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The Difference Between Men And Women When It Comes To Love Making

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#1 Initiating $ e x

Men often have the tendency to initiate $ e x more often than women do. It is the one thing in this world that has remained actually really old fashioned. Inbred in us, men have been taught to ask any woman out for a date, ask for her hand in marriage as well, and even to initiate $ e x u a l intercourse.


#2 Risks

Men generally have the tendency to take more risks for love making, such as thresomes, possible one night stands, not put on a condom, even date a married woman, date another colleague or employee, or even a patient.
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#3 Masturbation

Men have the tendency m a $ t u r b a t e a lot more than women do, mostly due to the fact that women don not have $ e x on their brain 24×7.

#4 Going Without

Women even have the power to go without $ e x for a longer period of time than men. There was an episode on Seinfeld where Elaine, Jerry, George, and Kramer together made a bet which of them could last the longest without $ e x, and Elaine had to double the odds. Men have an innate NEED for having $ e x, while women really do not.
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#5 Cheating

Men are more likely to cheat on women than just the vice versa. This is because men can have $ e x without even falling in love, while women actually need a connection for going to the bed with a man.


#6 Refusal Of $ e x

Women have the tendency to refuse $ e x more often than men. A man can as well be sick, injured, or even tired, but most likely will accept to have $ e x if it is offered to him.
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#7 Costs

A man will obviously spend more for $ e x than a woman will possibly do. Men traditionally will wine and dine a woman with huge and expensive meals and trips to get down her pants later. Their desire to actually possess expensive cars, boats, and houses all stem from impressing women. A woman, on the other hand, might as well drop $100 on an expensive vibrator, and that worries her for more than a month.
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