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Scientists Discover One More Planet, It Can Be Another Earth, Whoa!

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Human beings have made several important advancements in technology in the last few decades. We have already launched rockets, sent men to moon and are planning on sending men to Mars soon. But still there is something missing. We haven’t yet found a planet similar to Earth which might support life. However, that is changing soon.

Scientists have been trying to search for a new planet which can support life for a long time now. Finally, we have found a planet which at least provides a glimpse of hope. Kepler 186-f is the name of this planet and it is located in the Cygnus constellation, about 500 light years away from Earth.


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Four more planets revolve around the star along with Kepler 186-f. We don’t have much data about the star, but if it similar to our sun, chances that there are life on this planet will increase several times.

What makes this discovery even more surprising is the fact that Earth is the only planet among the billions of planets in the Solar System to be able to sustain life.


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NASA released an official statement after this discovery. Elisa Quintana, a research scientist at the SETI Institute at NASA stated that till now, we only knew of one planet – Earth which had the proper conditions to sustain life. That is why we are still searching for planets far away from the solar system which consist of similar features and have a high possibility of sustaining life.

Such statements from NASA show that they are extremely serious about finding planets like Kepler-186f, though we still can’t live there without water and oxygen. Still we believe that we will be able to find more planets like Earth in the near future.


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