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Grossest Food Items In The World

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We have been advised about necessities and luxuries since our childhood. Food, clothing and a shade to live a normal life have been considered as necessities from times unknown. Anything we enjoy above this basic level was considered as luxuries. Today, the society we are living in has traveled beyond these two categories termed as necessities and luxuries. While we are unable to terms this as development, certain things happening or particular tastes of people make us feel we are marching towards the aborginistic stage. If a human eating another human is aborginistic, then we are sure what we will be going through in the article below is beyond being aborginistic.

When it comes to food, people have varying tastes. Some prefer to eat food that is purely vegetarian in nature while some eat nonvegetarian food eagerly. Some refer to the result of their allergen testing whether the food is good or bad for them. Whatever may be the taste and preference, foods prepared appropriately are delicacies that tickle the taste buds in the tongue. However, it’s hard to digest that people can have ridiculous tastes that make people sick. Despite the worldwide revolts to save human and animal rights, a portion of humankind still looks for unique delicacies and their nauseating aroma. The information provided below on the top 10 grossest delicacies in the world goes to prove the same

1. Human Fetus

People across the world, particularly in China, love to eat human fetus. You hear it right. The sale value of such fully grown up fetus is so high that agreement between some low ethical medical professionals and the cuisine industry agents kill fully grown fetus in women’s womb. This fetus is then preserved with the help of chemicals and cooked according to the taste of the food lover who orders for the same. There are reports that even tissues of the baby are eaten by many. China leads the statistics with Shenzhen being the capital for this activity too


2. Moose Nose

Moose Noses are eaten widely by many people residing in the northern hemisphere of the globe. Many individuals involved in Moose Hunting provide them to the hoteliers who in turn cook the same removing the hairs and skin of the same. The pungent taste moose nose offers still the preference of many food lovers who wants to taste something different from the usual routine foods.


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3. Stink heads

Despite the name of the delicacy that explains the taste of the same many individuals who reside in South West Alaska prefer to eat Stink Heads over the other choices offered to them. Stink Heads are nothing but fishes that are allowed to dry either in a plastic cover or direct sunlight for a stipulated time. The stench may be unbearable for people who are not used to handling the process. However, millions of people around the world like the tangy taste it gives when cooked in a spicy manner



4. Soft Boiled Fetal Duck

Soft Boiled Fetal Duck is a Vietnamese delicacy which is called as Hot Vit Lon. Duck eggs which are in the fetal stage are used to prepare this delicacy. These eggs selected for cooking usually range between 16 to 20 days old. Belief systems play a significant role in making people eat soft-boiled fetal Duck. Fetal Ducks are considered to be enhancing sexual satisfaction in men and women. Another belief is that this delicacy increases physical vigor in women particularly during the post pregnancy period. The countries that eat this food more frequently than others are China, Philippines, Laos, and Cambodia apart from Vietnam.


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5. Bat Paste

Thailand people relish eating food items prepared using Bats. Hearing this may repel many of us since bats are rabies contaminated most of the times. Sometimes bats get cooked in milk, and sometimes they get pounded to make them into a consistency as that of glue. Bats get cooked in many ways and have become one of the regular food items for many in Thailand



6. Squirrel brains

Squirrel Brains was a favorite food item in Kentucky as early as the year 1990. Many instances proved that eating Squirrel cerebrum, in particular, caused many ailments that were related to cows. Some ailments pointed out to diseases that are predominantly caused when dairy products are consumed either due to an allergy to the same or other obvious reasons. While the death of some people is considered to have been caused due to eating cerebrum of the Squirrel, there is no concrete evidence to prove the same.


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7. Sheep Head

This South African delicacy is considered as a healthy and tasty stew and remains the favorite of many in the region. The ears being chewy in nature makes people delve into the delicacy in a repeated manner. Sheep Heads have remained approved food items in most of the countries and tend to tickle the taste buds of food lovers every time they feel like eating the same



8. Deer Pen!s

Guolizhuang Restaurant in Beijing specializes in serving this as a rare specialty dish to its customers. While eating the penis of a creature that too soft ones like a Deer may appear queer and disgusting, you will be flabbergasted if we say that this has been happening in the restaurant for many years now. Again, belief systems seem to be playing a major role in making people eat animal penis all through the years. Eating animal penis is believed to be the best cure for erectile issues in men and kidney related problems both in men and women. Apart from the pen!s, Deer hearts and blood are also used to prepare specific food items very much relished by many food lovers.


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9. Casu Marzu

Known more popularly as the ‘Hatchling cheddar’ Casu Marzu is a Sardinian Cheddar belonging to the more conventional type of food items. This is produced with Goat’s milk, and the surface of the cheddar is cut open to make flies lay eggs in the pit. After the laid eggs hatch over a period, the larvae that come out are eaten alive. The astonishing fact here is that live human beings eat another being that is alive too



10. Tune Eyeballs

Japanese eateries provide cooked Tuna eyeballs for food lovers who have nauseating tastes for weird food items. Food lovers, in particular, those who love to eat Tuna eyeballs say that eating Tuna Eyeballs is a heavenly experience which is filled with pleasure that cannot be explained in ordinary words. They relish eating the eyeballs of Tuna which are cooked for longer duration of time for the texture that gets formed when cooked this way
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