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Mom Uses A Sperm Donor To Get Pregnant. When She Tracks Down The Father, Unbelievable…

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Just a few years ago, anyone who knew Aminah Hart would think that she was the most unfortunate woman ever. It seemed that God has planned to fill her life with various mishaps all the time. She had to face an unbearable amount of pain when she lost her first son, Marlon, who died when he was only 4 months old. Next came the turn of her second son, Louis, who passed away at the age of 14 months.


What was even more heart-breaking for Aminah was the fact that she was herself responsible for their deaths. She suffered from an extremely rare genetic condition known as x-linked myotubular myopathy and she knew about its effects since each of her children had two different fathers. After the loss of the child in each case, she had to break up.


According to Dailymail, she came to know about the disorder after the death of her second child. She was completely stunned and speechless after hearing about the disease.
She was still single at the age of 42, and without a child. She had to make a decision fast. She had always wanted to be a mother, but she knew that there was a 25% probability that her new child will also die from the same condition.


She informed Dailymail that it was extremely hard for her to come to a decision. She kept in mind all the factors – her age, condition, social status etc. and finally decided to have a new child from a sperm donor.


Aminah chose a man named Scott Andersen as her sperm donor in 2011, and gave rise to a daughter named Leila. She was completely healthy and didn’t suffer from that disease. Two year later, Helen, Aminah’s Mom, suggested that she should meet Scott. Scott had also written in his application that he would like to know more about the mother.


So both of them met in person, and they realised that they had a lot in common. Both of them and the daughter Leila had a quick connection. Scott used to meet Aminah and Leila every couple of weeks. Gradually, this turned into romance and the two started dating.


Aminah couldn’t believe that her fate has taken a complete reverse turn. She couldn’t explain the wonderful experience. Both of them fell in love soon. And the best part is that they are now engaged and are living a wonderful life.
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