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Her Son Was Poisoned by This Plant! It’s Extremely Important for You to Know!

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Indoor plants are close friends to many of us. They enliven the atmosphere while cleaning up the toxins around in a silent effective manner. Indoor plants are a boon particularly to those people who do not have time to spend time in their garden or rather who do not have a garden at all. They not only remove the toxins in the environment around us but also help us inhale healthy air. While all these are the positive side of having an indoor plant, there are some precautions to be taken with certain types of indoor plants. The reason for this is explained through the incident that happened in a woman’s life when her son was poisoned by an indoor plant
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This woman had so much love for indoor plants that she almost had a good collection of them inside their house. Dumb Cane is one of the indoor plants she had. Dumb cane which is also known as Dieffenbachia is sold just as an indoor plant without providing any type of precautions what so ever regarding the same. The botanical name of Dumb cane is Dieffenbachia Amoena and the most poisonous part of the plant is its stems. Go through the next few pages to understand why precautions need to be understood before going in for indoor plants.

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When, Esteban, her 5 year old son who was playing inside the house complained of unbearable stomach pain, the parents thought it may be temporary and Esteban will get rid of the same soon. To their surprise, not only did the stomach pain worsen but Esteban was writhing in excruciating pain. When they rushed Esteban to the hospital, to their shock, the Doctors diagnosed that he was poisoned.


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The Doctors went on to explain that the boy was basically affected due to serious allergic reaction caused by Raphides which are nothing but calcium oxalate crystals that are needle shaped. Raphides are seen in clusters inside the plant tissues which cause acute poisonous reactions. These toxins enter the body through the pores of the skin causing damage to the organs which is fatal. This is what had happened to the 5 year old Esteban.


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If there are children and pets at home, ensure you do not get Dumb Cane. The main symptoms caused when people get affected by Dumb cane are swelling in various spots of the body, severe numbing sensation, uncontrolled drooling and verbal irritation. In some cases, symptoms tend to be more severe and it depends on the extent of poisoning in the body. Where the symptoms are mild, treatment using antihistamines, analgesics and medical charcoal are effective on patients.


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