#1 My Boyfriend

We were only dating about a month, and he was greatl, but when I met his best friend … fireworks.


#2 Best Friend

This friend would often join us on casual nights out and we really connected. We had a lot of the same interests and would end up laughing at the same jokes that my boyfriend just didn’t get.

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#3 Dilemma

Over drinks one night, I couldn’t stop staring at him, and I could feel him burning a hole right through my blouse with his big blue eyes. When my boyfriend excuses himself to the bathroom, he leaned in to wipe up a little spill from my glass and our cheeks touched.


#4 Frozen In Time

It was as if times stood still as he slowly pulled his cheek away and the corners our lips met briefly, but then I saw my boyfriend returning to the bar.

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#5 The Switch

How do I make the switch? I was sure that if I broke up with my boyfriend to be with his best friend, he would hate me forever, and the best friend would probably have to stand by the bro code and wouldn’t be able to date me.


#6 My Plan

One night I couldn’t stop thinking of him and just showed up on his doorstep. He invited me in and I just played it by ear. If he wanted to be with me, he would give me a sign. Well, that sign was his pen-is, and soon we were in bed together having the best $ex of my life.

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#7 Lesson Learned

The next day I woke up to his cell phone ringing and it was my boyfriend. Suddenly, he handed me the phone saying, ‘guess who I spent the night with?’ I was caught, and after my boyfriend blasted me on the phone, his friend told me to leave. His allegiance was to his friend and so I lost them both.

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