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This Shocking Study Says That Kissing Your Partner Can Cause Infertility. Mind Blown!

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Sex is one of the most exciting yet mysterious aspects of this world. Scientists still don’t know everything about sex, and more and more studies are being done to solve this mystery. Recently, a study was done which shows that kissing might lead to infertility in women. Read on to know more and from now on, think before you kiss someone.

1. Scientists have found out a virus which spreads via kissing and is associated with infertility.

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2. During the study, researchers from Italy probed the uteruses of women who cannot have children.

They found that approximately 43% of the women had HHV-6A, a human herpes virus.
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3. But when the same study was done on fertile women, they couldn’t find that virus.

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4. Another study showed that women who had this HHV-6A had increased levels of CYTOKINES.

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5. Cytokines are proteins which have an important role in maintaining interactions among cells.

They also help in foetal development and in development of fertilised eggs. [adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”5th page”][adinserter block=”16″]

6. The researchers have also said that they couldn’t find this virus in blood or saliva.

However, they are produced and replicated in the salivary glands, so kissing can spread this virus.
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