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This is how the message hidden in her tattoo inspired thousands of people

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Everyone has their own unique reason for getting a tattoo. Most people get them since they think those make them look cool, while others want to make a few special moments even more memorable. Others simply want to convey a message. Since there are so many reasons behind getting a tattoo, they can prove to be a great conversation starter.

Check out the following story of Rebekah Miles’s who made a tattoo to share an extremely important message.


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She is only 21 years old but her tattoo has earned her a respectable status throughout the society due to her tattoo which indicates her struggles clearly.

Rebekah studies at George Fox University in Oregon. She is a depressed person and she recently got a new tattoo after she saw a few ads from a suicide prevention group which operates in South Asia.


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If you look at the tattoo directly, it reads “I’m fine”. But when you look from her position, you will be surprised to see that the tattoo now reads “Save me”.

Rebekah had no idea how her parents might react to her getting a tattoo. That’s why she posted on Facebook a message for her parents which ask them to not get angry at her since she is trying to spread an important message.


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This tattoo clearly shows how twisted the world of depression can be. On one hand, a person might think that everything is going his or her way, and suddenly on other days, he or she will be in tears. Since depression is such a shameful topic in the country, people barely talk about it, affecting them even more. According to Rebekah, everyone will have to face such times at some point in their lives, and they should be able to freely talk about it with others if such a day comes.


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Her mission has been successful, since her Facebook post has gone viral. It has been shared a massive 350,000 times and on top of that, it has caught the attention of celebrities like Zooey Deschanel.


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In fact, actor Ashton Kutcher also shared her picture with an important message. BBC Radio and some other news channels have decided to interview her. She hopes that this mission will help thousands of people throughout the world who are currently suffering from depression.

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