HIV is a deadly disease, but often, people don’t realise that they have HIV until it’s too late. Recent studies show that 40% to 90% people who have HIV, only show flu-like symptoms, while there are many others who don’t even show any recognizable symptom for several years or even decades.

That is why it’s important to get tested for HIV at regular intervals. But how can you tell yourself if you may have HIV? The following list provides the most common signs that indicate a person maybe HIV positive.

  1. Dry Cough


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HIV, as stated earlier can present flu-like symptoms. Many people often ignore a dry cough, assuming it to be a sort of allergy. But in reality, it may be an indication that you are HIV positive.

  1. Skin Rash


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For some people, skin rashes are quite common. But if you are one of those people who get rashes rarely, and they have started growing all of a sudden, you should probably visit a doctor as soon as possible.


  1. Tired all the time


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You are probably wondering how getting tired has a correlation with HIV. The truth is fatigue is the most common symptom of HIV! So if you have been feeling extremely exhausted lately even though your workload hasn’t changed, we would advise you to go to a doctor immediately.

  1. Diarrhoea


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30% to 60% people, infected with HIV, experience diarrhea and related symptoms such as vomiting and nausea. This also reduces your appetite and in turn, your weight. This can be a strong indication that someone has HIV infection.

  1. Fever


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Constantly experiencing fever for a long period of time without any particular underlying cause, is often a symptom of HIV. It can also cause sore throats, pain in joints and weaken them.

  1. Candida Yeast


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Candida Yeast is a common fungus which is responsible for causing infections in women. They make swallowing difficult, as they mostly occur in the mouth. Visit a doctor if you experience anything similar.

  1. Night Sweats


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These usually occur at the beginning of the HIV infection. If you start sweating profusely at night, even though you aren’t sick or there hasn’t been any significant change in room temperature, you should test for HIV immediately. Chances are you are still in the early stages so medication will work much better.

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Medical Study Reveals That Electronic Cigarettes Cause Serious Lung Problems

Electronic cigarettes started gaining popularity just a couple of years ago. They were considered by many as the healthy alternative to normal tobacco cigarettes. Marketed extensively as completely safe, they soon became the popular choice for people who wanted to enjoy smoking without its ill effects.


However, recent studies have revealed several disturbing facts about e-cigarettes. The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health conducted a new study which shows that the vapours released by these e-cigarettes, which were claimed to be completely harmless, possess a serious threat to the lungs. Even more shocking is the fact that they might be even more hazardous than normal cigarettes. These cigarettes contain various chemicals and flavour enhancers which are more dangerous than nicotine.

These facts haven’t been discovered in previous studies since all of them focussed on how these helped people quit cigarettes while none focussed on the harmful properties of the chemicals inside them.

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The researchers used more than 50 brands of e-cigarettes for this test. They concluded that almost 75% of those contain lethal chemicals. These chemicals have also been linked to the disease bronchiolitis obliterans, commonly known as the popcorn lung.

This disease started developing in microwave popcorn factory workers, hence the name popcorn lung. The disease occurs as a result of inhaling vapors of a chemical called diacetyl.

Rather surprising is the fact, that this chemical is not only used in popcorn as a flavour enhancer, but also in alcohol and various fruits and candies.


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This is just half the story though. Several other chemicals were also discovered other than diacetyl. Acetoin and 2-3 pentane Dione were found, both of which are known to cause serious respiratory problems if inhaled for a prolonged period of time.

Popcorn lung is an extremely deadly disease, since no cure hasn’t been discovered yet. It causes permanent damage to the lungs which is irreversible. In certain cases, even lung transplant is necessary to save the patient.

If the e-cigarette manufacturing companies know about the harmful effects of their products, then why include these chemicals? The only reason is that cost of these chemicals are low, which increases the profit. Besides, using cheaper chemicals, the selling price decreases as well, making it much more lucrative to the buyer than conventional tobacco cigarettes.


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These studies show that no product should be allowed for sale to the public until and unless they have been tested properly. Besides, why smoke in the first place? Well, they don’t provide any benefits at all, plus you are wasting a lot of money buying these and also causing serious damage to your health.

