19 More Fantastic Images From Our Amazing World



Our planet Earth is far more impressive than we could even imagine. In our world, we have a variety of thing to see that are incredible. Even we humans who are the unique art of are best among all other creatures. There are many creatures that are unknown to most of us. There is immense beauty around the globe but one must have a camera eye to capture it and make the ordinary to interesting. The best photographs are the ones that retain their strength and impact over the years, regardless of the number of times they are viewed.
These photographs are so amazing that will make your jaw drop.


1. Caterpillars that look and act like snakes to ward off predators.




2. Hailstorm design on grass after struck by lightning.




3. A sphere that contains all the water of our planet. Estimated amount of water in the sphere of diameter 860 miles is 1,338,000,000km3 .



4. The effect of focal length on the scales of an object in photography.



5. Barrel rolling an F-16 while firing off its defensive flares.


6. A beautiful ice cave in Iceland.


7. Tanned body due to hard work under the direct rays of the sun.



8. Rainbow road created in the sky when this plane takeoff.



9. A water bottle shape and size before compressed air are added.


10. Fire reflecting off birds that are flying through the smoke.



11. Effect of bad posture on our body over time.


12. Twins joined at body having fun with friends at the beach.


13. Smiley face captured by Hubble Telescope in space. This is only speculation but the bending light that helped to create this image could even mean that there is a black hole between that heavenly body and earth.



14. The undulations asperatus clouds appear ominous but have not been witnessed causing rain so they have only been proposed as a separate classification since 2009.



15. Andromeda is the Milky Way’s closest galaxy neighbour. It is assumed that both galaxies will merge roughly in 4,000,000,000 years.


16. The Dubai skyscrapers view at night through an immense fog.



17. The Orangutan after releasing from the zoo began fishing after watching fishermen doing same in Borneo.


18. An ant stuck in a droplet of water due to surface tension.


19. Amazing twinkling stars night scene from Yosemite National Park, U.S.


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Unbelievably Stunning Pictures Captured By A Pilot From His Own Cockpit


A Pilot Took These Photos From A Plane. What He Captured Is Unbelievable.

Our two eyes are amazing, astonishing organs which help us see the magnificent world around us. We are able to see a lot of beautiful sites around us. But there are some beautiful sights which we cannot simply see from a naked eye. They need a bird’s eye view.

But a pilot can. A pilot flying at a very high altitude can see how beautiful things are when seen from high above. Pilot -cum- photographer Alex MacLean, while flying high, took see amazing pictures which are a true retreat to the eyes.

1. Flamingos taking off.



2. A waterpark in Ocean City, MD.



3. A wave pool.



4. Floating docks.


5. A parking lot at a race track.



6. Surfers at Sunset Beach in Hawaii.



7. Shipping containers.



8. Coal trains all loaded up.


9. Logging rafts in Olympia, WA.



10. An interchange in New Mexico.



11. Magenta water currents.



12. A solar farm.


13. The trail left by snowblower.



14. A farm in Arizona.



15. Snake River Valley irrigation systems.



16. Wheat fields.


17. Grain fields in Vermont.



18. Newly packed cars in Emden, Germany.


19. Trees in a parking lot.



20. Boats at a dock.


21. Houses in a new development.



22. A volleyball game played on a sandbank in Hawaii.



23. Sunbathing beside a swimming pool.


24. People sunbathing in Italy.


25. Decommissioned B1 bombers in Arizona.



26. United States strip mines.



27. A tarp covered with cement blocks.


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30 Natural Phenomena Too Strange to Actually Exist… But Does

Unquestionably, the world is full of mysteries. Every corner of the planet is associated with some kind of mystery or unusual phenomenon. Since ages, human experiences occurrence of lot of natural phenomena right from flowering deserts to underwater crop circles. Some instances are so unfathomable and bizarre that your mind will refuse to trust that such phenomenon really presents somewhere. Stay back and get prepare yourself since this guide will definitely astonish you as here you will explore 30 most stunning, yet weird, unusual miracles that happen on our planet, the Earth.

1. Thunderstorms from sky-

if you are not sure about looks of thunderstorm from sky then you must have to roll your eyes at this image. Most of you out there think that the image is not real. But, believe me guys, you are wrong. This picture is real. Actually, such phenomenon appears when thunderstorm lighting collides within a volcanic plume.

2. The gates to evil-

Don’t refer this image as a horrible Hollywood movie scene. No one can’t imagine the real hell but can sketch the actual gate to hell. Moreover, such gate might present in this world.

3. Crab’s home-

Have you ever seen millions of crab at one instance…? If not, then just go to Christmas Island. Yes, you read right. Christmas Island is situated within the Indian Ocean. This place is the second home of millions red crabs after the forest. During wet weather, these crabs travel from their first home to the seashore to increase their population.

4. Fairy Circles-

This picture is of Namib Desert. No one knows the real reason behind the cause of these extraordinary circles that spread throughout the desert. There are numerous stories associated with this place.

5. Traveling stone-

No, I’m not joking. There are many rocks and stones in the Death Valley that move on the desert floor. The best part of this movement is that there is no involvement of any animal or human. The real reason behind the stone movement is still mysterious.

6. Tidal bores-

Love surfing..? Just hold your surfboard and avail benefit of incredible surfing at tidal bores. Bores that are shown in pictures are common in numerous places around the globe. Such bores appear when incoming ocean wave creates a tide that moves beside the flow of water. Tidal bores are incredible.

7. Flowers in the desert-

Usually, flowers and deserts never meet at the same instance. This occurs only when there is excess rainfall that results in flowers and vegetation grow in huge quantity. The real time example of this phenomenon is Chile’s Atacama Desert.

8. Fire rainbows-

These are also known as circular horizontal arcs. In fact, in reality, they are not a rainbow or fire; they are just the special optical activity that appears when all situations are at right positions. Definitely, fire rainbows are amazing but happen once in a decade.

9. UFO Clouds-

Mount Olympus is always in the news due to the appearance of massive lenticular clouds. Most of the scientists and researchers associate these clouds with UFO sightings. Due to which, these clouds are known as UFO clouds.

10. Mammary clouds-

in addition to UFO clouds, there are also such clouds that are defined by their design of pouches. These pouches are hung underneath of the clouds due to which they are also known as ‘breast clouds’. Mammary clouds are rarest cloud types.

