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Medical Study Reveals That Electronic Cigarettes Cause Serious Lung Problems

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Electronic cigarettes started gaining popularity just a couple of years ago. They were considered by many as the healthy alternative to normal tobacco cigarettes. Marketed extensively as completely safe, they soon became the popular choice for people who wanted to enjoy smoking without its ill effects.


However, recent studies have revealed several disturbing facts about e-cigarettes. The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health conducted a new study which shows that the vapours released by these e-cigarettes, which were claimed to be completely harmless, possess a serious threat to the lungs. Even more shocking is the fact that they might be even more hazardous than normal cigarettes. These cigarettes contain various chemicals and flavour enhancers which are more dangerous than nicotine.

These facts haven’t been discovered in previous studies since all of them focussed on how these helped people quit cigarettes while none focussed on the harmful properties of the chemicals inside them.

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The researchers used more than 50 brands of e-cigarettes for this test. They concluded that almost 75% of those contain lethal chemicals. These chemicals have also been linked to the disease bronchiolitis obliterans, commonly known as the popcorn lung.

This disease started developing in microwave popcorn factory workers, hence the name popcorn lung. The disease occurs as a result of inhaling vapors of a chemical called diacetyl.

Rather surprising is the fact, that this chemical is not only used in popcorn as a flavour enhancer, but also in alcohol and various fruits and candies.

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This is just half the story though. Several other chemicals were also discovered other than diacetyl. Acetoin and 2-3 pentane Dione were found, both of which are known to cause serious respiratory problems if inhaled for a prolonged period of time.

Popcorn lung is an extremely deadly disease, since no cure hasn’t been discovered yet. It causes permanent damage to the lungs which is irreversible. In certain cases, even lung transplant is necessary to save the patient.

If the e-cigarette manufacturing companies know about the harmful effects of their products, then why include these chemicals? The only reason is that cost of these chemicals are low, which increases the profit. Besides, using cheaper chemicals, the selling price decreases as well, making it much more lucrative to the buyer than conventional tobacco cigarettes.

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These studies show that no product should be allowed for sale to the public until and unless they have been tested properly. Besides, why smoke in the first place? Well, they don’t provide any benefits at all, plus you are wasting a lot of money buying these and also causing serious damage to your health.

So try to quit smoking today. After all, why try something which has offers no benefit at all?

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