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10 Things Your Sleeping Position Reveals About Your Relationship

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Very few people know this but sleeping position is actually a great indicator of the present status of a relationship. This is because it is our subconscious mind, and not our conscious mind, which controls everything regarding our sleeping, including the position in which we sleep. Hence, it gives an insight into what a person thinks about his or her partner. And this can be extremely accurate as well.

1. The Big Spoon

The Big Spoon
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This position shows that you are rather protective of your partner and love your partner a lot. It could also mean you are a bit possessive.

2. Small Spoon

Small Spoon
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This position is a mixture of two worlds; basically your partner can be both intimate as well as secure. This also shows that your partner trusts you completely.
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3. Cliff Hanger

This is the position when partners are sleeping on opposite sides of the bed. Not only that, they also face away from each other. This can denote that their relationship is deteriorating and there is some distance growing between the two. No need to worry if it occurs once in a while though – the partner could be tired and maybe needs to sleep well.
Cliff Hanger

4. Shingles

This position occurs when both partners lie on their back while the woman places her head on his chest. Usually shows that the woman is dependent on the man.
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5. The Crab

This position may represent a variety of positions in bed, but the common point is that neither partner is touching one another in any way. This can mean that there are problems in the relationship, where one partner needs space for some time.
The Crab

6. Hollywood

In this position, the man is lying on his back, while the woman is sleeping on his chest. Usually means that they are completely in love, and have probably entered into a relationship recently.
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7. Pillow Talk

Both partners are facing each other in this position, but still they are not touching each other and are distant in bed. This often is an indication that both of them don’t communicate with each other often and they need to have one to one conversation and contact.
Pillow Talk

8. Cherish

In this position, the partners are facing away from each other, but unlike the cliff hanger position, their backs are touching here. This position is intimate yet comfortable for both.
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9. The Liberty

This position is similar to the Cherish position where they are facing away from each other, but instead here their backs are not touching. This shows that they love each other yet they are independent.
The Liberty

10. Lover’s Knot

Here, they are facing each other and their legs usually remain intertwined in the beginning or until they fall asleep. This denotes intimacy, and sexual activity. This means that they love each other a lot, but are also independent.
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