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The 10 Most Coolest Mansions on the Earth

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A mansion is a large dwelling house. It has rooms meant to accommodate leisure activities of a particular kind. It has all kinds of facilities like infinity pool, home theatre, library etc. They are built with integrated home automation like control and automation of lighting, heating, air conditioning and home security system.

Houses are built to live in comfortably, such that life gets much easier. Multiple ideas are collected to make the house beautiful and appealing. In today era mansion are built with uniqueness and coolest ideas which are totally different with others in their design and architecture as per the architects from


After earthquake everything gets destroyed and things fall down. Houses turn upside down. Now this upside down earthquake mansion is built. Very different in itself. They seem to be detached from the ground and fallen from a height .They are totally amazing but prove to be difficult for new ones as they have  furniture being mounted to the ceiling. Floor furnishing is on head and the ceiling down. The slopes of the ceiling are the floor. Windows and the doors are upside down. Even the door handles installed by professional locksmiths, electric bulb holders and ventilations are upside down. There is also a portable air conditioner in one corner of the house that provides enough and adequate ventilation. However, you can drop by to some trusted sites if you are in need of home services like air conditioning repair service.

The unit was a hefty 3 ton appliance, one of the heaviest in this buying guide. Amazing kitchen is their where the working area and the cupboard are opposite in sight. Even the cars and the toys in kid’s room are upside down. If one has to watch television first he has to turn himself upside down. It gives an unusual sight to the tourist but it is a mental trip for them.

These are mostly built for tourist attraction. First upside down mansion was made in Szymbark in Poland. There are many others like Lille in France, Putbus in Germany, Wisconsin in U.S.A, Incheon in South Korea, Magaluf in Spain and many more .They have increased the tourist visit as well as the name of that place which where  before unknown.

One could spend a great time having a cup of coffee but living permanently is not possible .They can only be used as a tourist spot but not as residence. It will get very uneasy and uncomfortable.



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Nature is loved by everyone. Relaxing in open green area like parks or garden give immense pleasure and everyone want to spend more time there. Kids have dream of having a tree house. Tree houses are made in forests with fewer facilities only with the intention to enjoy the greenery and relax there but a dream tree mansion has been built a state away in Crossville, Tennessee. Hundreds of people drive to see this tree house each year.

This tree house is unique in its architecture. It is like an apartment on a tree. It is 97 feet in air. It has 10 floors and over 80 rooms .This tree house has been building for over 14 years. It is build from scrap woods collected from garages, storage sheds and barns. This tree mansion is holed by 80 foot tall oak tree with six smaller close by trees are somehow able to support it. There are dozens of stairways, (obviously there cannot be elevators), porches, nooks, crannies and little secret passageways in this mansion. One the very top is a 5,700 pound chime tower complete with bells made from oxygen acetylene bottles.

Amazing mansion to have fun with the dear ones in the heart of nature.


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Remember the cartoon Flintstones where life was based on Stone Age with modification (cars and planes). This house is also present in real. The Flintstones house is situated in Hillsborough, California.

The house looks somewhat like a series of inflated balloons .It was built in 1976. It was constructed using steel rebar and wire mesh frames over large inflated balloons and then sprayed with high velocity concrete known as gunite. It is a three bedroom, two-bath house with a two car garage and about 2,700 square feet of living space. The upstairs bedroom, located in the tallest dome has a spiral staircase inspired with sugarcane. The master bathroom is also unique with its scattering of large rocks in place of floor tiles. A severe renovation and change took place in 1987.It was painted completely orange in 2000.

It is loathed by many Hillsborough residents. Regardless of ownership The Flinstones house remains standing and serve as an unofficial California Landmark. Only some characters are missing from this house are Fred Wilma and their neighbours.







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Doing crazy things are acceptable sometime but what about a house which is crazy in itself. This house is located at Dalat city, Vietnam.  This house covers approximately 1,600 square meters. It was started constructed in 1990 but took 18 continues years to get possession of this house to Ms Nga who is the owner as well as the architect.

The intension of architect was to make fairy tale house so both the exterior and interior of the house are created decorated with twisting organic forms and very few right angles. This “crazy house” resembles a tree with uneven windows, tunnel shaped stairways etc. It has cave shaped hallways inside the house, departure from the norm, wild mushrooms and spider webs popping out everywhere. It has handcraft furniture like that you can buy at  kingstoncabinetry matching the theme of each room like the eagle room, the ant room, kangaroo room and others.

Today it is regarded as museum of dream, childhood etc. Those who have visited this house have their own interpretation and experience of the house but common thing concluded that the house so pure and natural that they were lost in their dream.





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Tree house is high up away from wild animals in the forest but a house in woods, wild animals might be guarding the house. A house located in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan .This house was built by a married couple that enjoys organic farming on weekends, with the intension to reserve as much as environment as possible and live in the surrounding woods.

