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Cervical cancer signs women Should be aware of

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A human papillomavirus (HPV)- related disease cervical cancer is the most common infection of the reproductive tract. Sexually active men and women, at a majority can get infected with the virus either one or more than once in their life time according to the experts. No penetrative s3xis necessary for HPV virus spread. The virus can spread post the genders become sexually active and can be transmitted viz. skin to skin genital contact. Especially for young girls, vaccination know as Gardasil Vaccine is recommended. This can help to prevent cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is the fourth most frequent cancer surveyed in women worldwide, estimated 530000 new cases in 2012 representing 7.5% female death due to this cancer. The estimated death from cervical cancer every year in less developed regions is more than 85% The 5 significant warning which shouldn’t be ignored.

Abnormal bleeding

One possible sign of cervical cancer as per the norms is experiences of unusual bleeding. In between the periods, any bleeding after copulation and menopause can be a sign of cervical cancer. Consulting a doctor is advised.Abnormal-bleeding

Abnormal discharge

A yeast infection, or a symptom of menopause, though most occurring due to bacterial vaginosis, are harmless. In case of any change is colour, like changing of discharge to brownish pale or yellowish colour, or a foul odour can be a leading sign of cervical cancer. Precaution are advised and consult your doctor as soon as possible.Abnormal-discharge

Discomfort while urinating

Due to UTI (URINARY TRACT INFECTION) most often the discomfort and pain experienced while urinating which can be easily treated by your doctor. But in rare cases , it is a sign of cervical cancer spreading to the doctor. Any such symptoms, please rush to ring your doctor immediate. Discomfort-while-urinating

Painful coitus

Pain during coitus may be sign and symptom of the late onset of cancer, majority of these symptoms almost always point something less worrisome first and foremost.Painful-coitus

No control over bladder

Most common affect caused by the cancer is over the bladder. Patients with cervical cancer have hint of blood in urinating and experience severe loss of bladder control.Unusually-long-and-heavy-menstrual-periods.

Unusually long and heavy menstrual periods

Heavy flow during menstrual cycle accompanied by irritation of the cervix due to the cervical cancer can result in abnormally long menstrual periods.No-control-over-bladder

Pain in the body

Experience of severe swelling of legs, as the spread of cancer obstructs the blood flow. Women with cervical cancer experience body pain especially in legs back and pelvis. This usually result prolonged pain in legs as the illness takes its coverage over the time.Pain-in-the-body

Feeling fatigued constantly

You often feel exhausted for prolonged period of time, it would be better to have full check up with the doctor. A combination of symptoms mentioned above is hard on the body. Our body define mechanism tries its best to flight off the cancer but this leaves the body feeling constantly tired.Feeling-fatigued-constantly

Sudden and unexplained weight loss

Due to the body producing proteins referred to as cytokines which breaks fat in the body at a much accelerated speed due to the body fighting disease , when a healthy body fights off a disease especially something like cancer, a sudden weight loss is experienced. This a process of experience in most types of cancer including cervical cancer.Sudden-and-unexplained-weight-loss

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