.

#3 Pharrell Through The Years

I just realized that Pharrell hasn’t aged in 23 years… and I’m starting to believe he might be a vampire.

#4 Not A Skirt

We were convinced that Arnold was wearing a skirt, but now it all makes sense!

#5 Lowered Expectations

We used to have a lot of dreams years ago… but then reality hits us.

#6 Office Party Photo

Just keeping it professional, boss!

#7 Your Childhood Is Over

Time flies, doesn’t it? Just take a look at the Harry Potter cast if you don’t believe it.Source

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A Guy Tried To Shame A Woman At The Gym And Got Roasted Instead

Many people enjoy trolling others on the Internet, especially make fun of their bodies, but that is rather discouraging especially when someone is trying to get into shape. Going to the gym is really scary – you see so many huge weights all around, and you are surrounded by hulk like guys sweating and lifting weights like crazy.

Now if you are one of them, then its definitely not challenging, however, its a different story for women. One such woman was trying to get into shape, and had no idea that an idiot made a video of her while she was lifting and then posted it on Snapchat. This video even got to Worldstar Hip Hop.

Now, from the video, it seems as if she is using her vagina muscles for lifting, but those are actually quite strong, and this exercise is known as the Jerfferson Squat. She definitely doesn’t have the best form, but at least she is trying her best.

Take a look at the comments below which were posted in response to the video, and most of these comments are trying to shame her. However, later the guy himself got roasted, and even got called out for his minuscule biceps.











Its important to remember that you should work out at the gym, instead of looking at what others are doing. Its not a place to humiliate and shame each other, since everyone is at the gym for a common aim – to get in the best shape possible.


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People When They Tried Use Photoshop And They Failed

It’s not a secret anymore. Everyone knows that almost all the photos which appear in magazines, advertisements, newspapers and internet are Photoshopped. Whether it is to modify the background, add or delete an object, slim down the body of a model or hide imperfections- companies spend a fortune on hiring photoshop experts and graphic designers to create flawless images. But, it seems these companies need to improve their selection process and hire people who are actually good at the art of modifying photos and prevent embarrassing fails. How do these photos even get published?

 But this doesn’t mean that only professionals make mistakes. Nowadays, people have themselves started photoshopping their own photos and the mistakes they make are even more horrible.

 Take a look at these terrible Photoshop fails and have a good laugh.

#1. Caught red handed. Looks like he got 3 hands.

#2. An extra set of fingers is always helpful.

#3. It seems a part of her arm is missing.

#4. It appears something is missing from his rear end.

#5. Didn’t know thigh gaps could be square shaped

#6. Missing a leg there?

#7. A lot of discoloration you got going there bro.

#8. Indian Government Caught with a Photoshop Fail

#9. What a wavy background.

#10. What a time to be alive.

#11. Yeah, curvy arms are real.

#12. Nice try.

#13. He’s gotta be Peter Pan

#14. Missing something?

#15. More wavy backgrounds.

#16. Everybody makes mistakes

#17. That feet positioning looks like it hurts.

#18. I think the lesson is to not stand in front of straight lines.

#19. Don’t edit photos of the same outfit that will be captured by the paparazzi!

#20. It looks like only the left arm is getting blown by the wind.

#21. Not sure what they were going for here.

#22. That’s so nice of them to have 1 armed models

#23. Oh no, it looks like she needs to get her bathroom wall tiles fixed.

#24. Another unrealistic looking thigh gap.

#25. It just hurts looking at this photo.

#26. Chrissy has confirmed she draws on her nipples everyday.

#27. Good thing she isn’t modeling hand jewelry.

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Guy Realizes Girl Is Using His Number To Reject Dudes At Bars, Decides To Troll The Sh*t Out Of Them

There is an, unfortunately, common practice among young single people and it takes place when they go out to the bars: if they encounter someone they are not interested in, they just tend to give them a fake phone number.

Well, it seems foolproof, is it not? They are off the hook, and no confrontation was actually involved. But what about the very person that fake number actually belongs to?

When Joey Royle actually happened to discover that an Australian girl by the name of Elsie was giving out his number as her fake, reject-number, he was very much perplexed about what to do with the influx of text messages from guys asking him out on several dates.

