It’s Not What You Think, You Just Have a Dirty Mind

Life is so much of fun if you have a dirty mind. Sometimes we see something as dirty only because we have a dirty mind, which is otherwise innocent. Check out some things that prove you have a dirty mind

If you’re in school and walking past these gals, you’d have to look twice AND it would NOT be because of those pretty legs!

When your parents talked to you about the “Birds and the Bees”. . . They forgot about the trees.

Veggies are much more human-like than we know ?..

Did you know there are cases where people actually fall in love with things that are not human? Is this an example?

Sometimes Mom wonders why the neighbors look at her strangely ?..

During Japan’s baseball practice, their catchers face says what we’re thinking..

You’ll only see the “nasty” if you truly have a dirty mind. . . Do you ?

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7 Vintage Ads That Would Really Piss People Off Today.

These ads where standard that time. But if you advertise your product this way today, your ad would have banned. If you are easily offended, don’t bother reading. Otherwise, you will definitely enjoy !









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A Woman Told This Paralyzed Man he Deserved It. How He Responded Was Perfect

A Teenager Was Paralyzed From The Neck Down

17 years-old teenager, Henry Fraser was left severely paralysed after diving into shallow water, disjoining four vertebrae in his neck. he shared his difficulty after the accident through social media. But also he started discovering a new talent which bought him out of despair, It is painting with his mouth.

When he shared his recovery on social media, many people supported and praised him. But he received a an E-mail from a woman named Laura who started to troll him.

After two mails Fraser wrote her, “he hopes she doesn’t have to go through all that he has gone through.” also he posted on social media, “..his motivation now comes from her words.” Then out of the blue something amazing happens on Twitter!

For his surprise, J.K Rowling supported him in public citing her support and giving him strength over such bullies and trolls. Rowling’s tweet expressed touching and wise words of support for Fraser

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Infant who was rescued ALIVE from a toilet pipe after being flushed away by the folks who didn’t need him. Newborn baby found underneath a latrine cabinet. Firefighters uprooted area of funnel and rescuers cut the baby free. Crisis service called after lady heard cries from pipe. The 6.2 pound infant called ‘number 59′ after the number of his incubator

The infant’s mom – believed to be a 22-year-old single lady – has been discovered and is said to be with her child in hospital.

his health condition was not good when he was found and hospital employees says baby have a fracture in skull but condition is improved now.

Attendant Zhang Songhe of the pediatric section of the Pujiang County People’s Hospital in the city of Jinhua, Zhejiang region, East China, told the Daily Mail: ‘When the child bought here, he was in bad condition.

‘We think he has a crack in the upper right segment of his skull. In any case, now everything has been fine

Staff at the Pujiang County People’s Hospital in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, said many people have visited hospital to see the baby and provided clothes and food for the child.

Some of the visitors even expressed the willingness to adopt him

As per reports, The child measures 2.8 kilograms (6.2 pounds) and still had his placenta attached to body when he was found.

The aggravating case has started outrage in China and around the globe in the wake of nerve racking TV footage of the child’s two-hour-long save was uploaded onto the web.

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California Mom Enters a Starbucks Bathroom. Then Her 5-Year-Old Son Noticed Something Hidden

While using a single occupancy restroom at Starbucks a mom noticed her 5 year-old son staring underneath the sink looking perplexed when he asked her, “Mommy why is there a phone under there?” The mom said her skin began to crawl..

Woman And Her Son Stopped at Starbucks.. [VIDEO IN LAST PAGE]

Camera Not Found, if it Wasn’t For Her Son

The mom looked under the sink and saw a phone with its lens facing the toilet, it was propped up with paper towels. The victim said that although the bathroom was small, she wouldn’t have seen the camera if it wasn’t for her little son.



Starbucks Located in Lancaster California

The Starbucks they’d been visiting was in Lancaster CA, on Aveune 10 and 10th St. West. The woman was shocked to find the hidden camera inside a public bathroom, she said: “It’s such a violation of privacy. . . Not only of mine, but my son.”

