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If You Notice Someone With A Black Dot On The Palm, Call The Police!

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Domestic violence on women is a serious problem worldwide. Although authorities have tried to put an end to this massive problem, it is still present not only in rural areas, but also in cities. And that is why a campaign named “Black Dot Campaign” was started on Facebook.


The main aim of this campaign was to find a unique way to notify the police that a woman is in danger. And this is where the idea of the Black Dot emerged. Women who were being abused could draw a black dot on their palm, which would signify that they are in danger. So if you ever find some lady who has a black dot on their palm, do not hesitate to contact the police as soon as possible, since that is a clear indication that her life is in grave danger.


The people who started this campaign stated that their campaign has been highly successful, with over 6,000 members worldwide in just one day. The black dot conveys to others the message that the woman is under domestic violence, but is unable to report to the police herself, since the abuser is keeping track of her all the time. This campaign has already helped 6 women.


They have requested others to help them spread the campaign, by taking a picture of a black dot on their palms and then posting it to Facebook. This will show that they are fully supporting this campaign.


The following is a true story about a pregnant woman who was saved thanks to this campaign-

“I am pregnant and my baby’s father has been extremely abusive lately. I am extremely scared since I will be giving birth to my baby soon. I can’t tell anyone since he always stays with me. I had to visit a doctor for an examination, and he came with me. When the curtains were drawn and I was on the bed, I drew the words ‘Help me’ with a pen. The consultant understood my problem. Now thanks to that consultant and the black dot campaign, I am perfectly safe, and my baby is supposed to come in a week.”

source : kualalumpurpost

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