17 Terrible Photoshop Fails You’ve Ever Gone Through

In this digital era, every single thing is digital, including, of course, photos. Now the manual cameras have become obsolete. And with this has come the concept of Photoshop. This is a software which is used to enhance the photos and make people and things look better than what they already are. But, when people […]

A Guy Tried To Shame A Woman At The Gym And Got Roasted Instead

Many people enjoy trolling others on the Internet, especially make fun of their bodies, but that is rather discouraging especially when someone is trying to get into shape. Going to the gym is really scary – you see so many huge weights all around, and you are surrounded by hulk like guys sweating and lifting […]

People When They Tried Use Photoshop And They Failed

It’s not a secret anymore. Everyone knows that almost all the photos which appear in magazines, advertisements, newspapers and internet are Photoshopped. Whether it is to modify the background, add or delete an object, slim down the body of a model or hide imperfections- companies spend a fortune on hiring photoshop experts and graphic designers […]

Guy Realizes Girl Is Using His Number To Reject Dudes At Bars, Decides To Troll The Sh*t Out Of Them

There is an, unfortunately, common practice among young single people and it takes place when they go out to the bars: if they encounter someone they are not interested in, they just tend to give them a fake phone number. Well, it seems foolproof, is it not? They are off the hook, and no confrontation […]

Man pranks hotel by making ridiculous requests – hotel completes every single one

We occasionally get the option of booking ‘service requests’ when we book hotel rooms online. These service requests include how we want our beds made, some items we want, etc. Which are all genuine in our nature. But this man used this opportunity to make a lot of vague, unreasonable requests. Though these were absurd, […]

17 Embarrassing Things That Happened During A Wedding

Weddings are very pious occasions and act as a turning point in one’s life The life of the person getting married absolutely metamorphosizes. Everything me becomes we. From a careless bachelor, you become a mature family person. It is the most important day for the person and he or she wants the ‘the day’ to […]

People Who Got Replies On Facebook They Will Never Ever Forget!

If you ever feel bored, then take a look at the comments section on Facebook. Most of the comments are normal, but sometimes, you will get to see a jewel, a comment so epic that you won’t be able to stop laughing for a long time. Doctors claim that laughter is the best medicine, so […]

Nurse Asks Patient To Loose His Pants. But What Followed Is Hysterical.

This man asked the nurse repeatedly that he wanted to wait for the doctor…but the nurse backured him she’s a professional. But she never expected this. When we visit a specialist for restorative illness and treatment, it is typical for specialists or medical attendants introduce there to approach us to evacuate attire for physical examination. […]

20 Caught Cheating Texts That Are So Awkward They’re Actually Funny.

From our childhood it’s taught cheating is bad and even got punished for cheating in exams in schools. Cheating word is generally used for the breaking of rules to gain unfair advantage in a situation. Cheating can refer specifically to marital infidelity. For too many people infidelity is unforgivable. It’s a bad day for one […]


Social media sites like Instagram, Facebook have become extremely popular in the last couple of years. You will find people constantly posting updates and uploading pictures on Instagram. However, these can’t really be trusted. With the advent of hashtags and multiple filters, the actual pictures no longer matter, what matters is how the pictures look […]

14 Internet Braggers Who Were Just Asking To Get Rinsed

Most people who surf the Internet think that whatever you read on the Internet is completely true, after all who will lie on the Internet right? Well, there are exceptions, and this is even more common in social media sites, where people jump at every opportunity to brag about themselves. Take a look at these […]

10 Crazy Roommate Confessions That’ll Not Allow You To Have Any Roomie

If you are living away from your own home with other people, you know that roommates can often be weird. You will often find them eating your food when you are not home, or speaking with their friends loudly on the phone. If your roommate does these often, then you definitely get irritated quite a […]

Guy Has A Giant Crush On A Girl And Texts Her This…You’ve To See What Happened Later

If you are trying to impress a girl, well, it is not the best option to talk to her as your own girlfriend. Firstly, it is really dumb to do that. And, second, she will know it. How? Well, she knows you and she even knows girls, so there! This guy did the same, and […]


#1 Over These? That was a low low blow…she KNOWS he’ll never be over the puppies!   #2 Pissy Breakup Your a pisser AND you listen to Blink 182?! Dude, you were just begging to be dumped![adinserter block=”16″] #3 Happy Break-Up-Iversary! Why even take the time to text your ex, unless you’re still not over […]

WATCH: The priceless reaction of an orangutan after watching a magic trick

Magic ios something that anyone would loved to watch and admire. And sometimes a magical trick even can attract and amuse animals of other species too. And this time it has rightly been proved. 1 A YouTube user by the name of Dan Zaleski has recently uploaded a video of an orangutan at the zoo […]