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15 Ways To Lose Weight While Eating More

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You’ve spent years trying different diets, but always end up back at square one. You’re bored of counting calories and following restrictive plans you can’t sustain. And you’re especially fed up with all the contradictory advice. You don’t understand how others seem to look and feel great eating anything, while for you it seems to be a constant struggle. To help you with this, you may visit https://vojo.health for some helpful ways on having a healthy diet!!!

Here are also a few more ways to lose weight.

1. Take Fish Oil Capsules

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Fish is an amazing food item, since it has lots of nutrients with comparatively less amount of fats. Nutritionists often recommend consuming at least 300 mg of fish oil every day.

This helps in increasing metabolism and can burn up to 500 calories. You should take fish oil capsules, so that excess fat is not ingested.

2.Consume More Red Meat

Image Credit : sites.psu.edu

Lean red meat is extremely helpful to reduce weight. It actually burns lots of calories while you are digesting it, since it is much difficult to break it down to its basic nutrients and hence requires extra energy.

It can also help in building muscles, which burn more calories than the same volume of fat.

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3. Drink Lots Of Water

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You have probably heard this countless number of times. Still let us remind you once again. Water is crucial during weight loss. It helps in increasing metabolism and also keeps the body full. It also removes excess fat from food items so that you don’t absorb that fat.

4. Insert Ice

Image Credit : its.caltech.edu

This advice probably sounds a bit weird, but ice actually helps a lot in weight loss. When you eat ice or anything cold for that matter, the body has to burn more calories to bring those to room temperature before they can be digested.

You can lose up to 500 calories per week by drinking 8 glasses of water with ice.


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5. Prefer Organic Items

Image Credit : helix.northwestern.edu

Organic foods and vegetables are more rich in nutrients and do not contain harmful pesticides. Hence, they are beneficial to your body.

6. Eat Nuts

Image Credit : news.aces.edu

Nuts are considered to be rich in fats, hence most advise you to ignore them if you are on a diet. But they are completely wrong. They actually increase metabolism so reduce weight.

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7. Spicy Food Is Better

Image Credit : harvard.edu

Spicy food, such as hot peppers contain capsaicin which boosts your metabolism. It also decreases your appetite; hence you are forced to eat less.

8. Olive Oil

Image Credit : harvard.edu

Olive oil, if consumed at a moderate amount, can significantly improve your metabolism. So don’t forget to include a little amount of olive oil in your food.

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9. Salads Before Any Meal

Image Credit : taste.com.au

Consume salads before any big meal such as lunch or dinner. Salads are low in calories, hence help in keeping the stomach full. As a result, you cannot eat too many calories during your main meal.

10. Apples

Image Credit : sites.psu.edu

Apples are high in fibre, hence helps to keep your stomach full. A study has discovered that women who ate 3 apples every day lost more weight that those who didn’t, although both the groups consumed same number of calories.

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11. Drink Green Tea

Image Credit : medicalnewstoday.com

It is advised that one should drink green tea just before a big meal. Researches have shown that it prevents absorption of excess fat. Besides, it has anti-oxidants which are extremely beneficial for the body

12. Beans

Image Credit : bcconnections.org

Beans are an excellent food item; they release a hormone called cholecystokinin after you eat them. It is an appetite-suppressing hormone, which prevents you from consuming excess calories.


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13. Eat Raspberries

Image Credit : images.express.co.uk

Raspberries consist of ketones, which are known to increase metabolism. They also assist in breaking down fat.So include raspberries in your everyday diet.



14. Drink Coffee

Image Credit : wikimedia.org

Coffee not only helps in keeping you awake at night, it also speeds up your metabolism. So next time you feel like drinking coffee, don’t hesitate. Remember the more you drink coffee, the more calories you burn.

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15. Consume Grapefruits

Image Credit : wikimedia.org

Grapefruits too boost your metabolism. According to a recent study, those who ate grapefruits lost almost 4 lbs on an average. In fact, the maximum weight lost was 10 lbs. That is definitely impressive.

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