11. Iridescent clouds-

These clouds are another masterpiece of God that usually appear in winter polar stratosphere. These clouds offer you great sight to see.

12. Wave clouds-

this cloud type is one of the recent cloud discoveries moreover occurs due to wave’s resemblance. The picture let you think that clouds are in a rough mood.

13. Huge Flamingo breeding grounds-

This image is of Tanzanian lake, Natron. This is one of the popular places of East African flamingos that are supposed to breed.

14. Spotted Lake-

This Canada’s spotted lake is rich in magnesium sulfate, calcium along with sodium phosphate. The best part of this lake is that no one knows the real reason behind the occurrence of such chemicals within the lake.

15. Light Waves-

Wow, these waves are incredible. Obviously, light waves are real and present in the beautiful city of Maldives. Light waves appear when a unique sort of plankton mixes with the waves.

16. Blood tide-

Such tide appears when water turns into reddish due to special atmospheric conditions. It’s just an optical appearance so don’t worry, your life is not ending today.

17. Light pillars-

It is one of the oldest natural activities noticed by humans. Over the Earth, there is numerous such areas present that holds ice crystals in the natural environment. When light falls on these ice crystals, special light pillars start appearing. Many times, these light pillars are mistaken as UFO sightings.

18. Rainbow gums-

this exciting rainbow natural phenomenon occurs when a eucalyptus tree start shedding barks. The underneath bark changes its color naturally at every regular interval of time.

19. Flower ice crystals-

Actually, the ice flowers shown in picture are not natural. They occur when temperature reaches below 2 degree Celsius. Due to the low temperature, ice crystals often get the shape of a flower.

20. Strongest Whirlpool-

It’s looking amazing but it is very dangerous since it is world’s strongest tidal whirlpools. Undoubtedly, whirlpools are as lethal as they are astonishing. Whirlpool shown in pic is located in the Norwegian Sea. Don’t ever think to go close to it.

21. Underwater Crop circles-

Don’t astonish. The crop circles that are shown in picture are not real. It’s just an art created by puffer fishes to reproduce. Many deep water explorer experts are assumed that such crop circles are frequently seen off the seashore of Japan.

22. Spherical Boulders of New Zealand-

If you remember the incredible Hollywood movie, ‘The Lord of The Rings’, then you will find that shown spherical boulders are the same that are used in the world of Frodo and Gandalf. These boulders are located in New Zealand. Most of the boulders are unique and large in size that is the main reason due to which locations with such boulders are becoming a popular tourist place. Mostly, boulders are made up of coastal erosion and mud.

23. The great blue hole-

Wow, it’s looking really great and beautiful. Don’t take it easy on great blue hole shown in the picture is more than 125 meters wide and 300 meters in depth. Yes, you are right. It is the same massive blue hole that was appeared off the coast of Belize.

24. Murmurations-

This phenomenon take place in the United Kingdom when more than ten thousand birds are seen in the sky at the time of sunset.

25. The great Sardine run-

It’s looking both beautiful and dangerous at the same moment. This natural activity occurs throughout from May to July in the coast of South Africa. This happens when millions of sardines travel to North.

26. Giant’s Causeway-

The area, Giant’s Causeway shown in the image is made up of more than forty thousand interlocking columns. The best part of this location is that it is one of the most visited places in Northern Ireland.

27. Monarch migration-

Along with red crab’s migration, monarch butterflies migration is also in the since they sketch a perfect heart throbbing view while migration. In every summer, millions of monarch butterflies migrate from Canada and United States to Mexico.

28. Everything is drowning-

The picture is taken in 2012 when more than thirteen thousand citizens of Wagga Waggaleave their home due to floodwaters. This place is located in Australia.

29. Catatumbo Lightning-

It is another freaking phenomenon of thunderstorms occurs in Catatumbo River in Venezuela.

30. Ice bubbles on fire-

It is last, but definitely not the least. In the Canadian province of Alberta, there is a lake named as Lake Abraham where you will find such things. No one knows that how actually it works. But the reality is that there are ice and fire at same place and moment.

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16 Photos That Look Fake, But They’re Totally Real

Technology has developed to unbelievable heights that if people who had lived a couple OF decades back got back life, they would die again of shock. Particularly photography is a field that has seen tremendous improvements in terms of the hardware used as well as software that supports the hardware. Right from 1717 when sun prints were made using stencils to the Digital cameras of current date, the field of photography has come a long way. While many of us use cameras and the art of photography to capture the best moments of our life to stay with us till we die and even after that, there are photographs that either shows the fake as real or the real as fake. We present here some photos that are actually original but will make you believe they are unreal.

1. Kangaroo Dogs

Science it still struggling to understand many things like the role of genes, the concept of cloning and the creation of cross breed animals. With all the developments in the field of science and the art of photography, we still are unable to believe that these Kangaroo Dogs are genetically born like this or it is a camera trick. These may be fun to look at particularly when they hop like Kangaroos but the reality is still something else. As Darwin’s theroy emphacises probably these Dogs are new spieces and may be more such Dogs will be evolving in the future to come. Probably our next generation will find Dogs with four legs and Dogs that are Bipedal roaming aound them in all the streets.

2. Who is this guy with differing arm sizes?

This photo with the guy names Matthias Schlitte in it is neither a Photoshop gimmick nor a person expressing his aggressiveness. He was born with a rarest of rare medical condition which made his right hand 30% bigger in size than his left hand. Not getting bogged down by the same, he opted to become a wrestler and took advantage of his medical condition to win many titles in wrestling rather than locking himself inside a room in shame. Appearances are really deceptive.

3. What’s cooking?

No doubt the picture you are seeing is creepy and strange. There are only two explanations to the photograph. The first one is a dwarf girl has been captivated by aborginistic beings in a remote corner of Mother Earth. The little is trying to escape and probably has fallen into the hands of the cannibals by the time we are looking at the photo. The second explanation is that the photograph is Photoshopped by an expert to create a thundering impact on the onlookers. Both explanations are wrong. This is an original photo and the giant size pan really exists in this world as a part of giant art fixtures. Artists are amazing. Aren’t they?

