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Two Louisiana Teachers Accused Of Having Sex With A Teenager Charged After An Year

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Arrested almost a year ago, two Louisiana former English teachers have finally been charged after they had a threes0me with a 16 year old student. Shelley Dufresne, 33, was charged for having sex with a juvenile, while the other teacher Rachel Respess, 25, was charged for not reporting commission of a few particular felonies.

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Both were English teachers at Destrehan High School, and were arrested in September, last year after the incident occurred in Respess’ home.

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Dufresne, who has 3 children, admitted that she was guilty in St. Charles Parish so that she could free herself from jail. She had to give up her teaching license. She also went through intensive medical treatment, and could no longer go near the teen or his family.

Initial reports showed that both the teachers had sex with the child only once. However, further investigation revealed that Dufresne had sex with him two times. Jeffrey Smith, the defence attorney of Respess, claimed that her client was drunk at that moment, and was forcefully dragged into the situation.On the other hand, Dufresne actually was having an affair with the teen. The incident occurred on September 12 in Respess’ home, after Dufresne took the boy to her house after a high school football game.

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The teenager told his friends about this threes0me. As usual, this news spread like wildfire throughout the campusand soon the authorities came to know, and called the police to arrest the two. Dufresne was soon freed from prison on bond. Although she was officially under house arrest, the rules weren’t that strict so she could drop her 3 children to school, attend therapy and Jazzercize classes.

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If they are found guilty, Dufresne will probably get up to 20 years in jail along with $5,000 fine, while Repress could get away with a single year in jail and only a $500 fine.

Source : dailymail

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