Saturday, June 15, 2024

‘WhatsApp Gold’ scammers trick users to download malware

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Several users have reported on Twitter that a suspicious has been spreading on WhatsApp which prompts its readers to visit a particular link to download a new version of WhatsApp – WhatsApp Gold, which in reality is nothing but malware.


According to the message, celebrities have been exclusively using “WhatsApp Gold”, which provided several additional features such as video calling, sending unlimited number of messages at once, and also various themes etc. This feature has now been unlocked for everyone else, and only people visiting the following link will be invited to use these features.
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The messages had the link to a website called Golden version, but that link is now showing 404 error message, meaning that the website is probably down. We have no idea how many people were fooled by this scam. The fact that this app can’t be found in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store makes it even more suspicious.
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WhatsApp to roll out ‘Call Back’
Another popular scam was the “WhatsApp Plus” scam. The company has already reported that they will block accounts of those users who are using these unofficial apps, such as the WhatsApp Plus which is not authorised nor developed by WhatsApp. They have even made this clear in their FAQ page of the website.
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Moreover, according to WhatsApp, if they had to reach its users to provide some kind of information, they would use other mediums of contact such as phones or emails. They will never ever share apps or links of 3rd party apps in their own app.
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According to the latest reports, WhatsApp is now the no 1 instant messaging application all over the world. They have users from over 109 countries, which translates to around 55.6% of the world. Around, a billion people use this app every month, and among them, they have 70 million users from India.
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