4. A Ship on the land?

For those of you who feel that the yacht is falling from a small peak having entered through the other side of the peak, we would say that is not the truth. Others who are wondering how a 500 feet long Yacht can go 50 Meters above the sea level, let us tell you it is actually not a yacht. It is a hotel built at that height in the design of a cruise ship depicting the sovereign class of The Royal Caribbean International. Still can’t believe what you see. Visit this Hotel in Jeongdongjin on the shores of Japan Sea

5. Walking on the water

With all the technological advancement we experience in life, we still believe in miracles. On looking at this photo if you tend to think this is one such miracle, please be aware, this is an original photo which has been clicked on perfect timing. The click has captured the guy just before he has entered the water. What a mind-boggling timing hats off to technology.

6. Is the gymnast beheaded?

Strange things do happen in life and so does strange people. We may have come across people without limbs or eyes, but certainly not without head. Particularly a gymnast without head while performing gymnastics is not at all acceptable. So how is this photo possible? With her legs above 180 degrees, and head totally behind to project a perfect contour of the body, this is an ultimate photo of a Gymnast captured in photo at the peak of her performance.

7. The worst possible nightmare

We are sure most of you looking at this photo will be severely taken aback right at the first sight of it. This is not any plastic animal stuck to dustbin or camera trick that shows a small crab as a huge one. This is a real photo. The arthropod that is trying to open the dustbin is coconut crab. Doctor accepts the fact that coconut crabs can grow large to weigh up to 4 Kgs. and 1 meter length. What more. Be at a safe distance when you come across something of this sort in your life rather than meddling with it. Though they are harmless, maintaining a distance from them is safe for them.

8. Want to land on the shore?

This is not a Hollywood movie set or any sort of photo gimmicks but a real plane landing in the Princess Juliana International Airport in Saint Martin Island in the Caribbean Sea. The flight landing and takeoff in this region is so much near the busy tourist destination due to space constraints. Hats off to the pilots who specialize in such low altitude flying with the precision of an Eagles eye. Tell us if you want to be inside the aircraft or underneath the same in the tourist spot

9. Barbie doll or a real Girl?

Childhood for a boy means playing with super hero toys and racing cars while for a girl it means playing with a Barbie doll. Barbie dolls are so close to girl children that not a single moment in a day passes without them. Barbie Dolls are not only good physical companions but emotional companions too for a typical girl child. One such child who grew with a Barbie doll as her companion is a Ukrainian girl named Valeria Lukyanova. The doll in this photo is not her Barbie but this girl herself. With a waistline of 18 inches she weighs just 42 Kgs. looking like the Barbie goddess that has descended from heaven directly.

10. Art or illusion

Artists are really amazing. A genuine dedicated artist can make a photo look fake and this photo is the proof for this statement. This cartoon napkin on the hillock is an original piece and the photo is not a fake one. The artist seems to have spent such high quality time and efforts that he has made even the shadow of the napkin behind. This sculpture called ‘The Horizon’ is at Gibbs Farm in the Kaipara Harbour. Located at 47 Kms. to the north of Auckland it can be visited in the open air sculpture park amidst the many others.

11. Cycling in water

The Sea of Galilee saw Jesus walking over it and our friend in this photo is seen cycling in the waters. Appears bicycling in water is not as hard as we think or is this called capturing the perfect moment in an apt manner.
Probably the photo is shot just when the guy was jumping in the water with his bicycle for fun. What an amazing genuine photographs this is.

12. Noah Pool

When you see this photo first, we are sure you wondered why such a clean beautiful swimming pool is built amidst a vast land of sand. Let us remind you of the significant reference from Bible which says “an epic flood covered with muddy water except for that pool”. Now take a look at the photo with this reference in mind. Is it just amazing to see that the photo is not a fake but a genuine one capturing a clean in the midst of muddy flood water? This is probably an amazing top angle photo taken by one of the rescue team members.

13. Cloud Tsunami

Looking at the photo, we won’t be surprised if you said it was a huge ocean wave approaching fast to engulf a modern city. Or probably you thought it was a shot in a Hollywood movie. When we saw this photo for the first time, we thought the same way. This is a real photo which has captured a queer cloud formation in the Sidney skies sometime back. The cloud formation looks so unnatural and eerie that it makes us take a look at the photo multiple times.

14. Cthulhu approaching

Are these sea monsters that are referred to as Cthulhu by the great fantasy writer Lovecraft? Lovecraft explained these creatures as a combination of Octopus, man and dragon. The surfers who see these do not seem to hurry back to the shore. So is this photo a real one and Photoshopped one? This is no doubt a real photo and those are not any kind of monsters created by author belonging to olden ages. These are just normal sea weeds that have over grown in size due to abnormal increase in temperature. A photo that is unbelievably terrifying.

15. Walking in the skies

For those of you who think that you are watching a typical Hollywood movie in which two people who have died are traveling to heaven, let us say this is a true photo. It is not a photoshop trick that has mirrored the sky. The two people seen in the photo are still alive. This place is located at a height of 3656 meters above the sea level in Bolivia. The beauty of the place however is terrifying when we think of walking on the cloud like surface all alone to get some peace. We may get lost forever made to enjoy the loneliness perpetually.

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12 Bizarre Bathroom Designs Around The World

Well, when you are inside a bathroom it can be quite a relaxing experience as you excrete the waste slowly but definitely. You feel quite relaxed and easy because of the tranquility that prevails inside the bathroom mainly when you go through your set of beautiful custom showers doors to take your morning bath.

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Do you have a bathroom with an awkward design. Check it out below.

1. A bathroom from which you can see the outside environment clearly.

Oh, please do not worry at all because the people who are outside cannot see what is happening inside the bathroom.

2. A deadly bathroom indeed.

Who would actually want to sit on a toilet that has such a large skull actually staring with its huge hollow eyes at you? To get a similar one installed at home, contact bathroom renovations dublin once you have the materials and they will help you install it.

3. Bathroom with an interior aquarium.

Well, I guess the fish do not actually want to have a look at you doing your thing. They might actually believe that the waste that is being flushed down actually goes into the water they swim in.

4. An awkward bathroom.

Well, here, you can actually feel like a titan and even imagine that a huge lot of people are watching you from outside of their apartments.

5. Made for the lovers.

Well anyone can easily understand the actual romantic goal of this particular design. But the question is, will two people really want to sit down on this toilet that is so close to each other?

6. Do not look down if you don’t want to get scared.

Well, if you really want to urinate faster and faster, then obviously you might want to have this installed in your bathroom.

