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According To This Study, If You Talk To Yourself, You’re Not Crazy. You’re A Genius!

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I will be honest – I often talk to myself and that too in public. People often look at me and probably think I am crazy. But I am not the only person who does this – lots of people all around constantly talk to themselves. Just carefully observe the people around you next time you visit a bar or a restaurant or any other crowded place. In fact, Albert Einstein also used to talk to himself and he was obviously a genius. And now studies have verified that talking to yourself isn’t an indication of craziness, in fact it just shows that you might be a genius!

Daniel Swigley and Gary Lupya, two psychologists have recently released a study in The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology where they report that talking to yourself is not crazy, in fact it can be quite beneficial. Take a lookat some of the major benefits below.

1. More efficient brain

Talking to yourself means you are cementing your own thoughts into your memory. This helps increase concentration, and also helps one stay focused and sharp all the time.


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2. Find Your Requirements faster

A simple experiment was conducted to find out whether talking to yourself could help you find things faster. Two groups of people were chosen and were asked to find a things in a market. The first group wasn’t allowed to speak while searching, while the other group had to speak the item name loudly while they were searching. The second group completely dominated the first group and was able to find all the items much faster.


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3. Better organization

We are constantly thinking and are having different ideas every now and then. But are we able to remember all of them? Talking to yourself will help you organize these thoughts and understand which ones have the highest priority.


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4. Reach your goals faster

If you talk to yourself often, you can prioritize your goals and you will receive a morale boosts which will help you reach your goals much faster.


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This study is a clear indication that talking to yourself comes with several benefits. So next time someone looks at with crazy eyes when you are talking to yourself, completely ignore them!

Now we have solid proof to something we have known forever. So ditch those people who call you crazy, because us crazies be the geniuses!

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