“It’s the age old riddle,” Royle wrote on Facebook. “What do you do when a girl in Melbourne is giving out your number as her random fake number when she’s rejecting sleazy dudes? Do you a) clear up the misunderstanding, or b) #becomeElsie and organize a date.”

Apparently, Royle’s solution was just to troll Elsie’s suitors and essentially catfish them that serves as a really excellent reminder as to why you should never give out a fake number to some random dude.


Royle took this opportunity to basically set up numerous dates for Elsie.

But then, of course, he would always bail at the very last minute.

He then further proceeded to confuse the shit out of Elsie’s string of those gentlemen.

Not surprisingly, it actually ended up not working out for Elsie’s besotted pursuer.


While the entire thing is just kind of hilarious in a cosmic sense (it takes a lot of effort to keep up the Elsie facade), it is also immensely depressing, because that anonymous guy was clearly hoping to go out on a date with Elsie but instead of that, he got catfished by some guy who thought it was really very funny to lure him out under false pretenses.

So, in short: if a guy actually hits you up at a bar and you are not  at all interested, just be polite enough to say “Thanks, but no thanks.”


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Man pranks hotel by making ridiculous requests – hotel completes every single one

We occasionally get the option of booking ‘service requests’ when we book hotel rooms online. These service requests include how we want our beds made, some items we want, etc. Which are all genuine in our nature. But this man used this opportunity to make a lot of vague, unreasonable requests. Though these were absurd, hotel staff used all means to fulfill them. Here are some of those unreasonable requests made by the man and the replies to them by the hotel staff.


He walked into the room, only to find three red M&Ms placed precisely on the table.

He turned and surprisingly found a nicely framed picture of bacon on the bed as per his request. The staff went out of their way to complete the man’s vague dreams. This is real hospitality.


The customer enjoyed a great laugh. But this doesn’t imply that his requests stopped. Hilarious ones are to follow. As evident in the picture, he asked the staff to build a pillow fort for him. The team followed the order. They must have had fun, as they left a friendly note.

The man then wanted to know how far this game could go, and thus pushed the limits of the hotels. His request then became very specific- requesting for the image of a dog having the attire of a boat captain. The staff lived up to his expectations yet again.

It is strange how the staff completed all the ridiculous requests made by this customer without getting irritated and with a smiling face. This shows that they excelled in their hotel management course.

As evident from the picture below, the staff was even able to fold a towel to make an elephant. Wow.

You may think that the man bothered the staff a lot, but it is a part of their job to fulfill their guests’ requirements. And on top of it, they enjoyed doing this. But the job of the staff is commendable and applaudable. Continue the good work. Do share this article and make others laugh too.


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17 Embarrassing Things That Happened During A Wedding

Weddings are very pious occasions and act as a turning point in one’s life The life of the person getting married absolutely metamorphosizes. Everything me becomes we. From a careless bachelor, you become a mature family person. It is the most important day for the person and he or she wants the ‘the day’ to be perfect, with no flaws or letdowns at all. But things don’t always go as planned. There is a fair kind of embarrassing moments which can take place during your marriage and ravage the most important day of your life. Read on the know these embarrassing moments, and prevent them from occurring at your marriage.

#1 He should marry his Ex

#2 Since they knew they were misleading each other.

#3 Never disregard your mother’s instincts.

#4 So Sad!

#5 The lady of the hour was too high to move.

#6 Absence of comprehension between the couple.

#7 Something was wrong with the couple.

#8 Some folks can never show signs of change

#9 Bride and groom didn’t talk to each other!

#10 The bride was pregnant!

#11 flirty groom!

#12 Groom was in his own fantasy world!

#13 oh! and then they must divorce later..

#14 She was more interested in best man.

#15 Groom disappeared!

#16 Groom was drunk!

#17 groom was least interested!


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The Funniest Tweets From Parents This Week

Though with all their goofy mischiefs kids manage to give their pattern a hard time and sometimes just turn out to be a nuisance, parents love and adore their children like anything. They get excited with their every single milestone, and do not hesitate to share it with the world. Thus, many enthusiastic moms and dads use Twitter as a platform to showcase their love for their kids to the world. With umpteen 140 character tweets out there, we bring you the best and most quirky tweet of parents about their children every week. So here these are for this week. Hope you enjoy reading them and get inspired to share your child’s little mischiefs with the world.





















