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Little Girl Mistakes A Man For Santa And He Plays Along Like A Hero

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This little girl received her best gift of the year for Christmas days before the 25th of December.

This event took place in a shop in America. The little girl mistook an old bearded man, who was also shopping, as the real Santa. The guy, whose name is Roger was wearing a red shirt, which probably added to the girl’s confusion.

Roger, however, didn’t tell her that she was wrong and instead, continued to act like the real Santa. He kneeled down and informed her that he knows what a good girl she had been throughout this year.

The little girl showed her hands to Roger, who remarked that she has pretty fingernails. He asked her whether she was looking to buy a Christmas tree she replied yes and showed him how big it is. He answered that it was a lovely tree.

The entire incident was captured by the kid’s family, and the video has spread like wildfire through social media sites. Watch it on next page

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Little girl found Santa by video republic

Little girl mistakes a shopper for Santa and he plays along!Disturb Reality

Posted by Disturb Reality on Friday, 18 December 2015

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