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Have You Ever Seen With A Red String Pinky Tattoo ? Here Is The Hidden Secret Behind It !

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A few decades ago tattoo art used to frown away and it was considered as somewhat we called Taboo, but nowadays it’s getting common. Majorly accepted by the mainstream and also embraced by almost all kinds of people throughout the society. Many people choose tattoos for many personal reasons and also hold often some types of meaningful significances. Portraits, names, dates and many other special things are permanently linked onto the skin in a celebration of memories or maybe in a symbolic remembrance.

We have explained you the secret behind semicolon tattoo and black dot on palm before. Now we will explain the secret behind Red String Pinky Tattoo.

Throughout the history of the Tattoos, the eastern inspired design has the most popular tattoo in the young generation. The newest design which is currently taking that the hold around the world can easily trace its roots back to the East Asia. The tiny red strings are the most popular and newest trend which can easily see in their fingers. The small and delicate looking red line is wrapped almost completely around the pinky and is completely tied off a clean bow. These red strings tattoos are completely about the love, destiny, and fate and for the Soul mates.

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The main story behind these tattoos is the well know story of “The Red Strong Of Fate” that is actually found in both the Chinese and Japanese cultures. The main sign of this tattoo indicates a love connection between the destined lovers, regardless of time, place and circumstances. This magical cord can stretch or tangle, but it can be never broken.


Many results also show that when a tiny red string is covered around a month, thumb then it surely and directly connects his feelings to the pinky finger of a woman with whom he is gladly meant to spend all his life.[adinserter block=”16″]

This legend has inspired many peoples to ink the small red strings on their fingers, even those people who are not in a relationship are also getting tattoos as a symbol of the friendship and also their love for their friends and family. They actually represent the designs in a different area rather than the hand, such as the wrists and ankles, and go with a person who has an exactly matching tattoo. Now, whenever you will see a spotted a red string tattoo then you will definitely know the secret behind it.

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