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You’ve Been Charging Your Phone Wrong All The Time

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How often do you charge your phone? Does your battery deplete at the end of the day or does it not even last an entire day? Do you keep your phone plugged in the whole night?

You are probably wondering that smartphone batteries are usually very bad, so even if you are not satisfied with the results, that is probably fine. However, have you ever thought that maybe you are charging your battery the wrong way?


1. You have probably heard that charging your phone for short periods of time can damage the battery, but that’s nothing but a myth.


2. Another myth is you should only charge your phones when the battery is almost about to die.

This actually damages the battery even more, so you should never do this.

3. Here’s what Codex, a battery manufacturing company said about charging batteries.

The lithium ion batteries inside smartphones have a normal level of ‘stress’. If that level is crossed by some means (e.g. by overcharging), that reduces the lifespan of the battery.

4. You should unplug the smartphone after the battery is charged 100%.

Too much stress can be harmful even for humans, and the same applies to smartphones as well when you overcharge it. When you unplug the charger, the battery’s stress levels return to normal, which is necessary to ensure the maximum lifespan of the battery.

5. It is better to not full charge the battery to 100%.

Battery University claims that li-ion batteries shouldn’t be charged fully. This is because, full charge results in a higher voltage, increasing the battery’s stress, which ultimately shortens its life span.

6. It’s better to charge your phone for short bursts.

It is beneficial for your battery to charge it for short periods, rather than charging it when it is almost finished. Battery University claims that charging the battery after it loses 10% charge is best, however, it isn’t possible to notice that all the time, so you should just plug it in whenever possible.

7. Here’s how you can prevent your phone from heating during charging.

This tip is mainly for the iPhone. Apple has suggested that if your phone is heating up, then remove the case before plugging it in. Also, keep it away from sunlight while charging, or if you have to keep it in the open, then at least keep the phone covered. This should prevent it from heating up.

8. Watch the video below to know more.



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