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His Girl Friend Slapped Him When He Kissed Her On Kiss Cam, Now Watch The Girl To His Left.

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Sports is excellent at bringing people together to enjoy games, however, the Kiss Cam can bring them even closer. If you are wondering what the Kiss Cam is. It is simply a moving camera which moves across the stadium looking for couples so that they will kiss one another. Most of the times, it works really well, and the entire crowd cheers. However, it can lead to problems at times, like the incident below.
One guy decided to kiss her partner when the Kiss Cam came towards them. however, she reacted in a completely unexpected manner. Things took a wrong turn, and people were starting to think whether it was a complete setup cause it was really humiliating for the man. At the end, a surprising event occurred, when the man kissed the woman sitting next to him. Check out the full incident below.

1. Things were going as usual.

The couple(two on the left side) were enjoying a basketball game. Suddenly, the kiss cam turned towards them.

2. The husband did what anyone else would have done.

He tried to kiss her, but something shocking happened next.
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3. The woman slapped him across the face.

It was clear that she felt disrespected when he tried to kiss her and didn’t hesitate to show that in public.

4. He tried to make her understand

But nothing seemed to work.
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5. She had no hesitation in showing how disrespected she felt.

She not only slapped him but also screamed.

6. That didn’t work too.

He was trying his best to show her that he feels remorse, but she didn’t accept any of them. [adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”6th and multiple”]

7. She threw away his teddy bear.

In fact, she even threw his popcorn away.

8. Ultimately, she poured her beverage over his head.

This was the final nail in the coffin, and we weren’t sure whether this was real or a setup.
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9. How can someone get so angry for a simple kiss?

If this was real, then there must have been strict limits in their relationship.

10. No problem though

The kiss cam came back once again, and this time he was greeted with a much better kiss from the lady sitting on his left. [adinserter block=”16″]

11. It is possible that this was a setup.

We are not sure if that is true, but we do know that the Kiss Cam isn’t lying.

12. Check out the video below to know the entire incident.
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