The Lancaster Police Arrive At The Scene

The woman didn’t touch the phone, but when police arrived they found the camera’s video was running. Lt. Joseph Fender mentioned: “The deputies discovered that the cellphone was running in a video-recording motion.” The police have surveillance video from the location, but they didn’t mention what the contents of the video on the phone was at the time. . . and they have no suspects.”

Starbucks Makes A Statement

Starbucks has indicated that they’re doing everything to get to the bottom of the situation: “We are disturbed by this incident and take our obligation to provide a safe environment for our customers and partners (employees) very seriously.”

Watch Video

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Understand Women Better

She’s beautiful and unique, but. . . complicated.

A Man Test

If you’re into time travelers and spot those pirates. . . Sorry, you’ve failed!

Showing Cleavage Or Not?

Hint for husbands: Is she buttoned-up? Is so, you are doing a great job!

She Smiles..

Without gals and smiles, the world would be a much sadder place!

Her Communication Technique..

Gals can learn from this one, mainly to get him out of his man “cave”..

Her Body Language

Know her body language well, it may prevent you from getting hurt!

Ducklings To Swans

Thankfully there is a stage that comes after the awkward phase we know as puberty!

She’s Complicated

Yup, she’s complicated, but that’s why you’re attracted to her. Would you REALLY want her to be like you?

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22 People Who Need To Give Up On Makeup And Never Look Back

I don’t know what these girls thinking. May be they like how they looks with these make up. but for sure, they are not fans of a natural look..

Via :

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Via :

Via :

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Via :

Via :

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Shocking Images From Around The World That You Would Never Believe Happened Without Photographic Evidence!

Shocking Images From Around The World That You Would Never Believe Happened Without Photographic Evidence!

Underwater Wedding

Imagine diving and seeing this going on under the sea?

Black And White Twins

This happened. This 8 year old twins, Kian and Remee, are black and white versions of each other, born just a minute apart.

Double Banana

We’re not the only species that can have twins.

Vladimir Putin Doodling

Yeah, sometimes even leaders of the world get bored at meetings.

Fat Possum

This possum ate so much pastry in a bakery that he couldn’t escape.

Walmart Twins

There must have been a sale on khaki shorts, brown t-shirts, and black sneakers, somewhere nearby.

Penguins In Sweaters

This may be cute, but these sweaters are not for fashion, but rather perform a purpose. These penguins are covered in oil, and the sweaters prevent them from eating the oil off their bodies until they can be cleaned.
Via :

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‘You’re not a parent anymore… he’s dead’: The chilling text messages suicidal father sent to his ex-girlfriend in the final moments before he ‘threw their baby son off a bridge’

A series of chilling text messages that a suicidal father sent to his increasingly panicked ex-girlfriend in the final moments before he allegedly threw their baby son to his death off a bridge has emerged. As he stood on Connecticut’s Arrigoni Bridge with his seven-month-old son Aaden on Sunday night, Tony Moreno, 22, exchanged dozens of texts with his former partner, 19-year-old Adrianne Oyola. In separate messages, he told her: ‘Enjoy your new life without us,’ ‘There is no more days [sic]’ and ‘You’re not a parent anymore’ – prompting Oyola to frantically ask about her son’s whereabouts. Moreno then wrote: ‘He’s dead,’ followed by ‘And soon I will be too.’ Shortly after, the father apparently leaped from the 90ft bridge himself – having already hurled Aaden into the water below.

A series of chilling text messages that a suicidal father sent to his increasingly panicked ex-girlfriend in the final moments before he allegedly threw their baby son to his death off a bridge has emerged.
As he stood on Connecticut’s Arrigoni Bridge with his seven-month-old son Aaden on Sunday night, Tony Moreno, 22, exchanged dozens of texts with his former partner, 19-year-old Adrianne Oyola.
In separate messages, he told her: ‘Enjoy your new life without us,’ ‘There is no more days [sic]’ and ‘You’re not a parent anymore’ – prompting Oyola to frantically ask about her son’s whereabouts.
Moreno then wrote: ‘He’s dead,’ followed by ‘And soon I will be too.’ Shortly after, the father apparently leaped from the 90ft bridge himself – having already hurled Aaden into the water below.

