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Know How Much Exercise You Need To Lose Calories Gained From These 10 Junk Foods

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Everyone knows how much calories and fats they are gaining from eating potato chips, but does that mean we stop eating them?

Calorie labels on weight originated in 1990 when the FDA made it compulsory for food companies to include a nutrition facts label on their packaged food items. Trans-fats is known to clog arteries if taken in excess. So when a 2006 law mandated its display in the nutrition facts label, the American Medical Association protested that it should be banned. It worked too; very few food items nowadays contain trans-fats. . A study released at the Obesity Journal Symposium in Boston shows that average weight of student decreased by 7.7 lbs after nutrition facts labels were displayed in packaged items available in the university cafeterias.

However, according to obesity and diabetes rates, the nutrition labels didn’t have any significant effect on the general public. Also, the 2008 calorie labeling law in New York City which makes it compulsory for restaurants to show nutrition labels beside food item names in the menu, hasn’t been substantiated.

Several studies have been done on this topic. According to one such study, it is better to include amount of exercise required to shed the calories than the actual amount of calories. The problems is this number will depend upon the particular person consuming the food, since everyone’s body mass is different, which is an important factor to decide how many calories are being burnt.

We have calculated how much exercise you will need for each of the 10 junk foods in the list below. Our frame of reference is an average American woman, whose weight is 166 lbs. Check the list below and know for yourself how much calories you are eating regularly from these items.

1. Coca-Cola (20 fl. oz.)

If you are trying to drink a Coca-Cola can right now, you need to think again. A bottle of Coke contains 240 calories, and shedding so many calories will require 55 minutes jogging.


2. McDonald’s McRib

One of the most popular food items in McDonald’s, McDonald’s McRib is made from 100% meat. However, it also consists of over 500 calories, which will required 2 hours running to burn. So think again before having another McRib.


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3. Lay’s Potato Chips (15 Pieces)

15 pieces of chips contain about 160 calories. To burn that, you have to jump rope continuously for 12 minutes at a medium pace.


4. Krispy Kreme Glazed Doughnut

These doughnuts contain 190 calories each. You will have to mow the lawn for almost half an hour if you want to get rid of these calories.


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5. Pepperoni Pizza (Slice)

Pizza is everyone’s favorite. But did you know that you will gain 324 calories from eating just one slice of pizza? To shed that off, you need to ride your folding city bike at a medium pace for half an hour.

6. Hershey’s Chocolate Bar

This bar contains 210 calories, and if you want to undo the effect of eating this bar, you will have to run for 52 minutes.

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7. Gatorade (20 fl. oz.)

Although the Gatorade ads show that they are only used for reviving energy, its not correct. Each bottle consists of 158 calories which is equal to the amount of calories lost from 20 minutes of playing basketball. A better alternative is to drink plain water and to eat bananas for electrolytes.


8. Cheerios and Milk

You are consuming 150 calories when you have a bowl of Cheerios and skim milk. To counter its effect, you have to jog for 35 minutes.


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9. Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte

Although it doesn’t sound like much, these actually contain more calories than a bottle of Coke. A 40 minute swim is necessary to shed so much calories.


10. Sprinkles Red Velvet Cupcake

These cupcakes contain 248 calories each which will take an hour of running to burn off.

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