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The Dumb Things That Kids Believe

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Kids are not very smart always, on the contrary they are actually quite dumb. And that is completely understandable, after all they know very little about the world. That’s why they have been enrolled in schools, so that they can learn and become successful in future.

But there are some dumb and weird things that these kids often believe in. These might seem normal to other kids but if you are an adult, you will find them extremely hilarious. So check out these dumb things that most kids believe in, and I am sure you will find them entertaining.

#1 Go right back to elementary and retake that biology class, dammit.

#2 Better start saving now, little one.

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#3 Oh, it was. It was.

#4 Luckily, they never got arrested.

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#5 Don’t worry – she only got the groceries to have dinner with all your other teachers.

#6 Let’s go goat-karting.

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#7 How did all the other grownups stand up straight, though?

#8 He almost believed it himself.

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#9 Bad parents! Go to your room and… no, go to separate rooms and be ashamed.

#10 That would have been a very interesting dinner.

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#11 I saw Miss Jones getting groceries. Groceries!

#12 At least Mr. Smith would have felt appreciated.

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#13 OK, so that’s why they don’t like each other.

#14 Parenting can be so much fun.

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#15 What a sh*t job that must have been.

#16 You are fired.

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