#1 Relationship & Cheating

Urghh!! Cheating is evil EVEN when you’re honest, but sometimes being too honest is eviler and MORE sadistic than others.


#2 BFFs Are Honest & Evil

Your BFF is often “evil.” Why? They are the only ones that can be both evil AND honest and get away with a smile.

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#3 The Visual Arts

Geez, how would you know if your bro’s honesty is evil in either situation? It’s a tough situation as “art” is a subjective subject.


#4 Wedding Gowns & BFFs

Best friends forever are BFFs for a reason, and if your wedding dress looks crummy. You rely on them to tell you before you buy it. . . Otherwise, they are sadly NOT BFFs and evil!

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#5 ‘Death’ & Parenting

Parenting is all about being “age appropriate”. . . And the subject of death is kind of like the topic of sex, DISCRETION is required.

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