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He Lied To His 9-year-old Niece So She’d Go Home With Him. What Everyone Found Out Later Was Shocking

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Kidnapping is one of the most unfortunate events that can ever happen to a parent, and of course, nobody wants to suffer from that pain. However, sometimes, unlucky parents do have to face such situations.


The situation worsens when you realise how crazy these kidnappers are –they have no fear of death and won’t hesitate to do the worst deed. That is why, when Gary Simpson, a 57 year old man, signed his 9 year old niece out of school one day, the entire family was quite worried.
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2. Simpson recently had lost custody of her, and surveillance cameras showed that before the duo vanished, Gary bought lots of daily stuff from Walmart and Save-A-Lot.

He also bought a 12 pack of Loom panties, a pink blanket and a striped two piece swimsuit. Some other things that he purchased include a pink chair, a nightgown, pants for girls, lip gloss along with nail polish.



Stuart Franklin, Donnie Lawson, Larry Hamblen and Roger Carpenter, a Baptist minister, were looking at a rural property in Hawkins County, and that is when they saw the niece, Carlie Trent, with Gary, as reported by the Daily News.

Franklin immediately recognised Gary that he was the kidnapper and held him at gunpoint while Lawson called the police. The condition of the roads was extremely poor and cell phone service too was limited, as reported by Mark Gwyn, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Director.

Although the police initially informed the reporters that there were two searches, Franklin told them that they found the girl after 4 searches. Gwyn said that there were just fortunate to have gone to look at the property and find the girl there.

The place where they were found is around 20 miles away from Rogersville, where Carlie went to school previous Wednesday, when got her out saying that her father had met with a terrible car accident which was a complete lie.
[adinserter block=”16″]4. Carlie’s family was extremely worried when they noticed that she was not in the bus that afternoon, and after a few hours they contacted the police. Search operations began that evening, and the entire neighbourhood was alerted the next day.

Linda Simpson, 54 year old, Gary’s wife, commented that she was extremely scared and believed that Carlie was in danger. She believed that Gary definitely had a bad intention since he intentionally kidnapped her.

Once the girl was classified to be in grave danger, the family’s worries increased and on Thursday, Gary’s name made it to the Top 10 Wanted List in that state.
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5.Simpson is currently held in jail for kidnapping, and the police has ensured that if warranted, other changes can also be added.

Gale Trent, one of Carlie’s uncles said that he could never believe that such a thing. Gary was always a bit different from others but he never thought that he could harm the kid in any way. He still can’t believe what they went through this week. Gale Trent further said that the entire family is thrilled to have her back. Although Carlie is at the hospital now, she will be released soon.

According to the authorities, the main reason behind Simpson moving from one place to another is because people around that area were checking properties and haven’t found the girl there.

The bureau received over 2,000 reported sightings from people in various location living in different states, whereas just after a few hours they found him just 20 miles away from his home.

Franklin reported that they had searched over 40 properties that day after driving for 90 miles and was about to return back when they found him and the girl in the Gravelly Valley. He added that he can’t speak any more about how they found him, but he was happy that his prayers were listened to. He said that in such situations, everyone has to assist the police in the search and this is how they were able to save the girl.
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