So try to quit smoking today. After all, why try something which has offers no benefit at all?

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15 Ways To Lose Weight While Eating More

You’ve spent years trying different diets, but always end up back at square one. You’re bored of counting calories and following restrictive plans you can’t sustain. And you’re especially fed up with all the contradictory advice. You don’t understand how others seem to look and feel great eating anything, while for you it seems to be a constant struggle. To help you with this, you may visit for some helpful ways on having a healthy diet!!!

Here are also a few more ways to lose weight.

1. Take Fish Oil Capsules

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Fish is an amazing food item, since it has lots of nutrients with comparatively less amount of fats. Nutritionists often recommend consuming at least 300 mg of fish oil every day.

This helps in increasing metabolism and can burn up to 500 calories. You should take fish oil capsules, so that excess fat is not ingested.

2.Consume More Red Meat

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Lean red meat is extremely helpful to reduce weight. It actually burns lots of calories while you are digesting it, since it is much difficult to break it down to its basic nutrients and hence requires extra energy.

It can also help in building muscles, which burn more calories than the same volume of fat.

3. Drink Lots Of Water

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You have probably heard this countless number of times. Still let us remind you once again. Water is crucial during weight loss. It helps in increasing metabolism and also keeps the body full. It also removes excess fat from food items so that you don’t absorb that fat.

4. Insert Ice

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This advice probably sounds a bit weird, but ice actually helps a lot in weight loss. When you eat ice or anything cold for that matter, the body has to burn more calories to bring those to room temperature before they can be digested.

You can lose up to 500 calories per week by drinking 8 glasses of water with ice.


5. Prefer Organic Items

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Organic foods and vegetables are more rich in nutrients and do not contain harmful pesticides. Hence, they are beneficial to your body.

6. Eat Nuts

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Nuts are considered to be rich in fats, hence most advise you to ignore them if you are on a diet. But they are completely wrong. They actually increase metabolism so reduce weight.

7. Spicy Food Is Better

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Spicy food, such as hot peppers contain capsaicin which boosts your metabolism. It also decreases your appetite; hence you are forced to eat less.

8. Olive Oil

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Olive oil, if consumed at a moderate amount, can significantly improve your metabolism. So don’t forget to include a little amount of olive oil in your food.

9. Salads Before Any Meal

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Consume salads before any big meal such as lunch or dinner. Salads are low in calories, hence help in keeping the stomach full. As a result, you cannot eat too many calories during your main meal.

10. Apples

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Apples are high in fibre, hence helps to keep your stomach full. A study has discovered that women who ate 3 apples every day lost more weight that those who didn’t, although both the groups consumed same number of calories.

11. Drink Green Tea

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It is advised that one should drink green tea just before a big meal. Researches have shown that it prevents absorption of excess fat. Besides, it has anti-oxidants which are extremely beneficial for the body

12. Beans

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Beans are an excellent food item; they release a hormone called cholecystokinin after you eat them. It is an appetite-suppressing hormone, which prevents you from consuming excess calories.


13. Eat Raspberries

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Raspberries consist of ketones, which are known to increase metabolism. They also assist in breaking down fat.So include raspberries in your everyday diet.



14. Drink Coffee

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Coffee not only helps in keeping you awake at night, it also speeds up your metabolism. So next time you feel like drinking coffee, don’t hesitate. Remember the more you drink coffee, the more calories you burn.

15. Consume Grapefruits

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Grapefruits too boost your metabolism. According to a recent study, those who ate grapefruits lost almost 4 lbs on an average. In fact, the maximum weight lost was 10 lbs. That is definitely impressive.


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10 Things Your Sleeping Position Reveals About Your Relationship

Very few people know this but sleeping position is actually a great indicator of the present status of a relationship. This is because it is our subconscious mind, and not our conscious mind, which controls everything regarding our sleeping, including the position in which we sleep. Hence, it gives an insight into what a person thinks about his or her partner. And this can be extremely accurate as well.

1. The Big Spoon

The Big Spoon
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This position shows that you are rather protective of your partner and love your partner a lot. It could also mean you are a bit possessive.

