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Understanding Cat Language : If Your Cat Acting Like this, They are Trying To Tell You SomeThing Very Important !

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Like dogs, even cats are adorable. Though they are not that expressive about their feelings to their masters as compared to dogs, but still they love their owners immensely.
Actually the truth is that cats have very different, strange but cute ways of showing their affection, which is also sometimes considered offensive. But, as a cat owner, you should understand their language. So some of this is:

1. Sometimes a cat’s unending stare can be scary. But it needn’t be, as their eyes have adapted to blink less with evolution. More than that, a soft and steady gaze means that they feel comfortable and safe with you. A good sign.




2. Though we never like it when cats bring dead animals in the house, but it indicates that they consider you a part of the family. They are probably trying to teach you how to catch prey.


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3. Cat rubbing their heads against you means that they are trying to make you one of them and are close to you, with their concentrated scent glands in their head and cheeks. Be happy, you’re family to her.




4. There are many theories to the reasons why cats knead their paws. But, many of the researchers believe that it is just a quirky way of showing affection. They actually do not know that it hurts.


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5. Like most other creatures, cats never want to be vulnerable. But still if they roll over and show you their belly, it means that they have unwavering trust in you.




6. A cat’s tale is an indicator of its mood. The higher it is, the happier she will be. Cats also twist their tails around you to show their affection for you.


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7. It may be annoying to you that your cat follows you everywhere, but this shows that she likes you and wants your company.




8. Cats run between the legs of their owners to mark them with their scent.


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9. If you find your cat purring, it shows that she is happy with what you are doing and you should continue to do that.




10. Cats are commonly found nipping and nibbling, but it’s not at all aggressive. They do the same with their growing kittens to train them, and this just shows that they have the same amount of love and affection for you.


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