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People Who Got Replies On Facebook They Will Never Ever Forget!

If you ever feel bored, then take a look at the comments section on Facebook. Most of the comments are normal, but sometimes, you will get to see a jewel, a comment so epic that you won’t be able to stop laughing for a long time. Doctors claim that laughter is the best medicine, so if you something to laugh at, take a look at these hilarious smartass Facebook comments!


1. When your child is less imprtant !

2. Those people who work on facebook!

3. Omg ! brain’s gone !

4. Real Paul Walker

5. Love is something I am not sure about !


6. Everyone love natural thing !

7. He got some real friends !

8. Titanic !

9. Wireless Headphone

10. I need to get a new mugshot !

11. Second hole














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Nurse Asks Patient To Loose His Pants. But What Followed Is Hysterical.

This man asked the nurse repeatedly that he wanted to wait for the doctor…but the nurse backured him she’s a professional. But she never expected this.

When we visit a specialist for restorative illness and treatment, it is typical for specialists or medical attendants introduce there to approach us to evacuate attire for physical examination. There are no questions in a patients mind as just when it is truly required, the specialists would request a man to evacuate garments. In any case, a few people are bashful to do as such.



The nurse asked a patient to remove his clothing and put on a gown to be checked by the doctor.

“In front of you?” He asks, shy.
What’s more, now and again when they do expel attire, it can prompt something so diverting as the episode beneath:
He then inquires as to whether he ought to do as such before her, to which she says “Well no, however I’ve seen the human body some time recently. The man advance demands and says “Not one like mine. You’d kick the bucket giggling at my body”


The nurse says: “Well no, but I’ve seen the uncovered human body before. The man said, “Not one like mine. You’d die laughing at my uncovered body.”
“Of course I won’t laugh,” said the Nurse to the patient, “I’m a professional. In over twenty years I’ve never laughed at a patient.”
The attendant consoled him “obviously I won’t snicker’ I’m an expert, in more than a quarter century have never giggled at a patient.


“Okay then,” said the patient, and he proceeded to drop his trousers, revealing a huge male body with the smallest adult male organ the Nurse had ever seen in her life.

In length and width it was almost identical to a AAA battery.

The patient was persuaded with the medical attendant and continued to drop his trousers off. As he did that, it worked out that he had a colossal male body with the littlest conceivable male organ the Nurse had ever observed some time recently. In its length and width, it was same as an AAA battery.


Unable to control herself, the Nurse tried to stop a giggle, but it just came out.
And then she started laughing at the fact that she was laughing. Feeling very badly that she had laughed at the man’s private part, she composed herself as well as she could.
Nurture truly made a decent attempt to conceal her chuckles, however it exclaimed as she continued snickering. Later she understood that she shouldn’t snicker g at a male’s private organ and she took control over her giggle.


“I am so sorry,” she said, “I don’t know what came over me. On my honor as a Nurse and a lady, I promise that it won’t happen again. Now, tell me, what seems to be the problem?”
Nurture then let him know “I am sad”, I don’t recognize what came over me. On my respect as a Nurse and a woman, I guarantee that it won’t happen once more. Presently, let me know, what is by all accounts the issue?”


“It’s swollen,” Bob replied.
She ran out of the room.

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20 Caught Cheating Texts That Are So Awkward They’re Actually Funny.

From our childhood it’s taught cheating is bad and even got punished for cheating in exams in schools. Cheating word is generally used for the breaking of rules to gain unfair advantage in a situation. Cheating can refer specifically to marital infidelity. For too many people infidelity is unforgivable. It’s a bad day for one who caught their partner cheating on them. Thus, trust gets broken. Trust is a crucial part to any relationship which cannot be gained back again.

Some people who have been unfaithful may be able to salvage the relationship if both parties are willing but they have to make sure to take time to heal. Forgiving is not difficult as well as easy. The hurt party must be able to forgive to restart the relationship goal and the cheating must be able to consistently prove their trustworthiness such slowly everything gets better. On the other hand there are some people who are only sorry by words that they are caught and only give different excuses. If this is the case then that person must be thrown out of life by the hurt person and moving ahead without turning back.

Down below are some 20 different scenarios of people cheating on each other.


