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Buying from online retailers

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Learning how to approach retail stores to sell your product isn’t easy. If your retail business is a start-up or if your product is new, you need to learn how to get your product into small stores. TradeBeyond will help you explore how to sell your products to stores and provide tips on how to get stores to sell your products.

Online stores make sure to get quality products to sell to their customers. But aside from having good products, one of their main goals is to  keep customers, so they may offer deep discounts, rewards, and cash back if you sign up for their newsletters. Most of these services come with their own limitations, so you’ll need to read the fine print.

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Call the store directly. Most stores have an in-store location. The information is typically available in the phone book. If it’s on your radar, call them up and ask about their “buy it now” deals and coupons.

Use a coupon. Look for the items you want on the web site or the store flyer (it is usually in the classifieds section). They are typically very good. Use the store’s search engine to find coupons from other stores, which are usually the best deals. We recommend visiting websites like Raise which have tons of coupon codes from retailers.

 Use Amazon Prime. Don’t worry about shipping charges. Prime members get $10 for two months of Prime membership, which is the equivalent of free shipping on most of the products. If you don’t have Prime, a $15 fee will be added to most items to cover your shipping costs. 7. Use Target. Target’s inventory is generally the best deal in stores, even if the store itself isn’t the best deal. 8. Use Walmart. There are times where Walmart’s inventory is better than Target’s (maybe a lot better), but the biggest cost savings comes from Walmart’s free shipping. Walmart sells thousands of items at a huge discount and has deals on everything. 9. Use Amazon Prime. Unlike Walmart, Amazon has been making great inventory decisions lately, and some of their deals are better than others. For example, they sometimes have lower prices on books. It’s one of the best ways to save money on books. 10. Use your local brick and mortar. These are all places you can turn to. You may need to run to the store to get some items you can’t find anywhere else, but for sure, you can find the same deals and lower prices there.

Your shopping habits determine which chain is your go-to. Make sure that your checking account is ready when you go on a shopping spree. You can check it out here to know more.


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