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Celebrities As Average Americans

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Brad and Angelina

New York artist Danny Evans utilizes photoshop to make celebs look like ordinary people and Bradgelina don’t look so hot here . . . well really its simply Brad, he looks a touch like a destitute junky. Angelina Jolie really shakes that huge hair and puffy dress, she could have effortlessly made a hot ’80s midwestern angelface.

Kim and Kanye

Here we see what Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may look like if their builds were a smaller closer to that of normal Americans. It would appear that the ordinary form of Yeezus was looking for garments at Sears and chose to get a spontaneous representation done in their photograph studio.

Jay-Z and Beyonce

Jay-Z doesn’t look excessively not quite the same as typical here, beside the geeky bookkeeper suit. Bey took all the more a hit in this picture, with that wide body and repulsive hair style.


This looks sort of like a blend in the middle of Rihanna and ’80s Oprah. In spite of the unflattering dish cut and gold matching suit, Rihanna’s face is still verifiably lovely.

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