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Valentine’s Day Dress Code Meaning

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Valentine’s Day is a special day for lovers and couples all over the world irrespective of their age groups. It is celebrated as a day of love. If you are single, then you are probably going to go out on a date with someone special, or you are planning to still find your special person. For this reason, you need to be aware of certain color codes which should help you determine a person’s status before you decided to propose. Check out the following color codes and keep them in mind, since Valentine’s Day is just round the corner.

1. Blue

This symbol indicates “I am free”. If you find someone wearing this color, that means that he or she is also single and is interested in a relationship. So if you were planning on proposing to this person, you shouldn’t waster any more precious time and do it right now.

2. Green

This color represents “I am waiting”. That means that the person is expecting someone to propose. So if your special one is wearing this color, maybe it’s your lucky day!

3. Orange

If a person is wearing a dress of this color, that means that he or she is going to propose to someone soon. Hence, this should be your ideal color if you intend to propose to someone on Valentine’s Day.

4. Pink

This means that he or she has accepted a proposal recently. So all couples who recently got into a relationship should choose this colour on Valentine’s Day.

5. Black

This one is an indication of sorrow, since this color means that the proposal has been rejected. So if you find someone wearing a black dress on Valentine’s Day, remember to be kind and polite to that person.

6. White

This color is a complete contrast to black, and its meaning too is completely opposite of what black represents. This color means that the person is already in a relationship, so he or she shouldn’t be disturbed.

7. Yellow

Breakups are one of the most terrible aspects of a relationship. If someone has gone through a break up recently, then he or she will probably wear the color yellow.

8. Gray

Gray indicates that the person isn’t interested to be in a relationship. So if your crush is wearing this color, maybe it isn’t the best choice to propose to him or her on that day.

9. Red

Red can be considered as a more serious representation of the fact that the person is not interested to be in a relationship. It might also indicate that the person wants to be left alone.

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