Tragic: Moreno told Oyola via text ‘Enjoy your new life without us,’ ‘There is no more days [sic]’ and ‘You’re not a parent anymore’ before he reportedly threw Aaden, pictured, off the bridge and then plunged in himself

As Moreno fell silent, Oyola typed out a string of emotional messages to her ex-boyfriend, writing: ‘Don’t f****** talk like that,’ ‘You couldn’t kill your son!’ and ‘Please don’t hurt Aaden… Please!!!’
Later that night, she was told by police that her child had likely died after Moreno’s mother allegedly received a call from Moreno saying he was going to jump off the bridge and called 911.
When officials arrived at the scene, they saw Moreno leap over the railing and plunge into the water below, it is reported. Aaden was nowhere to be seen, but his empty stroller was sat on the bridge.
Moreno was rescued from the water and rushed to hospital in a critical condition. Although he initially refused to speak to police in hospital, he eventually confessed to the crime, CBS reported.

Aaden’s body was recovered from Connecticut River about 15 miles away from the bridge

Oyola frantically messaged her partner back saying ‘you couldn’t kill your son!’ and ‘please don’t hurt Aaden… Please!!!’ Aaden is pictured here

Tony Moreno, 22, admits throwing his seven-month-old son, Aaden, off Connecticut’s Arrigoni Bridge – before jumping himself, officials say
On the night of alleged murder, he sent chilling texts to his former girlfriend He told Adrianne Oyola: ‘Enjoy your new life without us’ and ‘He’s dead’ An increasingly panicked Oyola begged for information about their child As Moreno fell silent, she text him: ‘Please don’t hurt Aaden… Please!!!’ On Tuesday, Aaden was found dead in Connecticut River 15 miles away Moreno was rescued from water and is now alert and stable in hospital He has been charged with murder and is being held on $2million bond Oyola had obtained a restraining order against Moreno, but it was overturned on June 29

Scene: Moreno’s then wrote: ‘He’s dead,’ followed by ‘And soon I will be too.’ Shortly after, the suicidal father apparently leaped from the 90ft bridge (pictured on Monday during the search for Aaden’s body)

An officer apparently used a basketball analogy when speaking to Moreno to establish how far he had thrown his son from the bridge’s railing, and subsequently help crews to find Aaden’s body.
‘Tony said that it was more like a free throw distance from the railing,’ the officer reported.
On Tuesday evening, Aaden’s body was recovered from the Connecticut River, near East Haddam, around 15 miles from the bridge.
Moreno, who is currently in an alert and stable condition at Hartford Hospital, has been charged with Aaden’s murder. He is being held at the hospital on $2million bond, officials said.
The shocking text messages that he exchanged with Oyola, who lives in Middletown, Connecticut, in the minutes leading up to the alleged murder were published by Fox CT on Thursday.
At one point in the exchange, Oyola told Moreno: ‘Good night I’ll talk to you tomorrow or Tuesday.’

Her ex-boyfriend bluntly replied: ‘No you won’t.’
At another point, Moreno told Oyola he had tried to speak to her, but she hadn’t listened. ‘Just remember you wanted to play games and lie and be childish when I tried to reach out,’ he wrote.
In response, his ex-girlfriend told him she had tried to ‘make this co-parent thing work.’
It comes as it has emerged that Middletown Police Department officers applied for an arrest warrant for Moreno on June 25 over an alleged violation of a restraining order – but had it sent back.
They were told to make revisions, Lt. Heather Desmond told CBS.
The warrant was finally signed this week – but Aaden was already dead.
Oyola, who lived with Moreno and his family until June 17, reportedly told police officers that she and her ex-boyfriend had not been getting along in the months leading up to Sunday’s incident.