7. Where is the privacy?

Well, if you and your besties are so comfortable with each other, that perhaps both of you could have this unique bathroom design.

8. The lonely toilet.

When others are urinating, you are actually alone on the toilet seat trying hard to mind your own business. But it feels a way too disgusting.

9. The doors have no use

People may not see your face but will surely see the lower half of you form outside.

10. You can as well have a chat with the other person

This toilet aims to make urinating a social habit that can be done with others.

11. Extremely close

This design is so close that it may not seem at all comfortable

12. The last but not the least

Well the last one is way too strange.

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21 Tattoos That Tattoo Artists Really, Really Hate

1. Random words

People like to tattoo random words on their body. Tattoo Artists hate working on them. It is neither inspiring nor creative
tattooing a few words on your skin.Source

2. White ink tattoos

White ink tattoos are in trend now. Many artists dislike them since they don’t age very well, and they fade after awhile.Source

3. Vague ideas

Tattoo artists hate it when people go to them without having a clear picture in their mind. Always decide what you want before approaching them.

4. Rib tattoos

Rib tattoos are hard to work on, even for experienced artists. This is because people tend to squirm around a lot, and it’s hard to get a straight line. Moreover, the skin stretches differently once you move, so most of the times the tattoo ends up looking different from what it is meant to be.Source

5. Asian phrases

Tattoo artists hate doing tattoos in Asian languages. Many of the phrases people come up with are poorly translated and doesn’t always mean what people think they do.

6. Nonsensical

A popular tattoo in trend right now is an anchor along with the words “I refuse to sink.” Anchors are technically supposed to sink, so this tattoo makes no sense at all. Think something that makes sense, not pure blunder.

7.Portrait tattoos

Portrait tattoos are extremely hard to make, and there is a high probability that it will end up a mistake. Skin is a living canvas, and a mistake stays on for long.

8. Infinity tattoos

Infinity tattoos have become very popular. They are also not very artistic. Tattoo artists often get bored of doing one Infinity tattoos after another.

9. Judgement tattoos

This is another very popular and cliched one. Many people think this is an actual bible verse, but actually, these words don’t appear in the bible.Source

10. Hashtag tattoos

Tattoo artists hate such tattoos, because they are sure that people are going to regret them later. Anything that could be called a “fad” shouldn’t be tattooed on your body.A tattoo stays forever.Source

11. Name tattoos

Tattoo artists just hate tattooing names onto people.Most of the times it is the name from a romantic relationship. Most of the relationships fail, and you will end up looking at your ex’s name forever. Source

12. Wedding ring tattoos

Everybody knows that a large percentage of marriages end up in divorce. Getting rid of a tattooed wedding ring in your fingers is not as easy as getting divorced.

13. Tribal tattoos

Are you among of a tribe? No? Then why would you have a random symbol sketched onto your body? Tattoo artists hate these designs. Sadly, they are common these days.

14. Barbed wire tattoos

Like the previous one, these have no meaning whatsoever. It’s fine if they’re a part of a bigger design, but just getting a barbed wire tattoo onto your body is lame.

15. Mouth tattoos

Tattooing inside of a lip is a really hard thing to do. Also, why would you want a tattoo that is utterly difficult for anyone else to see? Wouldn’t this look better tattooed somewhere else?

16. Misspelled tattoos

Tattoo artists aren’t copywriters. So If you come in with a tattoo that’s poorly spelled, it isn’t their job to correct it. Please, check the spelling twice.

17. Finger mustache

Having a mustache tattoo on your finger is probably the most cliche tattoo idea in the world. Most tattoo artists hate doing them because you are going to hate them pretty soon.Source

18. Cover-ups

People often come to artists to cover up old art that they hate. Some tattoo artists , however really hate trying to cover up old tattoos, because it can never be completely covered up.

19. Face tattoos

Face tattoos most probably end up a mistake that many artists refuse to touch them. There is certainly no way to hide a face tattoo.You have to be a 100% sure that you want this one.

20. Trees

Tree tattoos have become really popular and a lot of artists are simply just tired of making them. It is really hard for artists to think creatively with the same old design.

21. Pocket watches

Pocket watches are another cliched design in the tattoo industry. Everyone wants a watch tattoo to mark the passing of time or some such thing.

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15 Shocking Pictures Illustrate The Sad Reality Of Everyday Life.

Have you ever wondered where thing world is heading to ? I am pretty sure that most people have given this question a thought at one point of time. But did you get any answer?

Egyptian artist Muna Abdurrahman thinks she has the answer and she has decided to portray her feelings through paintings. This artist deserves a lot of credit, because nowadays most people are afraid to state their opinions in the public. However, she had the courage to release these illustrations to the public.

Take a look at these paintings below. These are definitely disturbing, but look closely and you will realise that they actually refer to some of the most ridiculous cultures in this world. They correctly represent the major problems with this world and everyone knows that pictures are much better at representing thoughts than text.

You may Also like These drawings of endangered animals.

Check each and every picture for a long time to grasp their inner meaning. Please note that interpretation varies from person to person, so how you interpret a particular picture might be different from how someone else interprets it.

1. Every one only needs attention, They try to get it at any cost.

2. The anxiety.

3. Two sides of world

4. The religion

5. Money

6. Girl’s genital cripple.

7. A reason to kill.


8. Mobility = virality.

9.  The dark side of today’s society.


10. Even darker.

11. Everyone is a Moon.

12. Child labor.

13. Selfie and the stick story.

14. And I’m addicted.

15. Sheep of the herd.

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Disturbing Tattoo Cover-Ups That Can Make You Cringe

#1 Cross It Out

Might wanna stop getting every girls name tatted on you!

#2 Screw You Andy!

We couldn’t have put it any better…

#3 WTF Is That?

She should’ve stopped at the heart…

#4 I Dated The Devil

He finally knows who she was inside…

#5 Pokemon

Pikachu painting himself while having a beer…classy!

#6 No Longer Repping

Someone must’ve traded in their Hyundai…

#7 Stop Getting Tattoos

From one bad mistake to another, nice.

#8 Black Blob

Is that supposed to be a playing card?!

#9 Too Much!

Yes, because the solution is to just keep adding stuff…

#10 A Big Mess

We’re not sure what is covering up what, but it’s all tacky!

#11 Rawr

Why does everyone resort to a wild animal which they would be scared to pet in real life?

