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6 Reasons And Benefits Of Love Making During Periods You Must Know

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You are probably thinking that the writer is crazy – how can someone even think of intercourse during periods? I am pretty sure that any woman reading this article will have this thought initially. Some people think that s3x during periods can be harmful to the body, while others just find it weird and gross.

There is definitely a need to change the world view about menstruation and s3x during periods. Yes, s3x during periods isn’t harmful and I am sure that your notion and view will change too once you read the top 6 benefits you can achieve by having s3x during periods.

1. Endure painful cramps

Cramps are a common phenomenon during periods, but you can reduce the pain by having s3x. During intercourse, two hormones are released into the body – oxytocin and dopamine, which can help a lot in reducing these cramps. Source

2. No lubricant necessary

When she is on periods, much lube is not necessary, and hence you don’t have to place too much effort during s3x.
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3. Reduces period length

If you have s3x during periods, it will help in getting the blood out quicker which will significantly reduce the length of periods.

4. Gets you out of your comfort zone

If you have s3x during your periods that means that you are overcoming the barrier and getting out of your comfort zone, which will help you deal with all the stress during periods.
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5. Brings greater intimacy

If you and your partner are comfortable having s3x even during periods, that means that there is an increased level of intimacy between you two and your relationship has reached the next level.

6. Brings higher craving for s3x

When you are on periods, your pelvic area and genitals get swollen, leading to higher craving for s3x.
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