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Typical Female Problems That Men Can Never Understand.

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Every woman in this world has certain secrets. And they don’t reveal these secrets even to their partners or husbands. Some of these secrets are scary, some might sound funny and some of them are simply awkward.

A woman might truly love someone from her heart, but she won’t tell him these secrets, regardless of whether he is involved in them or not. Take a look at some of these secrets, and you will probably find that some of them correctly suit your woman.


You end up with raccoon face because you’re a perfectionist!

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Think you’re sleeping beauty with gorgeous locks…NOT!

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Because there’s no need to groom if a man isn’t looking at your body! IT’S POINTLESS!

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“But, why does the Youtube girls not look like she climbed out of a tree?”

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Why those mirrors are much more forgiving than a camera?!?

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Half of your close still have tags on them…but it’s not meant for TONIGHT!

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There is no part of you that wants to stick with celery and juice…

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