#12 Going To Battle

He turned from a religious man into a warrior!

#13 The Crow

Again with the random animal…guess she’s no longer into cheetah’s and Hello Kitty.

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These Tattoo Concepts Cover Scars From The Past

#1 Tattoo Scar Cover-Ups

While many think tattoos are for rebels and those living on the wild side, it’s become more apparent just how much the art form can help people heal and feel much more confident about themselves.

#2 Permanent Reminder

For people who’ve suffered major health scares, they are often left with a scar that reminds them of that horrible time…

#3 A Survivor

So why not turn that reminder into something positive, that you survived something horrible!

#4 Beautiful Mom

Even mothers who’ve given birth via c-section have replaced their scars with something beautiful!

#5 Self Inflicted

Cutters who’ve realized it’s not the answer…

#6 No Longer Broken

And people who’ve survived broken bones…

#7 Beautiful Reminder

Tattoos are a reminder of what you’ve been through, and how you got through it!

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A 96-Year-Old Woman Wants To Sell Her House. The Realtor Can’t Believe What He Found Inside.

Time doesn’t wait for anyone. It is true for everyone on this planet, in particular for a 96-year-old woman who has now put up her house for sale. She has stayed in that house for over half a century but now has to sell this fantastic home due to her old age.

1. owned by a 96-year-old woman

This house, located in Toronto, Canada belongs to a 96-year-old woman. She has been the owner of this house for 72 years, but now she has to move due to her old age and has decided to sell the house. She has decorated the house brilliantly and has taken excellent care of all the furniture. She planned to search here for possible buyers. Check out how the house looks from the inside below.


2. well maintained

You will be astonished at the very first step you make in the house. The pastel hues and the complementary colors are a dream combination. And apparently, one can notice clearly how well maintained the entire house is.

3. 1950’s style

This second room is one of the most impressive rooms in the house. The room not only looks magnificent, but she has also kept the 1950’s style intact.

4. Fabulous Decorations

The woman was a seamstress in the earlier days, and one can easily understand from the house decorations how dedicated she was to her work.

5. Uniqueness

Although the pastel tone unifies all the rooms together, yet each room has a unique identity attached – their colors, furniture, and decorations make them unique yet unified.

6. Who wouldn’t want to have breakfast after waking up here?

Who wouldn’t want to have breakfast after waking up here? This must be worth a lot in the market if it was ever sold.

7. No pink in bedroom

Her husband gave her the liberty to decorate all the rooms any way she wanted, except the bedroom. He didn’t want the pink color in the room. However, in the end, they came to an agreement and it was painted purple.


My childhood dream would have come to true if I was allotted this room as a child.

9. bathroom

Even the bathroom looks tidier and cleaner than most of the rooms in other houses.

10. Perfect environment set for parties and family reunions.

And how can this magnificent house be considered complete if there isn’t a cocktail room? The cocktail room is located downstairs and has the perfect environment set for parties and family reunions.

11. Laundry room

She didn’t forget about the laundry room. Even that room is fully equipped and completely tidy and well maintained.

12. A beautiful garden

And did we mention that there is a beautiful garden as well? If you are having a tough day, just come home and relax in the garden; all of your worries will go away.

However, this house comes with an expensive price tag. If you want to buy this house, along with all the furniture, you will have to pay $650,000. We just hope that whoever buys this magnificent house continues to maintain the house the same way the senior woman has all these years. If you are looking for a house to buy but in a different area, Rather than use realtor-com which will send your lead to an agent that pays for it, choose a good local agent from your targeted location. However, if you’re about to move to your new home, you may want to consider hiring Sky Van Lines moving services for a hassle free moving.

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He Uses Fallen Leaves To Create Stunningly Beautiful And Intricate Carvings

Here is one extremely unique and definitely beautiful form of artwork that you will see for a while. This artist, Omid Asadi uses natural leaves as his canvas for carving small and intricate designs on. As an artist, Omid grew up his interests in the arts as a young child who drew on flowers which was the original inspiration for using nature as his art from. This interesting form of art has earned him a place in exhibits at places like Milan and London.

Get ready to view some amazing work that Omid first sketches an outline of his design and then begins carving the leaf by hand and inch by inch.

1. The Scarecrow

This leaf has a lot of small and intricate parts to it that he carved by hand. The scarecrow is in the centre but birds break off and fly away as the scarecrow himself begins to disintegrate. It is a piece full of detail and it definitely makes one wonder how he got this right.Source

2. Faces of the wild

This piece also has such fine detail in it that you can’t actually stop staring at how this faces mind is traveling to new lands with birds flying off into the distance.Source

3. Raking Leaves

Omid seems to be an artist that values freedom. But it can also be a contrast of fading away, which depends on how you as an individual view it. Here we see a man raking leaves (ironic that the picture is on a leaf isn’t it?) but it gives a slight optical illusion as it seems like the leaves are blowing off the man.Source

4. Leopard Print

The colour of this leave with the leopard print make for a bit of realism. The orangey colour is quite stunning. It is quite amazing what people visualize in their minds, especially when they come from all over the world.Source

5. Dancing in the Wind

This is a very wondrous piece, just look at how the tiny detailed people are floating away in the wind. They are perfectly placed to give that light and fluffy feeling of floating away, giving that little bit of realism that is quite uncanny because it is carved onto a leaf.

6. Floating Butterflies

With a piece of art like this, it is something to impress anyone. With the shape of the leaf also adding to the detail Omid has created, it is quite stunning.

7. Time Goes By

This piece is quite meaningful in a few ways. Considering it is made with a dry leaf that has fallen off a tree, Omid has carved a clock that is essentially fading away. Time will always win, it will destroy and age everything. One day we will die. Makes one think doesn’t it?

8. Reflection

This piece is quite unlike his previous works, it comes off as a little bit more simple and with less detail which actually makes the message stronger. The simple outline of the boy’s face gives quite an impact for sympathy for those in need.

9. Light and Shadows

Asadi went all out on this piece, creating a human face almost as if you were staring into a human’s circulatory system. It is almost an optical illusion since he uses light to shine through and create a mural on the wall with its shadow. The detail just works so well with this experimental piece.

10. Carriage

It is quite an amazing feat to be able to give every tiny charcter a life of its own by carving it into a leaf. It is simple yet so detailed.

