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German Scientists Prove There is Life After Death

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1. Life After Death

A group of scientists in Berlin has conducted a study which they claim proves that life exists after death. Experiments were done on several people where they were technically killed for 20 minutes before they were brought back to life.

2. Volunteers

The study spanned for a total of 4 years, and in total, 944 volunteers participated. They agreed to have their bodies pumped with drugs which technically should kill them, yet leave their body unharmed and were brought back to life after administration of more drugs after 18 minutes.

3. AutoPulse

The name of the machine which was responsible for bringing the patients back to life is known as AutoPulse. You can think of it as basically performing an advanced CPR.

4. Responses

You are probably wondering what the volunteers encountered while they were technically dead. Most of them reported that felt warmth, leaving their body behind and moving towards total serenity and a bright light.

5. Religion

Next important question is does this depends on religion. The scientists said that even though the volunteers come from various religions including Christianity, Jewish, Hinduism and some were even atheists, they all reported more or less the same experiences.

6. This proves life after death

The scientists claim that their experiment successfully proved that life after death is real. What do you think about this?

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