1. Exchange of dollars for hiding video

Father caught cheating by his son on the security camera and wanted to get deleted all the videos offering thousand dollars and a new car.
caught cheating texts


2. Bribes all to its way

Father just heard a new plan and wanted to text to his girlfriend back but unfortunately message was sent to his kid. Heavy bribe is offered.
cheating texts


3. Really Autocorrect

The girl texted something and that something reached his boyfriend. What something? See it here.
awkward cheating texts

4. Never Lie

A lie, going to sleep that was caught red handed in the club


5. Another boyfriend

A reply sends by someone other unknowingly to her boyfriend revealing whole story.


6. Wrong person

He wanted to get over his relationship with one of his girlfriend but ended it with the one to whom he didn’t want to end up.

7. Real Dirty bag

Here was a good excuse given not to go out with her by involving family stuff but a by mistake text opens everything.


8. Posting on social media

A lawyer was called for posting a photo, exposing the men’s boot in hotel room that she was not all alone.


9. Brother in law

The wife texts her husband mistakenly, exposing herself that she was pregnant by her husband brother.

10. Again lying

Working late in night, a good excuse but not when you are again with the same person in bar with your partner right there.


11. Price fixing for annoying kid

Again a dad caught calling another woman by her kid. The pricing start here now.


12. Side chick very bad

The man was very excited to text his side chick but accidently texted his wife instead.

13. New cure for common cold

Sick boyfriend caught by his girlfriend in club the very next when conversation took place.


14. Sneaky around women

Friends are always there for each other and that very friend caught friend’s boyfriend cheating.


15. Mom cheating

The kid was offered 1000$, i phone 5 and a new laptop as a bribe from mother when she caught cheating by the kid.

16. Best way to get breakup

Husband texted his wife accidently for breakup and wife say for divorce.


17. Bad English good maths

Boyfriend’s bad English revealed everything of his girlfriend.


18. Similar names

Preparing for a date with one and breakup with another next week but breakup took off the very time.

19. Fake guilty

He was very guilty of something, but it does not long and the truth comes out when he was put on test.


20. Very less bribe

This dad offered $10 to his daughter when he was caught by her, cheating wife and kids but this amount was very less.

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Social media sites like Instagram, Facebook have become extremely popular in the last couple of years. You will find people constantly posting updates and uploading pictures on Instagram. However, these can’t really be trusted. With the advent of hashtags and multiple filters, the actual pictures no longer matter, what matters is how the pictures look on Instagram and other sites after adding the filters.

If you still don’t believe us that Instagram pictures are completely different from the real world, take a look at the pictures below, which prove that we are not wrong.


1. Zoom can completely change the picture



2. No one can wake up like that, that’s literally impossible.

3. That looks kinda dangerous, isn’t it?


4. Instagram filters can become the difference between a depressing picture and a cheerful one.

5. Everything is a lie!


6. Even Bieber is in this!

7. Who sleeps like that?


8. I don’t know what to trust anymore!

So what’s the conclusion? Any picture that you view on Instagram is filtered and had a stark difference with the real world.

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14 Internet Braggers Who Were Just Asking To Get Rinsed

Most people who surf the Internet think that whatever you read on the Internet is completely true, after all who will lie on the Internet right? Well, there are exceptions, and this is even more common in social media sites, where people jump at every opportunity to brag about themselves.

Take a look at these top 14 Internet braggers who show you that how much information on the Internet is actually false.


1. Well, maybe if he used a bit of common sense, this wouldn’t have happened.

2. FML

3. Huge boobs also come with another issue – back pain.

4. *Sigh*


Did you think that’s all we have? Of course not! Move on to next page to check out more of these braggers.


5. He is the Shakespeare of our generation.

6. This person can definitely brag, even if he is an idiot when it comes to prices

7. What an achievement!

8. The third comment was on point.


Some people have no concept when to stop bragging, do they? I can’t even think how others deal with these people in real life – just imagine how their dates must go. Read on to check out more such braggers.

9. Sure, why not!

10. Seriously, please help find this guy a decent girl!

11. Well I am sure he had no idea about that when he sent the message.

12. This guy is definitely the best selfless person ever!

There is literally no doubt that these people are extremely stupid, but unfortunately they form the majority in our society. Read on to check out more such images of braggers trying their very best.