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Some People Are Weirder Than Animals And These Pictures Are Proof!

What is this strange animal ?

A leopard at ATM

Walking my computer

sells kids…?

That poor wheel chair

I’d like to see her face when one of her nails break

Because I am bored !


Strange animal spotted in the train.

Spongebob fanatic takes it too far.

Epic backpack !

Another weird creature !

Cheetos fanatic takes it too far.

Helmet is too mainstream

Umm, I’m speechless.

Blue whales are blue !

Got out of the jail

Another one

Is she going for a pageant show by any chance?

Because this is my style

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Couple admitted into ER after mistaking super glue with lube

New York — A Syracuse couple lived probably one of the most embarrassing moment ever reported in a hospital this year yesterday, after checking into ER, stuck to one another in an explicit sexual position. Martha Weizman, 36, and Matthew Caleda, 41, had to call emergency services after accidentally mistaking industrial super glue for lubricant.

The couple attracted the attention of dozens of patients present at the time of the scene as soon as they arrived at St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center. Even though paramedics tried covering the couple with blankets, the duo was visibly naked and stuck to one another in the genital area.

“This is disgusting,” tells us Mme Albert, an 83-year-old patient who witnessed the scene. “They’re nothing but a bunch of perverted exhibitionists. Everyone was taking pictures of them.”
A very delicate and complicated surgery that lasted a little over 3 hours was needed to separate the couple, who luckily will be walking out of their misfortune more shaken than hurt, suffering only from minor injuries.

According to one of the paramedics called to scene, Caleda allegedly told them he was passionate of architectural scaled models, and that in the rush of things, he accidentally took a tube of super glue instead of his lubricant tube, both having similar shapes. The couple would have noticed the mistake barely 30 seconds later, but it was already too late.

Martha Weizman, 36, and Matthew Caleda, 41, refused to speak to journalists once discharged from the hospital, apparently uncomfortable of the incident that left them exposed naked and stuck to one another at the genital area in front of dozens of other patients.

On a positive note, it’s only the second incident of this nature to occur so far this year in the great region of New York, a net improvement compared to the 27 couples to whom it happened to since 2013.

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Belgian Man Married For 19 Years Is Horrified To Discover That His Wife Was A Man

In spite of the fact that there are numerous normal reasons that require a separation, one shocking reason that brought about the separation of a married couple was when following 19 years of marriage, the spouse found that his wife was as man, and had experienced a s3xchange operation.  [Video In last Page]


You will be find it a fascinating to read however think what that poor spouse may have experienced when he arrived at know the genuine s3xof his wife, that as well in the wake of being hitched to her for 19 long years. This story is around a 64-year-old Belgian man named Jan, who wedded this female (read male turned female) named Monica in 1993. It wasn’t simple for him to bring her to Belgium, since courts questioned her credibility, along with her birth and identity papers. Eventually, they did permit her to travel to Belgium with Jan.

Jan was a divorcee and met Monica in his hometown Antwerp when she came as an au-pair to his sister’s kids. He discovered her ‘exceptionally lovely and feminine’ and couldn’t avoid getting attracted to her. He met Monica when his first marriage was over. That was a powerless time for him and they fell for one another in a split second.

Monica was 27 years that time when Jan proposed to her and asked her whether she needed kids, to which she said a no. Jan, who was 44 then, was very glad at this reaction since he had two children from his first marriage and didn’t need any more children.

Jan saying that he didn’t discover anything weird or wrong about Monica on those 19 years of their marriage. even when in private moments, he didn’t discover anything abnormal about her. She even used to trick him by putting on a show to to menstruate using sanitary towels. Monica, however utilized lubricants each time while the intercourse, and Jan found later why was the need for it; use of lubricants is very basic as a part of transsexuals.

Jan said that she was similar to a sister to his children and was a professional at cooking and other family errands with the exception of ironing and cleaning. She gave them no way to doubt her ever. For the last couple of years before he found reality about her wife, they were having a few arguments and things were not at this very moment they used to be.