2. Small Spoon

Small Spoon
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This position is a mixture of two worlds; basically your partner can be both intimate as well as secure. This also shows that your partner trusts you completely.

3. Cliff Hanger

This is the position when partners are sleeping on opposite sides of the bed. Not only that, they also face away from each other. This can denote that their relationship is deteriorating and there is some distance growing between the two. No need to worry if it occurs once in a while though – the partner could be tired and maybe needs to sleep well.
Cliff Hanger

4. Shingles

This position occurs when both partners lie on their back while the woman places her head on his chest. Usually shows that the woman is dependent on the man.

5. The Crab

This position may represent a variety of positions in bed, but the common point is that neither partner is touching one another in any way. This can mean that there are problems in the relationship, where one partner needs space for some time.
The Crab

6. Hollywood

In this position, the man is lying on his back, while the woman is sleeping on his chest. Usually means that they are completely in love, and have probably entered into a relationship recently.

7. Pillow Talk

Both partners are facing each other in this position, but still they are not touching each other and are distant in bed. This often is an indication that both of them don’t communicate with each other often and they need to have one to one conversation and contact.
Pillow Talk

8. Cherish

In this position, the partners are facing away from each other, but unlike the cliff hanger position, their backs are touching here. This position is intimate yet comfortable for both.

9. The Liberty

This position is similar to the Cherish position where they are facing away from each other, but instead here their backs are not touching. This shows that they love each other yet they are independent.
The Liberty

10. Lover’s Knot

Here, they are facing each other and their legs usually remain intertwined in the beginning or until they fall asleep. This denotes intimacy, and sexual activity. This means that they love each other a lot, but are also independent.
Lover's Knot

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The Kissing Bug Brings Kiss of Death While You Sleep

They Catch You Off Guard

They bite you when you’re sleeping, mostly on your face (thus the name Kissing Bug). A bite from these insects could be disregarded as any ordinary insect bite, however truly this could dangerous to your life. These blood sucking insects discharge a parasite from their defecation that can bring about the Chagas disease. This parasite can be shrunk by incidentally rubbing the defecation into to bite or by unknowingly ingesting it through a mucous layer (eyes or nose).

Causes big Health Problems

At the point when Chagas disease is contracted, it assaults the muscle and tissues inside the body. This can eventually prompt coronary illness. Side effects of this infection include swelling close to the bite, pain in the gut, and the most widely recognized; sudden death. The terrifying part is, the ailment could be annihilating your body for two decades before the indications appear.

They’re spreading

These parasitic animals like to live where is warm and are extremely regular in Central America. In spite of the fact that, as a result of late atmosphere changes, they’ve been seen in the US and have turned out to be a remarkable health problem. Once was lately found in North Carolina, yet they can possibly be seen more distant north too.

They Can Squeeze and Live in Tiny Cracks

These slippery bugs can live outside AND inside. Ensure your house is fixed, especially, your windows and entryways. Check your dividers for breaks just in the event that and expel brush and woods heaps from close to your home

In the event that You Think You See This Bug

Try not to kill it. Trap it in a container and freeze it. At that point, take it to your nearby Health Dept. alternately college lab for species distinguishing proof.

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Most Common Types Of Cancer And Their Symptoms

What are the most type of cancers ? how can we detect them and about treatments of various cancers.

1. Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer after skin cancer.1 out of every 8 women have a chance for breast cancer according to studies.
The main signs of this type of cancer are lump in breast or armpit, change in breast shape or colour, changes in nipple or discharge from nipple. Men can also affect from breast cancer.
If detected early, breast cancer can be treated. Treatments include Surgery, Radiation therapy, Chemotherapy, Hormone therapy, Targeted therapy, Bone-directed therapy etc

breast change breast cancer
breast cancer symptoms – via:


2. Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer or carcinoma of the prostate is a common type of cancer that affect prostate gland, a part of male reproductive system. Prostate glands are responsible for semen production.
Symptoms include A need to urinate frequently – especially at night, Difficulty starting urination or holding back urine, Painful ejaculation, Painful or burning urination, Weak or interrupted flow of urine, Difficulty in having an erection, Blood in urine or semen etc.
Prostate cancer can be detected through Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test.
Can be treated completely if detected in early stages. Depending on the stage of cancer treatment may be chosen from Surgery, radiation therapy, Cryosurgery (cryotherapy), Hormone therapy, Chemotherapy, Vaccine treatment, Bone-directed treatment, etc.