11. Sparks Fly

Asadi is quite a creative thinker himself, every piece is different with its own meaning. Its almost like this particular leaf is expressing how his own mind works, let alone you or me as an average person.

12. Peace of Mind

This is almost like an explosion when the spirit is forcibly contained within oneself. This is a message to be free and be yourself and live your life. It is better that way than to contain yourself and live I shadow or fear of yourself.

13. Charles Darwin

This one is also an effective simple design. Asadi manages to capture Darwin as if in the shadows watching over his evolutionary theory, being us.

14. Every Garden Needs a Rose

Omid uses a little bit of water paints on the paper behind the leaf to bring it to life by being visible through the carvings. A simple rose turned into a masterpiece.

15. Wild Horses

Asadi seems to believe in freedom of the spirit, here is another piece embodying the idea by using a horse, a horse breaks free from being contained, we should all break free. The idea is well captured by this particular work of art.

16. Forest Fairy

Asadi must have gone for a very specific leaf for this one, a multi coloured leaf to bring to life the fantasy of a fairy through a silhouette. It is quite magical. Even still, this is one talented artist that I am sure everyone hopes to see a whole not more from. I wander what his next canvas will be?

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20 Amazing Photographers Who Are Ready To Do Anything For The Perfect Shot

Photographers are completely different than normal human beings. Why? Because they can do anything to get the perfect shot – they can get into awkward positions or wait patiently for hours. Here, 20 incidents have been listed which show how far they are willing to go to shoot the perfect photograph.

1. No Boundaries For Cameras

Nowadays, cameras have become quite cheap and almost everyone owns a DSLR. But cameras are available in several shapes and sizes, each having its own ideal situation. Similarly, a photographer has to be acquainted with all types of cameras.

2. No Fear From Elevation

It is extremely dangerous trying to shoot pictures from elevated positions, but these determined photographers only care about pictures. Source

3. Perspective Is The Real Master

Perspective can completely change the way a picture appears. Just check the above picture. See how such an ordinary setting was transformed into an extraordinary picture? That’s the magic of photography.

4. Nothing Can Beat Perspective

Perspective really is the ultimate tool for photographers, and this lady definitely knows that.


5. The Proper Way Is Always Difficult

This girl definitely looks extremely hot in this position. Can you imagine the degree of flexibility she has so that she can maintain this position? I am pretty sure several dancers won’t be able to perform this. Just shows how dedicated they are to their profession.

6. Never Disturb Bear

Wildlife photography is risky yet rewarding. Just see how these guys are running after they are being chased by a bear. However, the main point is that one of them actually managed to take its photo. Seriously, these guys are insane about photography.


7. Pose For Me Please

This picture is simply awesome. The kid is trying to take a picture of an alligator, that too from such a close position. It’s just amazing.

8. Patience Is The Key

This guy has stayed in that swan boat for half a day. Just shows how much patience these guys have.

9. How Cute!

Just look at this cute fox! Wonder how the photographer managed to click this picture. When reviving and old photo just like the one above, we used this company to restore our old photos.


10. So Much Attention

This image is simply speechless. Just to click the perfect picture, these photographers have chosen these weird positions. And obviously the kitten is loving all the attention.

11. Courageous

I can’t even imagine whose idea this was. Whoever that guy is, he is definitely one of the most courageous persons in this world. The guy taking the picture and the person in the picture both have done a seriously good job.


12. Ain’t No One Gonna Distract Me

This guy some serious concentration levels. No one can distract him, not even the cute guy.Source

13. Heavy Lifting

Photographers need to hit the gym regularly as well. The sheer size of this equipment makes it so heavy that you won’t be able to life until you have some serious muscle.


14.Prepared For Everything

A photographer is supposed to be prepared for all kinds of situations. This guy took it a bit more seriously.Source

15. Protect The Camera

It is no secret that cameras are extremely valuable to their owners. This photographer is a living proof.

16. Where’s The Fire

This guy is trying to take a photo of lava, and he has no worries at all that his shoes and camera stand are on fire. Just shows how dedicated he is.

17. Touching The Sky

I didn’t actually believe this picture was true at first. This guy is definitely extremely brave to be attempting this.


18. Perspective Again

This guy is attempting to take the picture in such a way that perspective will completely change its look. Perspective proves to be the master again!

19. Always Be Positive

Photographers are extremely optimistic; no matter what happens, they will never backdown.

20. Hi There!

This is probably the best picture of the lot. It seems that the crocodile was having some problems with his throat, and this guy came forward to help. This guy has some serious guts. Hopefully, the mouth wasn’t closed and this guy is still alive.

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Pineberries Are White Strawberries That Taste Like Pineapples

At first sight, pineberries might look exactly like strawberries, which are still unripe. But nope, you are wrong. These white strawberries are called pineberries and they taste exactly more like pineapples than strawberries.

A Reddit user named “Crustyaj” posted about pineberries in “TIL” subreddit of the popular website “Reddit”.

The fruits first came into existence in the mid-18th century in Europe, as a hybrid of Chilean strawberry and American strawberry. However, they did not become popular until 2003, when Hans de Jongh, a strawberry breeder, took steps to create a market for these pineberries.Source

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Since then, he has been patenting pineberries. This fruit was thought to be only a British food before 2010, but it is now found worldwide.Source

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According to a report in Japan Today published in 2012, these “white strawberries” are increasing in popularity and people often gift them at special occasions such as weddings and birthdays. However, these are much more costly than your average strawberry. Source

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Pineberries aren’t the only breed of white strawberries- there are many more, some of which are natural while others are hybrid. However, pineberries have a unique feature – they taste more like pineapples. Source

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The reason why pineberries are white is because they lack a protein called “Fragaria allergen 1”. Normally, fruits are colourless at the beginning, and as they begin to ripe, their colour starts to change due to this protein.Source

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In the USA, pineberry seeds can be ordered from Amazon, Nourse Farms etc. If you are outside the USA, you can check at your local farms for seeds.Source

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10 Paintings Which Will Blow Your Mind

Robert Gonsalves, the Canadian artist has is popular for creating brilliant optical illusions in his paintings, hence he is aptly known as the king of optical illusions. He merges two paintings into one in such a way that they resemble a single painting.In this way, two stories become a single one, and your brain is compelled to continuously switch between the two. Check out 10 Paintings Which Will Blow Your Mind

1. A Beautiful Moon

This is a brilliant piece of work. Can you find out the boundary between the trees and space? Well, I can’t, for sure. “Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth.” – this is a famous quote made by Pablo Picasso. This art shows that he was definitely correct.

