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This Woman Predicted The Fall Of Twin Towers. Her Prediction For 2016 Is Scary

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This doesn’t look good. In fact, this is scary. Take a look…

#5 Baba Venga

Before we tell you any of her predictions for this year or perhaps the years coming ahead, let’s talk about the woman herself. So her name is Baba Venga and she is popular for her accurate predictions about the world.

The Bulgarian clairvoyant died in 1996 but made some of the most accurate predictions in this world. If not all, most of her predictions have actually seen the day light.

#4 Her Previous True Predictions

This lady has already predicted events like the fall of the twin tower or Obama will be the 44th US president way before these events occurred. She didn’t stop here.

She also predicted the Kursk nuclear submarine disaster in the Barents Sea that took place on August 12, 2000.

Her predictions for 2016 doesn’t look really good.

Keep reading ahead to know more about them.

#3 Her Prediction For 2016

She predicted that Obama would be the last acting President of the US, because by the time he will leave the office, the US economy would have collapsed and there would be a huge disagreement and divide between the northern and southern states on US, a repeat of the American Civil War.

By the looks of it, nothing of this sort is going to happen for now but you cannot rule out its possibilities in near future.

#2 Further Predictions

She further predicted that USA will slowly be over powered by China. This will happen in 2018 and will end the country of United States and its economy will be destroyed.

Well let’s just say that even USA is kinda scared now and it’s future looks uncertain.

#1 Predictions For Future

Now her predictions for future sounds really weird. She predicted that hunger would be eradicated from the world by 2028. Cloning of organs of the body will become the cheapest medical treatment by 2046.

Also, the aliens will help man to live underwater in 2130, or a possible war on Mars in 3005. In fact, Vanga assured that there will be no survivors on Earth, circa 3797. Amazing, right?

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