Stages of Prostate Cancer
Stages of Prostate Cancer- via:

3. Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer happens when abnormal growth on the cervix become out of control. The cervix is the lower a portion of the uterus that opens into the vagina. Cervical cancer can frequently be effectively treated when it’s discovered early.

While a few sorts of sexual conduct may prompt this too, the most well-known reason is disease of the cervix with human papillomavirus. Not all HPV’s cause cervical cancer, but some cause genital warts, they are called genital wart virus. A standard Pap test is the perfect path for right on time identification.

Treatments include :

  • Radiation therapy with chemotherapy given at the same time.
  • Radical hysterectomy and removal of pelvic lymph nodes with or without radiation therapy to the pelvis, plus chemotherapy.
  • Radical trachelectomy.
  • Chemotherapy followed by surgery.
  • After successful treatment, home care is advised. Visit or similar sites to know more about home care.
Cervical Cancer
Stages of cervical cancer – via :


4. Oral Cancer

Oral cancer comprises of swelling or thickening of lips or lumps that project on the lips. Red or white smooth or spotted patches in the mouth can likewise be a sign as the mouth may begin for apparently no reason.

For prevention, general oral cleanliness is very suggested and additionally consistent checkups. If you are a smoker there is a greater chance of oral cancer.
Treatments include Surgery, Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Chemoradiation, Biological therapy etc

ORAL CANCER detection
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5. Skin Cancer

Basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma are the basic sorts of skin cancer and they can be easily visible and so can be easily detected and treated by having a melanoma cancer treatment.

Fundamentally it comes down to melanoma or non melanoma to the extent skin malignancy goes.

The non melanoma look like patches on the neck which are translucent. On the off chance that on the mid-section it will be rosy chestnut and as it creates, dried up, draining skin will shape.

The melanoma skin disease will come through in moles, patches and any adjustment in the composition of skin or the shading.

Essentially any changes in skin appearance ought to be taken a care at, even very small change should take seriously.

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Cervical cancer signs women Should be aware of

A human papillomavirus (HPV)- related disease cervical cancer is the most common infection of the reproductive tract. Sexually active men and women, at a majority can get infected with the virus either one or more than once in their life time according to the experts. No penetrative s3xis necessary for HPV virus spread. The virus can spread post the genders become sexually active and can be transmitted viz. skin to skin genital contact. Especially for young girls, vaccination know as Gardasil Vaccine is recommended. This can help to prevent cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is the fourth most frequent cancer surveyed in women worldwide, estimated 530000 new cases in 2012 representing 7.5% female death due to this cancer. The estimated death from cervical cancer every year in less developed regions is more than 85% The 5 significant warning which shouldn’t be ignored.

Abnormal bleeding

One possible sign of cervical cancer as per the norms is experiences of unusual bleeding. In between the periods, any bleeding after copulation and menopause can be a sign of cervical cancer. Consulting a doctor is advised.Abnormal-bleeding

Abnormal discharge

A yeast infection, or a symptom of menopause, though most occurring due to bacterial vaginosis, are harmless. In case of any change is colour, like changing of discharge to brownish pale or yellowish colour, or a foul odour can be a leading sign of cervical cancer. Precaution are advised and consult your doctor as soon as possible.Abnormal-discharge

Discomfort while urinating

Due to UTI (URINARY TRACT INFECTION) most often the discomfort and pain experienced while urinating which can be easily treated by your doctor. But in rare cases , it is a sign of cervical cancer spreading to the doctor. Any such symptoms, please rush to ring your doctor immediate. Discomfort-while-urinating

Painful coitus

Pain during coitus may be sign and symptom of the late onset of cancer, majority of these symptoms almost always point something less worrisome first and foremost.Painful-coitus

No control over bladder

Most common affect caused by the cancer is over the bladder. Patients with cervical cancer have hint of blood in urinating and experience severe loss of bladder control.Unusually-long-and-heavy-menstrual-periods.

