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This Is What It Looks Like When A Body Builder’s Six Pack Gets Stretched By Pregnancy.

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Stacie Venagro is currently 30 weeks pregnant. She is a well renowned bodybuilder and has been World Miss Fitness America Pro for 3 years and 2014 Miss Fitness Universe. So even in this condition, her body is still more than fit than the average lady. She believes that getting pregnant and staying fit are two separate things and then shouldn’t come in each other’s ways.

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She was fortunate enough to have a good doctor who told her that she only needs to consume 200 calories more than her usual every day, and the “eating for two” fact is not true. She decided to have clean and natural foods only. She usually has a bigger breakfast or else a lunch with a comparatively smaller dinner. Her usually menu consists of Isagenix shake, with blueberries, chia and flax seeds, frozen berries, ice, water, coconut oil and powdered peanut butter. This makes it more than 400 calories.


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It is pretty obvious that 3-time Miss Fitness America Pro will have more knowledge about fitness and nutrition than most other doctors.


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Stacie doesn’t shame ladies who get fat during pregnancy. According to her, this is completely natural. What matters the most is regularly visiting the doctor for check-ups and ensuring the baby is fine. One should stay always positive during this period, and never let anyone negatively impact them. One should always stay stress free. The weight that a person gains will depend on her own body structure – someone might gain 15 lbs while another lady might gain 100 lbs.

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This picture shows clearly how her stomach is swelling up each week and her abdominal muscles can be seen crawling.

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When asked if anyone was concerned about her ripped stomach swelling up, she replied that her family has been a bit under stress, especially her husband. He still thinks that Stacie should eat more.


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Currently she is at 30 weeks, and her six pack is almost gone.

She is currently the fittest mom-to-be in her neighbourhood!

Stacie Venagro still looks like she can beat anyone up. This should be a source of inspiration for all pregnant ladies out there.



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