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Special kids who will be an inspiration to everyone

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Children are one of the amazing creations of God. They are real blessings that have descended from the heaven to earth. The kind of joyful environment they create around us has no equivalent. They are capable of filling our lives with jubilance and colors. Smile at a child, and you will immediately get back a cute one. This single smile will brighten up the whole day making us forget all our worries. They relieve us from the high-stress levels we experience most of the times

Life deprives us of even the basic faith many times. When this happens, children are the only beings which instill unshakeable faith in us. At times, when we feel deeply hurt or as having lost everything in life, children reinstall such high levels of faith in us that we jump back to face life in its worst form. When you feel like left out and lost in the wilderness, visit a children’s orphanage or a Kinder Garden school where many kids can be found. The environment will make you feel blank without any worries and stress. You will feel nirvana at its best. India’s ex-Prime Minister rightly mentioned children as beautiful buds in the garden which need perfect nourishment since they are the nation’s future citizens
Special kids who will be an inspiration this children’s day

1.Asher Nash


This adorable child who has Down’s syndrome got rejected in Oshkosh’s campaign to work as a model. However, Asher’s mother decided to make her child gain respect for the ill treatment faced by him. She made Asher win the world exploiting the extraordinary power of the media. Not only did she made her son famous among millions of people but also emphasized the fact that every child is special in their way. The lady did make the point

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2.Bayezid Hossain


This 10-year-old boy is suffering from a strange ailment named Progeria. Progeria makes people age eight times faster than the normal speed. Progeria causes Premature aging that happens only to the physical body and not to the mind. The physical body of people who are affected by Progeria develops at a faster rate than their mind. Bayezid, however, is very smart for his age. His sagging skin makes other children think he is 80 years old and they refuse to mingle with him

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3.Peter Pan of Korea – Hyomyung Shin


This 26-year-old lad looks like a fat four years old kid. He is suffering from what is called Highlander Syndrome. People who suffer from this syndrome do not get older. He looks like a 4-year-old chubby by and his shriek voice make many people misunderstand him for a child. And the stunning part of the story is that Hyomyung love to drink beer, date with girls and go to clubs

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4 Tessa Evans


Arhinia is a rare disorder which makes people to be born without a nose. The world has totally 47 individuals who have reported Arhinia till date. Tessa Evans from Ireland is one of those individuals who suffer from Arhinia. Tessa has a tracheotomy tube inserted in her throat by a pediatric otolaryngology to help her breathe in a relaxed manner

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5 Shiloh Pepin


Shiloh is 1999 born and suffers from Mermaid Syndrome which is also called as Sirenomelia Syndrome. This syndrome makes both the legs of the person joined from the waist level. Shiloh became famous appearing on Oprah Winfrey Show, a couple of TLC Specials and 20-20 TV Shows. She was such a lovely personality that one and all loved her. She could not get her leg separated till she was alive and succumbed to Pneumonia at a tender age of 10 in the year 2009

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6 The Fish Boy – Pan Xianhang


This little boy Pan who lives in Eastern China is suffering from an ailment called Ichthyosis. This medical condition which causes the skin to become extremely dry is not curable. The itching is so continuous causing pain that the child is unable to sleep most of the days. Medical world is researching hard to find out a solution for relieving Pan from his pain and itching

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7 Kristina Pimenova – Most beautiful girl in the world


Kristina the 10-year-old from Russia is considered as the most beautiful girl child in the world. She has had a hi-fi career in the fashion industry as a model and actress. As a model, this young beauty has worked with world famous fashion giants like D&G, Armani, and Roberto Cavalli. She is living in Los Angeles pursuing her advanced career in modeling. This little girl suffered from mental ailment along with her successful career

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8 Johncris Carl Quirante


Johncris, the young boy from the Philippines, suffers from a strange ailment. He had 150 teeth in his mouth as early as when he was five years of age. Only approximately 4% of the total world population suffers from Hyperdontia, the ailment due to which Johncris is suffering. At one point in time, he had around 300 teeth and had to undergo series of surgeries to remove one after the other. He keeps undergoing surgeries continuously till date to remain alive. Source[adinserter block=”16″]

9. Ben Underwood


Ben, the super kid from California, had to sacrifice his eyes due to the Retinal Cancer he suffered even at a young age. He had to give up his sight to avoid cancer from spreading further. Ben did not get beaten up when he lost his eye sight. He learned voice echolocation and started identifying echoes of sharp sounds as a bat would do, from long distances. Ben was the first and last boy to have this skill in the world till he died in 2009 when he succumbed to cancer. Using his unique skill, he played many games like roller blade and basketball. He also used to ride bikes without sight just using echolocation skills.

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10 Charlotte Garside


Charlotte is suffering an underweight problem. She is not reasonable underweight but weighs as little as a doll. Her height is just 25 centimeters, and she had to wear the clothes that her dolls wore many times. The medical name of what she is suffering from is Primordial Dwarfism. At the age of 9, her height was 68 centimeters and weight was just 9 pounds. The surprising fact is that she goes to school and her uniform had to be tailored in an unusual manner

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11 Little Hercules – Richard Sandrak


Richard who hails from Ukraine is an 11-year-old boy. He was considered as the world’s strongest boy even at that age due to the muscular body he had. He bench pressed 180 lbs when he was just six years old. He has acted in famous Hollywood movies like Little Hercules 3D. He is a paid stuntman associated with Universal Studios in Hollywood.

We wish you a happy Children’s Day. Do share with us your experiences with such inspirational children in your life and make the world a better place to live for all the children
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