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Belgian Man Married For 19 Years Is Horrified To Discover That His Wife Was A Man

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In spite of the fact that there are numerous normal reasons that require a separation, one shocking reason that brought about the separation of a married couple was when following 19 years of marriage, the spouse found that his wife was as man, and had experienced a s3xchange operation.  [Video In last Page]


You will be find it a fascinating to read however think what that poor spouse may have experienced when he arrived at know the genuine s3xof his wife, that as well in the wake of being hitched to her for 19 long years. This story is around a 64-year-old Belgian man named Jan, who wedded this female (read male turned female) named Monica in 1993. It wasn’t simple for him to bring her to Belgium, since courts questioned her credibility, along with her birth and identity papers. Eventually, they did permit her to travel to Belgium with Jan.

Jan was a divorcee and met Monica in his hometown Antwerp when she came as an au-pair to his sister’s kids. He discovered her ‘exceptionally lovely and feminine’ and couldn’t avoid getting attracted to her. He met Monica when his first marriage was over. That was a powerless time for him and they fell for one another in a split second.

Monica was 27 years that time when Jan proposed to her and asked her whether she needed kids, to which she said a no. Jan, who was 44 then, was very glad at this reaction since he had two children from his first marriage and didn’t need any more children.

Jan saying that he didn’t discover anything weird or wrong about Monica on those 19 years of their marriage. even when in private moments, he didn’t discover anything abnormal about her. She even used to trick him by putting on a show to to menstruate using sanitary towels. Monica, however utilized lubricants each time while the intercourse, and Jan found later why was the need for it; use of lubricants is very basic as a part of transsexuals.

Jan said that she was similar to a sister to his children and was a professional at cooking and other family errands with the exception of ironing and cleaning. She gave them no way to doubt her ever. For the last couple of years before he found reality about her wife, they were having a few arguments and things were not at this very moment they used to be.

Jan said that Monica had begun staying out late and wearing really skimpy clothes showing a lot of flesh recently. She even used to stare at pictures of young men on web however there was no way to doubt her on her sexual orientation. Suspicion began fermenting in Jan’s mind when Monica’s cousin went to their home one day and let something sneak past unknowingly.

A friend said me that he had heard that Monica was really a sex-changed man. I couldn’t trust it. My kids heard same,” he said.

Jan confronted her one day and asked about reality. Monica confessed that she was conceived a male however had experienced a s3xchange operation. Jan was shocked he felt that his whole world had grind to a halt. He said, “My reality crumpled in almost no time. I was horrified. I have a feeling that I have been disregarded for last 20 years.”




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