Sunday, April 14, 2024

Hilarious Detention Notes That Will Make You Laugh !

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We all may got into a trouble at least ones when we were in school or may be some of us got detained for it. Here is a list of some hilarious detention notes that make us laugh harder and wonder are these situations really needed detention.

1. Apparently don’t call your teacher with any other name  than teacher !

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2. Occupy Cafeteria !

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3. Don’t drink from school !

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4. You have many other things to show your drawing skills !

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5. Apparently don’t finish your group work early !

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6. You can’t read a book in the class !

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7. Farting is not allowed in school !

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8. Of course you have to do it from home !

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9. Man, you are not a superman anymore !

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10. Throwing a sandwich is not allowed !

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