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Little Street Pantry Where People Can Leave Products For Those In Need

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The emergence of numerous free libraries in Fayetteville, Arkansas created a spark in the mind of Jessica Mcclard, a regular jogger in the area. She pondered over the success of such free libraries which gave birth to the wonderful social cause of The Little Free Pantry. Little Free Pantries was no doubt targeting towards a higher social cause to help people who were really in need.

Using $250 funded by Thrivent Financial, she initiated the first Free Pantry near Good Shepard Lutheran Church, Fayetteville, Arkansas. The idea was an immediate hit inspiring more than 10K Face Book followers and many others to erect such free pantries across Ardmore, Oklahoma and South Fayetteville.

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Similar to the idea of free libraries, she erected a wooden cupboard and left whatever possible food items in the same. People who visited the Good Shepard Lutheran Church in Fayetteville on the 10th of May witnessed the Little Free Pantry nearby the church.

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The idea was so much of a hit that the response for such a small pantry amazed Jessica. The pantries were getting filled in no time making it more popular and helping the needy all the time.

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Right from Jelly to Peanut butter and female hygiene products to baby diapers, people have been contributing to these free pantries periodically that many such little pantries are seen put up across many locations.

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This brilliant idea not only addresses a serious social cause but also increases the sharing and caring in the neighborhood. A little pantry set up near one of the schools was filled with supplies that school children will require for their use in the school.

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For all those who want to contribute to the society through the Little Pantry idea can do so either by filling up the same with necessary things or setting up another Little Free Pantry.

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