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10 Formerly Hot Celebs Who Now Look Awful

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Almost everyone used to have a favourite celebrity during their teenage years. They used to be sex symbols and were often see as future stars in their fields. But unfortunately, growing age hasn’t been kind to them, especially their appearance. While many of them have faded away, others are still lurking in the industry but are no longer that much popular. Their appearances have changed too and now they no longer have the hot bodies they used to flaunt. Also, most of them haven’t kept a check on their weight which has made them significantly overweight. Ultimately, as a last attempt, they try to use Botox treatments and plastic surgeries to retain their wrinkle free screen, but worsens the situation even more, giving them an artificial cartoonish look.

The article discussed the top 10 celebrities who used to be formerly hot but are no longer good looking at present.

1. Kirstie Alley

Kirstie was a famous TV star during the 80s, but that completely changed afterwards. She used to be a chain smoker and her binge dieting has taken a toll on her body, as her weight has gone through several fluctuations, sometimes losing over 100 pounds within a few months only to gain it back after a few weeks.
She then took help ofJenny Craig weight loss systems to control her weight, and has been quite successful but her appearance no longer reverted back to its younger form. However, she is trying to make important changes to her diet and lifestyle, and her participation in the show “Dancing with the Stars”meant that she had controlled her weight quite well recently.

2. Bruce Jenner

He was quite popular for his athleticism in the past and after winning the gold media in the summer Olympics in 1976, his popularity reached its zenith. He was seen in almost every commercial on TV and also in the White House. People considered him to be a rather sexy athlete.
To retain his looks as he started to age, he resorted to plastic surgery which changed his appearance to a great extent. He also removed the Adam’s Apple, making his voice a more feminine one and finally he became Caitlyn. [adinserter block=”16″]

3. Kate Moss

Kate Moss used to be a popular model in the 90s but age had a drastic effect on her appearance. She was a chain smoker and frequently resorted to drugs and partying, all of which took a toll on her appearance.
Her smooth face is now filled with wrinkles, and although she still looks slim, she no longer has that sexy girly look that she used to flaunt in the past.

4. La Toya Jackson

The fact that plastic surgery can sometimes cause more problems that it can solve can be understood by seeing her. She was extremely attractive in the past, but numerous surgeries, nose jobs have completely ruined her beauty.
Nose jobs have completely modified her nose and the angle is completely wrong. Her face no longer has the charm it used to have earlier. All in all, La Toya is no longer anywhere as attractive as she used to be due to her surgeries.
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5. Carrie Fisher

Carrie played a lead role in the famous Star Wars original film series during the 1970s and 80s She had a huge fan following and was considered a sex icon at that time.
However, after the Star Wars, her popularity diminished rapidly; she resorted to drugs and partying, which made her overweight and mentally unstable. Her looks have modified significantly, and no longer is attractive any more.

6. John Travolta

In the past, John was a major heartthrob with his roles in Saturday Night Fever and Grease. He definitely has seen some ups and downs in his career, but the main rumours that he resorted to plastic surgeries has never left him. Also, the fact that his chiselled figure has been converted to a overweight plump figure definitely didn’t help his career.
His wrinkle free look is a result of Botox treatments. This coupled with full figure makes him look artificial. [adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”6th and multiple”]

7. Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan was extremely popular during the 90s, but she attempted to retain her girlish looks even as she grew older, which completely ruined her image.
She still has a slim figure and her face is wrinkle free, thanks to plastic surgeries, and that is her saving grace. Other than that, her lip filler makes her look absurd. She no longer is acting in any movies but has appeared on the red carpet a few times in the recent past.

8. Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke became a boxer after his short acting career. Although he has recently made a comeback to the entertainment industry, the blows he faced in the ring has modified his appearance significantly for the worst. To get back his former look, he went through several plastic surgeries in the 90s, but it turned out that those surgeries aggravated the situation even more.
His skin is now smooth and wrinkle free and lips look filled, which give him sort of an artificial look at present. [adinserter block=”16″]

9. Cary Elwes

Cary is mostly known for his role in the 80s film, The Princess Bride. But if you compare his current look with that of his former look, you will be in for a major surprise.
He has become overweight with dull hair. Surgeries have kept his skin wrinkle free, but his plump figure makes him look like a cartoonish character of his former self.

10. Britney Spears

The change in appearance of Britney Spears is frequently mentioned in the media and social sites. Its quite difficult to imagine that this character who used to be a Disney teen star in the past has turned into a struggling adult performer.
She became a drug addict and also failed to maintain her weight, which made her overweight, and she lost her fan base. It is said that to stay away from drug testing, she even shaved her head.
However, recently she has seen some success with her now pop hits. But her problems with maintaining weight and longer than usual make up times have still remained.
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