Jan said that Monica had begun staying out late and wearing really skimpy clothes showing a lot of flesh recently. She even used to stare at pictures of young men on web however there was no way to doubt her on her sexual orientation. Suspicion began fermenting in Jan’s mind when Monica’s cousin went to their home one day and let something sneak past unknowingly.

A friend said me that he had heard that Monica was really a sex-changed man. I couldn’t trust it. My kids heard same,” he said.

Jan confronted her one day and asked about reality. Monica confessed that she was conceived a male however had experienced a s3xchange operation. Jan was shocked he felt that his whole world had grind to a halt. He said, “My reality crumpled in almost no time. I was horrified. I have a feeling that I have been disregarded for last 20 years.”




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Can You Guess Which One is Photoshopped?

How do we know what we see online is real or fantasy?

‘B*tches Love Photoshop’

Why diet, when in an hour you can quickly transform your body like this? Social media never needs to know, right?

Cosplay Today

Similar to watching a horror film, the act of cosplay may first start online but tragically plays out in real life via conventions, ALL thanks to Photoshop.

50 Pounds Of Fat. . . Gone!

Let’s just forget our REAL bodies and settle for virtual ones. . . Shall we?

Plastic Surgery. . . Nope, It’s Photoshop!

Remove a slight double chin and go from homely to VABOOM . . After seeing this amazing difference, she might be tempted to go under the knife?

Dating Profiles?

Wow. . . Instant slim hips! We suppose this is WHY Photoshop is the “go to” tool for dating profiles.

Virtual Makeup: Before & After

Need a quick beauty treatment for your social media page? No problem, Photoshop will save you money!

A Slight Tweak

When you do an improvement tweak with Photoshop, it’ll bid you time to workout before your cosplay convention. . . Nobody needs to know. . . Right?

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Buying from online retailers

Learning how to approach retail stores to sell your product isn’t easy. If your retail business is a start-up or if your product is new, you need to learn how to get your product into small stores. TradeBeyond will help you explore how to sell your products to stores and provide tips on how to get stores to sell your products.

Online stores like Shoppok make sure to get quality products to sell to their customers. But aside from having good products, one of their main goals is to  keep customers, so they may offer deep discounts, rewards, and cash back if you sign up for their newsletters. Most of these services come with their own limitations, so you’ll need to read the fine print.

To help your small business growing faster, you can click here to find out the latest tips and recommendations to to do it correctly.

Call the store directly. Most stores have an in-store location. The information is typically available in the phone book. If it’s on your radar, call them up and ask about their “buy it now” deals and coupons.

Use a coupon. Look for the items you want on the web site or the store flyer (it is usually in the classifieds section). They are typically very good. Use the store’s search engine to find coupons from other stores, which are usually the best deals. We recommend visiting websites like Raise which have tons of coupon codes from retailers.

 Use Amazon Prime. Don’t worry about shipping charges. Prime members get $10 for two months of Prime membership, which is the equivalent of free shipping on most of the products. If you don’t have Prime, a $15 fee will be added to most items to cover your shipping costs. 7. Use Target. Target’s inventory is generally the best deal in stores, even if the store itself isn’t the best deal. 8. Use Walmart. There are times where Walmart’s inventory is better than Target’s (maybe a lot better), but the biggest cost savings comes from Walmart’s free shipping. Walmart sells thousands of items at a huge discount and has deals on everything. 9. Use Amazon Prime. Unlike Walmart, Amazon has been making great inventory decisions lately, and some of their deals are better than others. For example, they sometimes have lower prices on books. It’s one of the best ways to save money on books. 10. Use your local brick and mortar. These are all places you can turn to. You may need to run to the store to get some items you can’t find anywhere else, but for sure, you can find the same deals and lower prices there.

Your shopping habits determine which chain is your go-to. Make sure that your checking account is ready when you go on a shopping spree. You can check it out here to know more.


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