To let direct sunlight in the house the upper space was cut down diagonally to make the ceiling lower based on the way people move. This resulted in tent shape. The house has the highest ceiling of 8m, the average ceiling height standard 2,6m. The “pointy-hat” building cantilevers slightly above the ground in order to prevent insects, humidity and fallen snow entering the house. The windows are all double glazed. The fireplace and the air-conditioning are installed under floor with the help of heating repair services like Sirius Plumbing and Air Conditioning. So whenever the ducts have to be cleaned, a passage that goes around the house will have to be used. But even then, its challenging work that only a few HVAC companies like Accurate Electric Plumbing Heating & Air can carry out. You can learn more here.

This is mansion initiated a lifestyle with close interaction. It strengthened the connection and bond of family. This house is for small family to live in midst of dense woods.



[adinserter block=”16″]6. VILLA MISTRAL

When strong winds blow things get deformed whether it is a tree or a house. Such a deformed mansion is located in the island of Sentosa in Singapore covering area of 7.319 ft2 /680 m2 . It was named after the seasonal strong, north-westerly wind that blows across the Mediterranean. The mansion is like a sleek cruise ship. Due to the complexities of the building the construction started in 2008 and took 6 years to get completed.

It has unique architecture, interior and exterior designs. It is painted with metallic white. The mansion has four levels large entertainment room in the basement. Dining, kitchen and living room are on the entry level. Level two is the private area. The third floor has amazing living room that have large windows and terrace with small pool. All the floors are connected with elevator. Floating concrete slabs form a footbridge linking the porte cochere across a pond. The windows are fully integrated into the curved facades.

The Mistral is a luxurious villa with all modern facilities to live like a king.


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Ever made a bubble while washing clothes or bathing and made a house of it? A Bubble house is situated in town of Theoule-sur-Mer, France not of soap bubble but of concrete. This house was built in 1989 in 1,200 square meters. (Source: premier properties Fort Lauderdale)

The architect was inspired by the forms of nature to imagine a more natural home in harmony with human morphology.

The Bubble house consists of an amphitheatre having capacity of 500, reception room, panoramic lounge and 10 suites. Gardens and pool are spread over 8,500 square meters. The house has 28 round rooms similar to soap bubble. Even the couches, beds and other furniture are round. The floors from wall to wall are covered with thick, fluffy carpets. The 10 bedrooms are decorated by contemporary artists.

It is a famous hangout and late night party scene of the European social scene. It is even rented out for film festival parties and other grand events.


[adinserter block=”16″]8. CHESA FUTURA

House of future is made in St Moritz, Switzerland. It was completed in 2004. It has area of 3000 sqft – 5000 sqft. This mansion is regarded as the mini manifesto for architecture. It shows how new building can be inserted into the existing grain at increased densities while preserving the natural environment.

Chesa futura is framed and clad in timber which is one of the oldest and most sustainable building materials. The building consists of three storeys of apartment and two underground levels of car parking, plant and storage. The building’s bubble like form allows balconies on the southern side to open to sunlight and views while the north facade is more closed, punctuated with deep window openings .The building is raised on pilotis and allowing the ground plane to flow uninterrupted beneath it.

Visiting this house in winters will give a more beautiful view from it windows.

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[adinserter block=”16″]9. CROOKED HOUSE

When you place an object in front of uneven mirror it gives a wave like structure and in place of that object a house is placed then what? Krzywy Domek is an unusually shaped building in Sopot, Poland. It was built in 2004.It is about 4,000 square meters.

It is not a house it is an extension of the already existing shopping and service centres. Colourful stained glass entrance, stone elevation decors and windows framed with sandstone make it look cool. There is also unusual roof covered with sheet metal with enamel roof tiles coloured with green shades, sea blue and Persian blue, which in a whole make illusion of dragon scales. The building is three storey connected with elevators and staircase also. It has different staircase materials connecting the floors.

It is a main tourist attraction. It has two entries- main at the front of the building from the “Bohaterow Monte Cassino” street and second one from the Haffnera Street.

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Every house has a toilet, ever imagined a house in a toilet? The world’s one and only toilet shaped house was built to mark the launch of the World Toilet Association, a campaign for more sanitary restrooms worldwide. This house is built in Suweon, South Korea. It is spread in 4,508 square foot area. It is made of imprinted concrete and glass.

At the centre of the home is a glass-walled “showcase loo” that produces mist to make users more secure. It is a two storey house of course features. It has two bedrooms, two guest rooms and other rooms. It has three deluxe toilets. The toilets have features that range from elegant fittings to the latest in water conservation devices.

This house is spreading awareness among people for proper sanitary.



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