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If You Touch The Roof Of Your Mouth With Your Tongue And Breathe, THIS Happens To Your Body!

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Most of us must be having the issue that whenever we go to bed, we take a huge lot of time to sleep. This cuts down on the total time that is needed to sleep in a day. Let us get to see some of the tricks that can help us a lot to go to sleep very easily.


Nights without proper amount of sleep: Well, it is important for each and every human being to take proper rest as well as have a good amount of sleep. Science says that minimum 6-8 hours of sleep are a must for each and every human being. However, a huge lot of people tend to toss as well as turn in their beds before actually going to sleep. [adinserter block=”16″]


4-7-8: This one is a simple trick that anyone can do with their tongue and mouth so as to ensure that you get sleep fast. This process makes sure perfectly that you get fast asleep at night.[adinserter block=”16″]


  1. Follow this technique carefully:
  2. a) Properly and carefully direct the tip of your tongue, and touch the roof of the interior of your mouth. And also make sure that your tongue does not move from this position all throughout the exercise.
  3. b) Now try to exhale out in this position and you must completely breathe out the air thoroughly.
  4. c) Properly close your mouth and start inhaling with the count of four.
  5. d) Now for 7 seconds hold your breath.
  6. e) Now finally exhale completely through your mouth at the perfect count of eight.

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1. The ultimate key to success: The process of exhaling should take double the time as that of inhaling.
This entire process will let you achieve a sound sleep at night immediately after going to bed.
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