Unusually long and heavy menstrual periods

Heavy flow during menstrual cycle accompanied by irritation of the cervix due to the cervical cancer can result in abnormally long menstrual periods.No-control-over-bladder

Pain in the body

Experience of severe swelling of legs, as the spread of cancer obstructs the blood flow. Women with cervical cancer experience body pain especially in legs back and pelvis. This usually result prolonged pain in legs as the illness takes its coverage over the time.Pain-in-the-body

Feeling fatigued constantly

You often feel exhausted for prolonged period of time, it would be better to have full check up with the doctor. A combination of symptoms mentioned above is hard on the body. Our body define mechanism tries its best to flight off the cancer but this leaves the body feeling constantly tired.Feeling-fatigued-constantly

Sudden and unexplained weight loss

Due to the body producing proteins referred to as cytokines which breaks fat in the body at a much accelerated speed due to the body fighting disease , when a healthy body fights off a disease especially something like cancer, a sudden weight loss is experienced. This a process of experience in most types of cancer including cervical cancer.Sudden-and-unexplained-weight-loss

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How to Transform Your Flat Buttock in to a Nice Booty ?

If you ever needed to transform your flat buttock into a nice booty? Here are some straightforward exercise tips you can do at home!


2. Background Information

There are three noteworthy muscles that the exercises will concentrate on, all of which are essential to accomplishing the perfect buttock.

3. More About The Muscles

Here is a top to the bottom depiction of the muscles we will concentrate on.

4. Exercise 1: Step-Ups

These first exercises focus on the biggest buttock muscle, the Gluteus Maximus.

5. Exercise 2: Lunge

Try not to surge your lurches. Similarly, as with most activities, the structure is more significant than speed.

6. Exercise 3: Squats

If you have never done squats before, try with no weight. Ensure you have the form down accurately before adding any weight to your schedule.

7. Don’t Forget To Stretch!

This Pretzel Stretch is amazing for stretching out those glutes!

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Why You Should Stop Wearing Bra While Sleeping RIGHT NOW?

Is it good to wear a bra while sleeping ? or you should stop wearing them while sleeping? Why should you not wear the bra when you are sleeping? Wearing bra during the night is an ordinary matter of serious discussion. A few ladies feel it safe to wear the bra while sleeping. But in real, if you are wearing the bra in bed, actually you are risking your health. this may cause some serious health issues.


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#2 Reduce circulation

Wearing bra while dozing may lessen blood flow. This makes your rest uncomfortable. Go braless!

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#3 Pigmentation

Pigmentation in tighter elastic parts of the bra is a typical issue, however, wearing the bra while in bed make it worse. Sleep carefully.

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#4 Restlessness

Wearing a tight bra while dozing can make you fretful in the night. Eagerness will have an unfavorable impact on your health.

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#5 Sweating and Skin Irritation

Wearing bra while dozing make you sweat more. This will likewise trigger skin disturbance. Go braless!
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This is The Only Way I’m Making Popcorn From Now On!

Learn A New Way To Make Cheap, Healthy Popcorn

Just A Few Ingredients

First you’ll need to gather a few supplies: a jar of all-natural popcorn kernels, butter, a microwave-safe bowl and a plate.

Measure Out The Kernels

First, pour your kernels into the bowl. 1/4 cup of kernels is a good measurement to start with

Flavor Selection

Next, grab some of your butter. I’m using 2 Tbsp. here, but you can use as much — or as little — as you prefer. It’s all a matter of how you buttery you want it to taste.

Buttery Balancing Act

Now place your microwave-safe plate on top of the bowl. Place the butter on top of the plate.

Be Careful Not To Drop Anything

Place the entire creation into your microwave, then cook it for about 2:45 to 3 minutes (depending on your microwave’s wattage.)

Kernel Kennel

The plate not only allows heat and air to circulate within the bowl, but it prevents the kernels from wildly escaping.

Dash Of Salt And A Good Flick

Add some salt if you’d like and throw on a good movie and enjoy!
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