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Cops Sent A Diver To The Bottom Of A Lake, And What He Found Will Keep You Up At Night.

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We have all heard the stories of pirates and lost ships. The fact that all water bodies have some sort of mystery associated with them is not new. And that is why most people are afraid of water. You vision depth gets much reduced in water and you have no idea who’s going to come and attack you any point of time. Moreover, when you are a lone diver, if any mishap happens, you are on your own. Besides, who doesn’t know about the rumours of big monsters like lochness monster lurking in these oceans? However, sometimes things can get adventurous too, and needless to say, one diver probably experienced a shocking night when he dived into the water in the dark.

“Time left for only one dive”

At the starting of the video, it seems that the police officer is informing the diver that he can complete one more dive today.

The diver then jumps in and starts exploring. A bicycle caught his attention, although considering he jumped in a lake that was not an odd thing to happen.

After that he found a few cinder blocks. What was surprising was that there were chain around those blocks as if they were used to drown someone.

No body found

However, in that case there should have been a body lying around, but the diver couldn’t find it anywhere.

Something seemed out of place

The diver also found a baby’s stroller in the lake. How did it get there?

Warning: This video contains content some may find frightening.

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