2. A Lake Or A Girl?

Are those girls? Or is it a lake? Also are those girls emerging from under the lake? Just enjoy this beauty for a moment.

3. A Puzzle Or Living Room?

Can you guess whether this is a single child building a puzzle or whether it is another completely real world? It seems as if that child is sad and just going on building the puzzle. On the other hand, the puzzle seems to be a gateway to another completely real world, where everyone is just happy. Which one is true completely depends upon your imagination.

4. A Human Bridge?

Once again, this painting is a merging of two paintings. But when do the bridges start turning into people? Or is it possible that the entire bridge is made up of people? Maybe as time passes, the people start turning into stone, life turning into cold hard stone, resembling death maybe. As I said earlier, it’sup to you how you want to interpret it.

5. Air, Sea or Beach?

So what do you think – are those clouds or waves? Is it a ship sailing or are they all kites? Don’t think about it too much.

6. A City Tree?

So is it a city, or is it just two kids playing with building blocks? Maybe it’s just a figment of their imagination? Or maybe there is a city across the sea, where there are actual skyscrapers? Well, you can never really know for sure.

7. Bed Or Air View?

Is that a toy airplane on the kid’s bed which she is playing with? Or is an actual plane? And is the child flying somehow, or just playing on her bed? What do you think?

8. A Waterfall Of People ?

Is the water made of people? Or is it just our imagination?

9. Trees Or A Street?

Are these children cycling on tree? Or on the road? Is it real?

10. A Bridge Of Boats?

This piece of art is mindboggling. Is it a bridge made of boats? Obviously that sounds absurd, but it sure looks like that. Who knows what it really is.
I hope you can appreciate the immense hard work and time the artist invested in creating all these brilliant pieces of art.

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Amazing Water melon Carvings


























































































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Creative Ways to Slice, Cut, and Carve Apples. These are HILARIOUS !!

1. Try making Turtles with apple

2. A Nice umprella

3. Carve amazingly like this

4. Pink Lady Apple Rose Flower

5. Or may be like this

6. Apparently you can write anything

7. A Nice Rose Flower

8. A bird feeding Nectar

9. A Duck

10. Even a world map

11. A butterfly

12. Or design like this

13. Or draw anything you like



16. Or like this

17. Or a funny face like this


19. or a beautiful leaf

20. like this if you are more creative

21. Or like this

22. Make Apple Dianthus Flower


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25 Of The Most Mesmerizing Pictures In The World

Mesmerizing Pictures In The World you would like to see.

Wheat and lavender.

This 1938 Phantom Corsair.

The Mesopotamian Marshes of Iraq, 1974

Rainbow and lightning

Being chased by a typhoon.

June 17, 1940 vs the 2000s.

A 27.000 year-old hand print.

When the curtain from the smoker’s apartment was soaked in the soap water.

An infrared photo of a garden

Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko

A perfect water bridge in Wales.

This male red kangaroo is six foot seven inches!

After being struck by lightning.

This city in Mexico.

Cornea transplant

Meet homeless man in downtown Los Angeles.

Oil dripped and froze in place onto this rock.

Perfect! Read and wait!

When Wooly mammoth tusk was unearthed!

Earth from Mars and Mars from Earth.

Biggest cactus.

Blue-ringed octopus.

An armadillo in defensive mode.

Perfect honeycomb!

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21 Colourful Places On Planet Earth You Need To Visit At Least Once In Life

Check out the beautiful, most strange, and dynamic scenes over the world. The colours in these 21 spots make abandon you hypnotized. Simply check them, and feast your eyes, in light of the fact that these pictures will take you to an alternate time where there is no office, and no surge. Just peace, serenity, and colours. None of these photos have been Photoshopped.

Burano – Venice, Italy

Burano is an island in the Venetian Lagoon, northern Italy; like Venice itself

Louping – China

luoping is in the eastern area of the province. Ruled by karst highlights with little basins among mountain area, Luoping has now been made renowned by the incredible photographs shot by advanced picture takers and travellers. So happy it did.

Cano Cristales River – Colombia

Caño Cristales is a river in Columbia situated in the Serrania de la Macarena area of Meta. The waterway is generally called the “river of Five Colors” or the “liquid Rainbow”

Dallol, volcanic crater – Ethiopia

Dallol is a volcanic blast pit in the Danakil Depression, upper east of the Erta Ale part in Ethiopia.

The Great Barrier Reef – Australia

It is the biggest living thing in the planet. The Great Barrier Reef, off the shoreline of Queensland in northeastern Australia, It is even seen from space.

Nyhavn Copenhagen – Denmark

Particularly in summer Nyhavn is the ideal spot to end a long day.Nyhavn is a seventeenth century waterfront, waterway and diversion region in Copenhagen, Denmark

Takinoue Park – Hokkaido, Japan

Each year from May to June, Takinoue Park is covered with a flower bed of Shibazakura which began from what might as well be called a solitary tangerine box loaded with seedlings. These blossoms have spread and developed consistently and now cover a territory of 100,000 square meters. Takinoue is a town situated in Monbetsu District, Okhotsk Subprefecture, Hokkaido,

Zhangye Danxia – Gansu Province, China

Rock formations at the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park in Gansu Province, China. Looks like God’s colouring book, doesn’t it?

Lake Natron – Tanzania

Lake Natron is a salt and soda lake situated in the Arusha Region of northern Tanzania. The lake is near to the Kenyan fringe and is in the Gregory Rift

Lake Retba, Senegal

Lake Retba or Lac Rose situated in north of the Cap Vert promontory of Senegal, in the range of 30 km north-east of the area, Dakar in northwest Africa.

Lavender fields – France

The area in southern France is without a doubt a major fascination in the country.These lavender fields are generally as fragrant as they are vivid. Envision strolling about on a decent windy night. These are the things we dream about. Area for the following profile picture, perhaps?

Morning Glory Pool – Yellowstone, USA

The striking rings of shading in Morning Glory Pool are really made by a microscopic organisms in the water. The hot springs, which now and again eject as springs after tremors, was initially named Convolutus, Latin for morning brilliance, in view of its likeness to the bloom. Being such a problem area for travelers, contamination has been a noteworthy issue as of late. Appalling.