13. Now being beautiful seems to be a headache as well.

14. Yeah sure, sounds 100% true, right?


In today’s world, a person’s image not only depends upon how he interacts with his friends and family, but also how he uses social media. Getting knowledge about a particular person is really easy nowadays, hence one needs to be careful about what they post on social media sites.
However, some people just don’t care, and they keep on bragging as you can see in the above pictures. These definitely hamper their career options along with their life down the line.

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10 Crazy Roommate Confessions That’ll Not Allow You To Have Any Roomie

If you are living away from your own home with other people, you know that roommates can often be weird. You will often find them eating your food when you are not home, or speaking with their friends loudly on the phone. If your roommate does these often, then you definitely get irritated quite a lot. This article lists the top 10 confessions from such roommates, which are bound to resent living with your roommate in the future! Read on to know more.

1. So is toothpaste the latest trend for taking revenge nowadays?

2.There is a special place reserved for this person in hell.

Seriously, why would you snipe out someone’s hair in that fashion?

3. I won’t lie, this has happened to me as well.

You would be surprised to know the amount of crazy stuff that drunk people can do.

4. This means trouble.

I would be extremely embarrassed after such an incident.

5. OMG gross!

6. Could this have been any weirder?

Not sure how I would have reacted.

7.You should definitely try this out if your roommate steals your food.

8. This sounds like trouble.

9. Drunk people again.

Drunk people are never under control.

10. This could definitely become awkward.

Who knows what will happen in future?

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Guy Has A Giant Crush On A Girl And Texts Her This…You’ve To See What Happened Later

If you are trying to impress a girl, well, it is not the best option to talk to her as your own girlfriend. Firstly, it is really dumb to do that. And, second, she will know it. How? Well, she knows you and she even knows girls, so there!

This guy did the same, and look what happened in the end!

1. Where it all started.

2. Something’s brewing…

3. She is taking it until now.

4. Too many praises here?

5. *Facepalm*

6. That’s something no girl would talk about, ever!

7. Dave=blown!

8. The END!

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#1 Over These?

That was a low low blow…she KNOWS he’ll never be over the puppies!


#2 Pissy Breakup

Your a pisser AND you listen to Blink 182?! Dude, you were just begging to be dumped!

#3 Happy Break-Up-Iversary!

Why even take the time to text your ex, unless you’re still not over it!

#4 Don’t Panic

Whew, it’s girlfriend #3, not you!

#5 Hahah JK

We can sooo hear the nervous laugh through the text…

#6 Poor Dani

But it does sound like that’s a personal experience he’s been through….

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His Neighbour’s Son Got His Daughter Pregnant. But He Wasn’t Expecting This When He Knocked Their Door.


2. Don’t Forget To Watch This Video

Pregnant belly shows dancing baby inside

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WATCH: The priceless reaction of an orangutan after watching a magic trick

Magic ios something that anyone would loved to watch and admire. And sometimes a magical trick even can attract and amuse animals of other species too. And this time it has rightly been proved.


A YouTube user by the name of Dan Zaleski has recently uploaded a video of an orangutan at the zoo of Barcelona. This orangutan can be seen to be entertained by an unusual visitor who has succeeded in amusing this orangutan to such an extent that it just loves the trick.


2. Watch Video

The visitor at the zoo shows orangutan a very simple magic trick by using a coffee mug and the happy orangutan literally rolls on the floor and that too with laughter.
This is perhaps the cutest thing you will see today on the internet.

3. Dont Forget To Watch This Video

Genius Orangutan builds a cozy hammock

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These 17 Random Pictures Will Give You A Good Laugh


#1 I love his honesty

#2 Technically, They do it every time.

#3 Really? Leave it.

#4 That girl knows how to ignore someone.

#5 Haha, This is me.

#6 What a cool move man.

#7 Ok, we get it.

#8 This is awkward.

#9 Hilarious one.

#10 That’s True.

#11 That crazy face tho.

#12 Yeah, they’re gonna die soon.

#13 Nice house tho.

#14 Are you kidding me? Everyone is looking same.

#15 I love his job.

#16 Poor Day Jared.

#17 LOL.

#18. Watch A Video Now : Funny Pranks

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