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Police Officer Holds A Starving Baby, But What She Does Next? It’s Going Viral…

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Edinora, a woman from Colombia, was busy gathering oranges from a forest. She heard someone crying from the nearby bushes. She went closer to inspect and was shocked to find a newborn girl. It was clear that the baby’s mother had abandoned her just after giving birth.

A female police officer named Luisa Fernanda Urrea was called there soon. She didn’t realise that she was a baby human, but when she saw her face, she realized that she was almost starving. Her umbilical cord hasn’t yet been removed, and she was going to face hypothermia if no action was taken.


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Urrea recently became a mother, and that’s when her motherly instincts kicked in. She knew that she would be able to breastfeed her since she has become a mother recently. She decided to breastfeed her to save her life. Many people believe that this one of the most heroic and selfless acts anyone has done, although the officer believes that she shouldn’t be given so much credit since anyone else would have done the same thing in her position.


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This video was posted on Facebook and soon became viral. The Colombian Family Welfare Institute is currently looking after the baby and searches are going on for a family looking to adapt the baby. At present, there are still no news about the whereabouts of the baby’s mother, who will be facing charges for abandoning her baby.

Después que encontraron la bebe abandonada en zona rural de tulua una integrante de la policia le da leche materna .

Posted by Radio Robledo on Monday, January 11, 2016

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