When He Found His Mom and His best Friend In Bed Together.

#1 I’m Sleeping With Your Mom

Youtube pranks seem to get crazier and better by the day…and this one between Roman Atwood and Vitaly could possibly be the best one so far! Roman asked Vitaly’s MOM to be involved with this one…

#2 I’m Home

A drunken Vitaly is back from the bar (with a hot girl)…expecting to come home to his mom sleep in bed..
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#3 Make Out Sesh

Vitaly and his girl can’t even make it to the room!

#4 You Ok Mom?

But Vitaly hears noises in his moms bedroom…and finds ROMAN laying there with her![adinserter block=”16″]

#5 Swinging For The Fences

He got angry and started to beat Roman

#6 Surprise!!

But thankfully, the film crew jumped in before he actually killed Roman. The look on Vitaly’s face is priceless!

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7. Watch The Video

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