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These are the Most Toxic Places on Earth

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Undoubtedly, the human race has achieved so much of technological developments in various areas that our lives have become far easier than our ancestors experienced. However, to think honestly, such technological development in a remote manner has polluted the environment we live in to a great extent. We have polluted the earth with many types of pollutants some of them being garbage, chemicals, waste from electronics and nuclear power. This pollution is increasingly spoiling our environment making many beautiful places dry and impossible for living. Ukraine’s small town Chernobyl is a classic example for non-livability. The huge impact created by the accident that happened in the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl has made the place a ghost town making it totally uninhabitable.

More and more places in the world are becoming highly toxic and uninhabitable every passing day. Though the below list we have provided here does not have any places from United States of America, in reality the truth is something else. Many places like Gowanus Canal in Newyork, Tar Creek, Love Canal in New York and Oklahoma have been declared as highly toxic by the US government. Such water and air pollution is caused by many modern day methodologies and the recent such methodologies are termed as Fracking or Hydraulic Fracturing. Another unhealthy practice that tarnishes water and local wildlife in many regions is what is called the Mountaintop removal.

polluted places around the world

1. Linfen in China

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Linfen is one of the most polluted cities in the world and the smog of Los Angeles would be considered normal when compared to the pollution in Linfen. The reason for such high levels of pollution in Linfen is attributed to automobile and industrial manufacturing. The levels of pollution can be understood from the fact that clothes left to dry outside open to sky will not only dry but will also turn black in color.

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2. Lake Karachay in Russia


Lakes Karachay is such a victim of high nuclear waste dumping that any person visiting the area can become a victim of huge dose of radiation themselves. Many workers in the nuclear facility in Karachay are suffering from cancer. A couple of other medical conditions experienced by the people living in the surrounding areas are leukemia and defective child births. Not only does living in the vicinity of Lake Karachay cause such serious physical ailments, even people residing in far away areas of Karachay face radioactivity issues through air and water, so in order to visit you will have to Protect Yourself from radiation.

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3. Great Pacific Garage Patch

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Human race has not even spared the great Pacific Ocean. The plastic waste that has been dumped in the Pacific Ocean measures twice the size of Texas floating approximately thirty feet underneath in the ocean.

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4. La Oroya in Peru

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DoeRun, the North American Company which leaves out lead smelter has vastly polluted the city of La Oroya in Peru. Very high levels of lead is found in the bloodstreams of people living in La Oroya particularly in children.

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5. Rondonia in Brazil

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A place which was filled with lush green Amazon Forest is now just a free land for the cattle to graze. Deforestation has happened in such a rapid manner in this area that the human race has lost thousands of acres of Amazon Forest

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6. Yamuna River


Tarnished by heavy waste that is leaked into the Yamuna River in Agra, India, the major steps taken by the Government to protect the river is becoming absolutely futile. The 3296 MLD of sewerage water dispensed off by the Indian capital New Delhi every day mixes in Yamuna River and pollutes it in the most undesirable manner.

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7. Space

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We have not even left the space to remain free of pollution. The debris we have created in the space through the abandoned spacecrafts is approximately 4 million pounds. This has caused major concerns in space scientists regarding the accidents that may be caused in the space. This space debris can also be a deterrent factor for the satellites traveling to space and the communication systems between the earth and the space.
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