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Woman Claims she’s a CAT trapped in a human body hisses at dogs, hates water and claims she can even see better at night

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Nano, a 20 year old woman from Oslo, Norway, believes that she was supposed to be born as a cat, since she can see clearly at night, has a keen sense of smell, can hunt mice in the dark and exhibits several other features shown by a typical cat. She also hates water just like cats do and even claims to be able to communicate with other cats by meowing

She has recently been interviewed which has been published on YouTube. The video has gone viral and has gathered over 122,000 views.


At the beginning of the video, Nano is seen wearing a pair of pointed ears along with a tail to make her look more like a cat. She made a series of meows initially.


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She found out about this when she was a teenager. At the age of 16, doctors realised that she suffered from a genetic defect. When asked whether she has superior hearing skills, she replied in the affirmative and said that she could hear at that moment keys were clinging in pockets and suitcases were rolling on the ground. She and the interviewer were at Oslo’s central station at that moment.


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Suddenly, she hissed and afterwards, she said that whenever she sees a dog, she makes a hiss instinctively.

She told the interviewer that she was like this from her birth and she was probably born in the wrong species. She also hates water just like cats


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When asked if there are any advantages, she replied that her eyesight and hearing are much better than the average human being. She even has night vision. She even sometimes crawls on the floor like a normal cat and purrs and meows and often sleeps in the windowsill or the sink


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Obviously, when you are a cat, having a human friend who can understand your struggle is very difficult, but fortunately, Nora found her best friend in Svien who was also present during the interview. Svien has some personalities going on in his head, one of which is a cat. According to Nano, Svien wasn’t born a cat, but somehow in his head, there is a personality of a cat.


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The two of them often communicate by meowing just like normal cats. Nano made three meows which translate to “’Come on let’s go”, and Svien verified that he understood her message.

Nano’s psychologist believes that she can definitely get rid of this cat personality, but she thinks that won’t be possible, since she was born as a cat and will probably remain one her entire life.


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Source : Dailymail

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