Nuuk – Greenland

The capital of Greenland is Nuuk, which is likewise alluded to by its Danish name Godthab. Temperatures of – 30 C in winter are experienced which is why travel experts recommend to get some ski gloves like these on sale at

Procida – Italy

This modest island is stacked with enchanting sweet shaded homes set against the splendid blue setting of the Mediterranean.

French Quarters – Puducherry, India

Colored in differentiating shades, the French Quarters in Pondicherry are brilliantly dynamic. A stage inside the province, and you’ll overlook you’re in India.

The Wave – Arizona, USA

The 190-m-year-old Jurassic-age sandstone rock in Arizona is as pleasant as it is trippy.

The Valley Of Flowers – Uttarakhand, India

Lovely waterfalls, scenes and knolls of endemic snow capped blooms and the mixture of stunning vegetation are what one see while taking an outing to the Valley of Flowers. A trek to this lavishly different region will likewise treat you to some uncommon and endangered creatures, including the Asiatic Black Bear, Snow Leopard, Musk Deer, Brown Bear, Red Fox and Blue Sheep. Stunning.

Wroclaw – Poland

Situated in western Poland, this energetic city with a populace of more than 630,000 makes it the fourth biggest in Poland.

Tulip Fields – Holland

The beautiful shades of the blossoming tulip flowers are an average sight in Holland amid the spring. The brilliant red, pink and yellow hues are overpowering and ought to be experienced in any event rare

The Bo-Kaap – Cape Town, South Africa

The Bo-Kaap is a region in the city of Cape Town some time ago known as the Malay Quarter. Bo-Kaap is customarily a multicultural region, rich in history and arranged on the inclines of Signal Hill. The zone is known for its sentimental cobblestoned boulevards and brilliant houses. The district’s decision of not keeping 2 places of the same shading is the motivation behind why its such a lively place. Really ironic in light of the fact that this was the range the slaves used to sit tight.

The Marble Caves of Lago Carrera, Chile

Aserene hole of sorts made by nature, the dividers of this water-filled marble cave demonstrate exactly how heavenly our planet can be.

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Boring Room But No Money To Redecorate? No Worries, Here Are 19 Cheap Remedies

Feeling like you room is boring ? Try something new. Redecorate room into amazing creative looks. Here are some hilarious ways to redecorate your room. check them out

Create a fringy curtain.

Create a paint chip wall.

Create your own gorgeous work of abstract art.

Make your own tiny gift boxes.

Make some creative business cards!

Make an amazing dry erase calendar full of color!

A fancy DIY Paint Swatch Chandelier.

Make coasters…with paint samples

Makeover your clock. This was a regular white clock from Ikea before this transformation.

Create your own modern wall art.

Create some very cool and unique curtains

Create your own paint chip lamp shade.

DIY Paint Chip Magnets.

Paint Chip Matchbooks.

A Psychedelic Makeover for your staircase!

Use paint samples to weave together to create the cutest credit card holder.

Create the coolest coffee table ever.

Via :

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10 Massive Holes In The Earth’s Crust That Will Prove Just How Small You Are

If you feel like you are big, you just need to visit any of these places. You will know how small you are, literally

Dean’s Blue Hole, Long Island, Bahamas

Situated in a straight close Clarence Town on the Bahamas’ Long Island, Dean’s Blue Hole is 650 feet profound and is the dreaded challenge of each expert deep-sea diver. Legend has it that the opening was burrowed by the fallen angel that drags individuals in it and kills them.

Kennecott Copper Mine, Salt Lake City, Utah

Otherwise called the Bingham Canyon Mine, the mine was named a National Historic Landmark in 1966. It is a tremendous 2.5 all inclusive pit situated in the Oquirrh Mountains outside Salt Lake City, and is as of now possessed by the Rio Tinto Group, a worldwide mining and investigation organization headquartered in the United Kingdom.

Chand Baori, Abhaneri, Rajasthan

Situated near Harshat Mata temple in Rajasthan, India, Chand (baori implies a steepwell) develops more or less 100 ft into the ground making it one of the most profound and biggest stepwells in India. It was developed in 800 AD and comprises of 3,500 slender steps and more than 13 stories. Films like ‘The Fall’ and ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ have been shot here.

Kimberley Mine, Kimberley, South Africa

This area was once home to more than 6,000 pounds of diamonds. Otherwise called the ‘big Hole’ it is additionally the biggest hand-delved removal on the planet to date.

Door To Hell, Derweze, Turkmenistan

A gigantic molten cavity known as the Darvaza pit – nicknamed the ‘way to hell’ is a nonstop blazing gap situated in Derweze, Turkmenistan. The pit, which is 69 meters wide and 30 meters profound has been smoldering throughout the previous 40 years. George Kourounis, a Canadian traveler, turned into the first individual known to have ventured into the cavity a year ago. His point was to investigate the gap and to check if there were any indications of life

The Kola Superdeep Borehole, Pechengsky District, Russia

This gap is the consequence of an exploratory boring undertaking of the Soviet Union in the Pechengsky Locale, on the Kola Peninsula. The venture has burrowed the most profound man made point on Earth, measuring an insane 40,230 ft!

The Great Blue Hole, Belize

This opening is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and is likewise a prominent recreational scuba jumping spot. The site was made popular by Jacques Cousteau, who pronounced it one of the main ten scuba jumping locales on the planet. The Great Blue Hole is about 1,000 feet wide and more than 400 feet profound.

The Sawmill Sink, Abaco Island, Bahamas

This blue hole located in the inside of Abaco Island in the northern Bahamas. The opening is the area for the astonishing to find the remaining parts of a 2,500-year-old goliath tortoise shell. The sinkhole measures 55 feet (17 meters) crosswise over and 110 feet (33.5 meters) profound.

Crveno Jezero, Imotski, Croatia

Crveno Jezero is the third biggest sinkhole on the planet. The sinkhole is named after the ruddy cocoa shading of the encompassing bluffs, hued by iron oxides.

The Devil’s Sinkhole, Edwards County, Texas

The Devil’s Sinkhole is 350 ft profound and is home to a huge number of Mexican free-tailed bats. It’s a scary sight when a large number of bats fly from the passage to the sinkhole.

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