The Last Text Messages Of Loved Ones Before Death Are Heart Breaking

Texting is the most common way of communication in this modern day world. It’s the easiest one too. We can talk to anyone without much difficulty since we are not talking face to face. But on the other side all conversation here are being recorded.
Here are few messages from people just before their death.

1. It was his last message before he committed suicide !

2. He died in the middle of the night because of a seizure

3. He left her after this conversation

4. He died due to an overdose a few days later

5. This is such a heartbreaking break up!

6. When she caught her boyfriend cheating on her with her own best friend.

7. When two people who love each other unconditionally have to separate.

8. Only a few hours after this, he died of an overdose.

9. A grandmother’s message to her grand daughter just a few hours before going into surgery.

She couldn’t survive the procedure.

10. Now that’s just harsh!

11. And he was cheating on her all this while.

12. She would constantly comment positive things on her grand daughter’s pictures.

Guess this was the last time.

13. A dad sending a message to his son and died the same day.

14. The last conversation with ‘The One’

Isn’t it bringing you to tears yet?

15. And that was the end of their friendship.